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Haddaway Catch A Fire 1995 33/1995 14 2
Haddaway Lover Be Thy Name 1995 45/1995 17 1
Haddaway All I Want Is You 2005      
Haddaway Another Day Without You 1995      
Haddaway Baby Don't Go 1995      
Haddaway Bit Of Angel 2001      
Haddaway Bounce 2001      
Haddaway Breakaway 1995      
Haddaway Bring Back My Memories 1998      
Haddaway Catch U If I Can 2005      
Haddaway China Girl        
Haddaway Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me) 1993      
Haddaway Deep 2001      
Haddaway Desert Prayer 1995      
Haddaway Don't Cut The Line 1998      
Haddaway Fallen Angel 2005      
Haddaway Fly Away 1995      
Haddaway Follow Me 2007      
Haddaway Freedom Is 1995      
Haddaway Give It Up 1995      
Haddaway Gotta Be 2001      
Haddaway Heaven 2001      
Haddaway High On You 2005      
Haddaway I Know 1995      
Haddaway I Miss You 1993      
Haddaway I'll Do For You 1998      
Haddaway I'll Wait For You 1998      
Haddaway In The Mix 1999      
Haddaway It Was Nice 2005      
Haddaway It's Not Fair 2001      
Haddaway Lay Your Head 2005      
Haddaway Let's Do It Now 1998      
Haddaway Life 1993      
Haddaway Life / Remix 1993      
Haddaway Love Is Blind 2001      
Haddaway Love Makes 2002      
Haddaway Make Me Believe 1998      
Haddaway Mama's House 1993      
Haddaway Man In The Moon 2001      
Haddaway Man Of Me 2001      
Haddaway Mega Mix 1994      
Haddaway Miss Joan 2001      
Haddaway Mr. President 1998      
Haddaway Not In My Bed 2005      
Haddaway Push Push 2001      
Haddaway Rock My Heart 1993      
Haddaway Satisfaction (Love Don't Come Easy) 1998      
Haddaway Sexbomb 2004      
Haddaway Shout 1993      
Haddaway Show Me Your Dreams 2001      
Haddaway Sing About Love 1992      
Haddaway Spaceman 2005      
Haddaway Stir It Up 1993      
Haddaway Tell Me Where It Hurts 1993      
Haddaway The First Cut Is The Deepest 1995      
Haddaway Touch 1998      
Haddaway Turn Her Love 2005      
Haddaway Waiting For A Better World 1995      
Haddaway What About Me 1997      
Haddaway What In The World 2005      
Haddaway What Is Love 1992      
Haddaway What Is Love - Reloaded 2003      
Haddaway What Is Love - Remix 1993      
Haddaway When The Feeling's Gone 1993      
Haddaway Who Do You Love 1998      
Haddaway Wind Of Change        
Haddaway Yeah 1993      
Haddaway You Gave Me Love 2010      
Haddaway You're Taking My Heart 1998      
Haddaway You've Got The Music 2001      
Haddaway feat. Della Miles Missionary Man 2005      
Haddaway feat. The Mad Stuntman Up And Up 2012      

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