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a-ha Celice 2005 01/2006 15 1
a-ha #9 Dream 2007      
a-ha (Seemingly) Nonstop July 1990      
a-ha A Break In The Clouds (MTV Unplugged) 2017      
a-ha A Fine Blue Line 2005      
a-ha A Little Bit 2002      
a-ha Afternoon High 2002      
a-ha All The Planes That Come In On The Quiet 2010      
a-ha Analogue (All I Want) 2005      
a-ha And You Tell Me 1984      
a-ha Angel 1993      
a-ha Barely Hanging On 2000      
a-ha Between Your Mama And Yourself 1993      
a-ha Birthright 2005      
a-ha Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) 2010      
a-ha Cannot Hide 2002      
a-ha Case Closed On Silver Shore 2005      
a-ha Cast In Steel 2015      
a-ha Cold As Stone 1993      
a-ha Cold River 1990      
a-ha Cosy Prisons 2005      
a-ha Cry Wolf 1986      
a-ha Crying In The Rain 1990      
a-ha Dark Is The Night 1993      
a-ha Days On End 2004      
a-ha Did Anyone Approach You? 2002      
a-ha Differences 2002      
a-ha Don't Do Me Any Favours 2005      
a-ha Door Ajar 2015      
a-ha Dot The I 2010      
a-ha Dragonfly 2002      
a-ha Driftwood 1985      
a-ha Early Morning 1990      
a-ha East Of The Sun 1990      
a-ha Foot Of The Mountain 2009      
a-ha Forest Fire 2015      
a-ha Forever Not Yours 2002      
a-ha Giving Up The Ghost 2015      
a-ha Go To Sleep 2004      
a-ha Goodbye Thompson 2015      
a-ha Halfway Through The Tour 2005      
a-ha Here I Stand And Face The Rain 1985      
a-ha Holy Ground 2005      
a-ha How Sweet It Was 1993      
a-ha Hunting High And Low 1985      
a-ha Hurry Home 1988      
a-ha I Call Your Name 1990      
a-ha I Dream Myself Alive 1985      
a-ha I Wish I Cared 2000      
a-ha I Won't Forget Her 2000      
a-ha I've Been Losing You 1986      
a-ha Keeper Of The Flame 2005      
a-ha Lamb To The Slaughter 1993      
a-ha Less Than Pure 2002      
a-ha Lie Down In Darkness 1993      
a-ha Lifelines 2002      
a-ha Little Black Heart 2000      
a-ha Living A Boy's Adventure Tale 1985      
a-ha Living At The End Of The World 2015      
a-ha Locust 1993      
a-ha Love Is Reason 1985      
a-ha Make It Soon 2005      
a-ha Manhattan Skyline 1986      
a-ha Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count 2000      
a-ha Maybe, Maybe 1986      
a-ha Memorial Beach 1993      
a-ha Minor Earth | Major Sky 2000      
a-ha Minor Key Sonata (Analogue) 2005      
a-ha Monday Mourning 2004      
a-ha Mother Nature Goes To Heaven 2009      
a-ha Move To Memphis 1991      
a-ha Mythomania 2015      
a-ha Never Never 2004      
a-ha Nothing Is Keeping You Here 2009      
a-ha Nothing To It 2010      
a-ha Objects In The Mirror 2015      
a-ha October 1986      
a-ha Oranges On Appletrees 2002      
a-ha Out Of Blue Comes Green 1988      
a-ha Over The Treetops 2005      
a-ha Presenting Lily Mars 2004      
a-ha Real Meaning 2009      
a-ha Riding The Crest 2009      
a-ha Rolling Thunder 1990      
a-ha Scoundrel Days 1986      
a-ha Shadow Endeavors 2015      
a-ha Shadowside 2009      
a-ha Shapes That Go Together 1994      
a-ha She's Humming A Tune 2015      
a-ha Slender Frame 1990      
a-ha Soft Rains Of April 1986      
a-ha Solace 2002      
a-ha Start The Simulator 2009      
a-ha Stay On These Roads 1988      
a-ha Stop! And Make Your Mind Up 1984      
a-ha Summer Moved On 2000      
a-ha Sunny Mystery 2009      
a-ha Sycamore Leaves 1990      
a-ha Take On Me 1984      
a-ha Take On Me (2017 Acoustic) 2017      
a-ha Take On Me (Kygo Remix) 2015      

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