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Slayer Eternal Pyre 2006 27/2006 2 7
Acromonia Slayer        
Amorphis The Brother Slayer        
Anders Lundqvist Dragon Slayer 1999      
Atari Teenage Riot & Slayer No Remorse (I Wanna Die)        
Black Cards Wolf Slayer        
Bloodbound Slayer Of Kings 2019      
Brooklyn Bounce Sample Slayer 2000      
Deadlock Seal Slayer 2008      
Ensiferum Slayer Of Light 2004      
High Places Drift Slayer        
J.B.O. Geh mer halt zu Slayer 2009      
Joe Jonas Love Slayer 2011      
Jupiter Jones Die Nacht in der Slayer in Uedelhoven spielten 2009      
Melorian Dragon Slayer        
Nerf Herder Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme 1997      
Rebellion The Sons Of The Dragon Slayer (Blood Eagle)        
Silentrain Slayer 2008      
Slayer 213 1994      
Slayer Abolish Government / Superficial Love 1996      
Slayer Addict 2003      
Slayer Aggressive Perfector 1983      
Slayer Altar Of Sacrifice 1986      
Slayer Americon 2009      
Slayer Angel Of Death 1986      
Slayer At Dawn They Sleep 1985      
Slayer Atrocity Vendor 2015      
Slayer Beauty Through Order 2009      
Slayer Behind The Crooked Cross 1988      
Slayer Bitter Peace 1998      
Slayer Black Magic 1983      
Slayer Black Serenade 2006      
Slayer Blood Red 1990      
Slayer Bloodline 2001      
Slayer Born Of Fire 1990      
Slayer Born To Be Wild        
Slayer Can't Stand You 1996      
Slayer Captor Of Sin 1984      
Slayer Cast Down 2001      
Slayer Cast The First Stone 2015      
Slayer Catalyst 2006      
Slayer Catatonic 2006      
Slayer Chasing Death 2015      
Slayer Chemical Warfare 1984      
Slayer Circle Of Beliefs 1994      
Slayer Cleanse The Soul 1988      
Slayer Consfearacy 2006      
Slayer Criminally Insane 1986      
Slayer Crionics 1983      
Slayer Crypts Of Eternity 1985      
Slayer Cult 2006      
Slayer Darkness Of Christ 2001      
Slayer Ddamm 1996      
Slayer Dead Skin Mask 1990      
Slayer Death's Head 1998      
Slayer Delusions Of Saviour 2015      
Slayer Desire 1998      
Slayer Deviance 2001      
Slayer Die By The Sword 1983      
Slayer Disciple 2001      
Slayer Disintegration / Free Money 1996      
Slayer Disorder 2003      
Slayer Dissident Aggressor 1988      
Slayer Dittohead 1994      
Slayer Divine Intervention 1994      
Slayer Epidemic 1986      
Slayer Evil Has No Boundaries 1983      
Slayer Exile 2001      
Slayer Expendable Youth 1990      
Slayer Eyes Of The Insane 2006      
Slayer Fictional Reality 1994      
Slayer Fight Till Death 1983      
Slayer Filler / Don't Want To Hear It 1996      
Slayer Flesh Storm 2006      
Slayer Gemini 1996      
Slayer Ghosts Of War 1988      
Slayer God Hates Us All        
Slayer God Send Death 2001      
Slayer Guilty Of Being White 1996      
Slayer Hallowed Point 1990      
Slayer Hand Of Doom        
Slayer Hardening Of The Arteries 1985      
Slayer Hate Worldwide 2009      
Slayer Haunting The Chapel 1984      
Slayer Hell Awaits 1985      
Slayer Here Comes The Pain 2001      
Slayer Human Disease 2003      
Slayer Human Strain 2009      
Slayer I Hate You 1996      
Slayer I'm Gonna Be Your God 1996      
Slayer Implode 2015      
Slayer In A Gadda Da Vida 2003      
Slayer In The Name Of God 1998      
Slayer Jesus Saves 1986      
Slayer Jihad 2006      
Slayer Kill Again 1985      
Slayer Killing Fields 1994      
Slayer Live Undead 1988      
Slayer Love To Hate 1998      
Slayer Mandatory Suicide 1988      
Slayer Memories Of Tomorrow 2003      

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