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Bon Jovi Something For The Pain 1995 38/1995 4 5
Captain Hollywood Love And Pain 1996 29/1996 9 2
Depeche Mode A Pain That I'm Used To 2005 51/2005 15 3
Ellinoora Elefantin paino   37/2016 2 8
Flo Rida feat. T-Pain Low 2007 16/2008 9 4
For My Pain... Killing Romance   26/2004 7 7
Jore Marjaranta Kävelet tähtiin päin   14/2000 10 5
Kanye West feat. T-Pain Good Life 2007 47/2007 20 1
Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons feat. Logic, Ty Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors Sucker For Pain 2016 32/2016 5 8
P. Diddy feat. Mario Winans Through The Pain (She Told Me) 2006 46/2007 16 1
Pain Same Old Song   02/2005 5 3
Pain Confessor Fall On Evil Days   07/2006 6 2
Pain Confessor Ne Plus Ultra   08/2007 1 1
Paula Vesala Sua vasten aina painautuisin   46/2014 19 1
Pitbull feat. T-Pain Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) 2010 42/2010 5 16
Sonic Division Painting The Silence   12/2007 10 1
Tony Viikinki Halme Painu pelle hiiteen   29/2001 18 5
T-Pain I'm Sprung 2005 17/2006 11 1
Joulu omin päin   48/1996 9 3
10,000 Maniacs The Painted Desert 1987      
10cc She Gives Me Pain 1983      
12 Stones Running Out Of Pain        
1349 Perished In Pain 2004      
1K Phew Pain        
2 Chainz feat. Lloyd and Ma$e Beautiful Pain 2013      
2 Chainz feat. T-Pain So We Can Live 2013      
2 Many DJ's Peaches - Fuck The Pain Away        
2 Pistols feat. T-Pain & Tay Dizm She Got It 2008      
2 Players Swallow Your Pain        
2Pac No More Pain 1996      
2Pac Pain 1994      
3 Steps Ahead Paint It Black        
59 Times The Pain No Alibi        
77 Bombay Street Painted 2015      
A Band Called Pain Holy 2005      
A Virtual Friend No Brain No Pain 2009      
A$AP Rocky feat. Overdoz Pain 2013      
A.C.T. Truth Is Pain        
A.K. feat. T-Pain Drop It Down Low        
Abbie Ozard Growing Pains        
Academy Paint Me Blue 1985      
Accept Kill The Pain 2010      
Accordeon-Duo Bex Menten The Wedding Of The Painted Doll 1966      
Ace Frehley Pain In The Neck 2009      
Ace Gutta feat. Rick Ross, T-Pain & DJ Khaled Cash Flow        
Ace Hood feat. Akon & T-Pain Overtime        
Ace Hood feat. Rick Ross & T-Pain Cash Flow        
Ace Hood feat. T-Pain King Of The Streets 2011      
Action Painting! Boy Meets World 1990      
Action Painting! Classical Music 1993      
Action Painting! Hip To Hate 1993      
Action Painting! Mustard Gas        
Action Painting! Sensation No.5 1993      
Action Painting! These Things Happen 1990      
Activator The House Of Pain        
ådå This Pleasure Needs Pain (Unsympathy)        
Adam Cohen This Pain 1998      
Adam Wade Here Comes The Pain 1963      
Adaro & Digital Punk Bring You The Pain        
Adelbert von Deyen Apache's Pain 1983      
Adele Painting Pictures 2008      
Ad-Rian Can't Stop The Pain 2008      
Adrian Sina Painted Love        
Adrian Weyermann Days Of Pain 2004      
ADX King Of Pain        
After Forever Blind Pain 2004      
After The Fall Midnight Pain        
Agalloch She Painted Fire Across The Skyline I 1999      
Agalloch She Painted Fire Across The Skyline II 1999      
Agalloch She Painted Fire Across The Skyline III 1999      
Aggressive Sound Painters Blocked 2005      
Agnetha Fältskog Dance Your Pain Away 2013      
Aki Louhela Tyyntymään päin 1999      
Akon feat. T-Pain Holla Holla 2008      
Akon feat. T-Pain I Can't Wait 2006      
Al Berry Take The Pain Away 2001      
Al Jarreau Pleasure Over Pain 1988      
Al Martino Painted, Tainted Rose 1963      
Al Pride Paint Them Blue 2013      
Al Sharp One Third Love, Two Thirds Pain 1977      
Al Stewart Paint By Numbers 1980      
Al Sweatt With Johnnie Cale & The Valentines Let's Paint The Town Red 1958      
Alan Jackson When God Paints 2015      
Alan Jackson You Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture 2004      
Alan Silvestri And The USC Trojan Marching Band Cave Painting 2013      
Alan Silvestri And The USC Trojan Marching Band Cave Painting Theme 2013      
Alanis Morissette King Of Pain (Unplugged) 1999      
Alberto & Kimberly Rivera My Pain 2006      
Alcatrazz Painted Lover 1985      
Alceen & Deeperise Heart Pain        
Alessia Cara Growing Pains 2018      
Alex Aiono & T-Pain One At A Time        
Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle Heal My Pain 2011      
Alex Guesta & Stefano Pain Just Can't Get Enough 2013      
Alex Hepburn Pain Is 2012      
Alex Ross feat. Dakota & T-Pain Dreams 2017      
Ali & Gipp feat. Nelly Hard In Da Paint        
Alice Cooper Pain 1980      
Alice Cooper Painting A Picture 1969      
Alien Boys City Of Pain 1992      
Alistair Griffin Painkiller        
Alkaline Trio Queen Of Pain        
All Shall Perish In This Life Of Pain 2011      
All Time Low Paint You Wings 2012      
All Time Low Painting Flowers 2010      
Allen Watts & Katty Heath Break Without The Pain        
Allison Cornell Glamour And Pain        
Almanac Singers I Ride An Old Paint 1941      
Aloan Pain & Sky 2009      
Altar Spikes And Pain        
Alter Bridge Addicted To Pain 2013      
Amanda Lear Suicide Is Painless 2009      
Amanda Perez Love Is Pain 2003      
Amerie Paint Me Over 2007      
Amirali Painting On A Canvas 2012      
Amos Lee Long Line Of Pain 2006      
Amp Fiddler Blackhouse (Paint The White House Black)        
Amy Sky Love, Pain And The Whole Damn Thing        
Ana Johnsson Don't Cry For Pain 2004      

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