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René "DJ BoBo" Baumann  05.01.1968 (Musik)
Kurt "Curtis" Burger  03.02.1971 (Choreografie)
Daniel "Dani" Burkart  20.02.1971 (Grafiken, Bühne)
Nancy Baumann  23.11.1970 (Kostüme)

Official Site  http://www.djbobo.ch
Official MySpace-Page  http://www.myspace.com/djbobo2
Interview with DJ Bobo (2006, German)  http://www.hitparade.ch/interview.asp?id=33
Interview with DJ Bobo (2010, German)  http://www.hitparade.ch/interview.asp?id=355
Concert report Engelberg 27.11.2004 (German)  http://www.hitparade.ch/djbobo2004engelberg.asp
Concert report BernArena 13.05.2005 (German)  http://www.hitparade.ch/event_report.asp?id=7
Concert report Europa-Park 01.12.2007 (German)  http://www.hitparade.ch/event_report.asp?id=90

Discography Singles

I Love You (DJ BoBo)Fresh1989
Ladies In The House (DJ BoBo)Fresh1990
Let's Groove On (DJ BoBo)Fresh1991
Somebody Dance With Me (DJ BoBo)Fresh11/1992
Keep On Dancing! (DJ BoBo)Fresh01/08/1993
Take Control (DJ BoBo)Fresh01/12/1993
Everybody (DJ BoBo)Fresh01/06/1994
Let The Dream Come True (DJ BoBo)Fresh01/09/1994
Love Is All Around (DJ BoBo)Fresh23/01/1995
There Is A Party (DJ BoBo)Fresh19/05/1995
Freedom (DJ BoBo)Fresh06/09/1995
Love Is The Price (DJ BoBo)Fresh15/01/1996
Pray (DJ BoBo)Yes02/09/1996
Respect Yourself (DJ BoBo)Yes13/12/1996
It's My Life (DJ BoBo)Yes28/04/1997
Shadows Of The Night (DJ BoBo & VSOP)Yes25/08/1997
Where Is Your Love (DJ BoBo)Yes26/03/1998
Around The World (DJ BoBo)Yes07/07/1998
Celebrate (DJ BoBo)Yes17/09/1998
Together (DJ BoBo)Yes26/08/1999
Lies (DJ BoBo)Yes22/11/1999
What A Feeling (DJ BoBo & Irene Cara)Yes22/01/2001
Colors Of Life (DJ BoBo)Yes14/05/2001
Hard To Say I'm Sorry (DJ BoBo)Yes14/05/2001
Mi az a szo (Way To Your Heart) (DJ BoBo & Betty Love)Epic06/2001
Celebration (DJ BoBo)Yes25/03/2002
Chihuahua (DJ BoBo)DJ Bobo2002
I Believe (DJ BoBo)Yes15/01/2003
One Vision One World (DJ BoBo)BMG04/2003
So Wonderful (Fame Academy coached by DJ BoBo)Ariola31/10/2003
Pirates Of Dance (DJ BoBo)Edel10/01/2004
Amazing Life (DJ BoBo)Yes04/04/2005
Secrets Of Love (DJ BoBo & Sandra)Yes03/03/2006
Vampires Are Alive (DJ BoBo)Yes09/03/2007
We Gotta Hold On (DJ BoBo)Yes29/06/2007
Because Of You (DJ BoBo)Yes19/10/2007
Olé Olé (DJ BoBo)Yes11/04/2008
Superstar (DJ BoBo)Yes05/02/2010
This Is My Time (DJ BoBo)Yes07/05/2010
Everybody's Gonna Dance (DJ BoBo)Yes11/11/2011
La vida es (DJ BoBo)YES09/03/2012
Discography Albums - Studio

Dance With MeFresh27/09/1993
There Is A PartyFresh28/10/1994
World In MotionYes30/09/1996
Level 6Yes21/09/1999
Planet ColorsEAMS01/02/2001
Pirates Of DanceYes31/01/2005
Specials Volume 1 (DJ BoBo)YES2006
Dancing Las VegasYes25/11/2011
Circus (DJ BoBo)Yes10/01/2014
Mystorial (DJ BoBo)Yes23/09/2016
KaleidoLuna (DJ BoBo)Yes21/09/2018
Discography Albums - Live

Live In ConcertYes03/11/2003
Dancing Las Vegas - Live In BerlinYes24/08/2012
Discography Albums - Best Of

Celebration (DJ BoBo)Yes15/04/2002
Greatest HitsYes17/03/2006
Best Of (DJ BoBo)Yes02/05/2014
25 Years - Greatest Hits (DJ BoBo)Yes21/04/2017
Discography Albums - Mix

Live & RemixesFresh1994
Just For YouFresh06/10/1995
www.djbobo.ch - The Ultimate Megamix '99Yes22/03/1999
Discography Albums - Box

From Gold To Platin - Hits & Remixes (DJ BoBo)Berger23/08/1999
Discography Albums - Misc

Chihuahua - The AlbumYes11/07/2003
Rare TraxYes07/2004
Sweet ChristmasYes12/2006
Olé Olé - The PartyYes11/04/2008
Magic Moments - EarbookYes25/04/2008
S'Bescht für WeihnachtenYes12/2010
Discography Albums - DVD

Das Live-VideoEAMS07/04/1995
Live On StageTrend1995
Magic - The ShowYes1998
Mystasia (DJ BoBo)EAMS1999
Celebration The 10th Anniversary ShowYes2002
Visions - Live In ConcertYes08/09/2003
Pirates Of Dance - Tour 2005 - Special CD Edition (DJ BoBo)Yes2003
Pirates Of Dance - The ShowYes28/10/2005
The Videos & Making Of (DJ BoBo)YES2005
The Videos & Making Of Part 2 (DJ BoBo)Yes2006
Planet Colors - The ShowYes22/06/2007
World In Motion (DJ BoBo)Yes22/06/2007
Vampires Alive - The ShowYes29/08/2008
Fantasy - Making The ShowYes26/02/2010
Fantasy - The ShowYes07/05/2010
Dancing Las Vegas - Making The ShowYES27/04/2012
Dancing Las Vegas - The Show - Live In Berlin (DJ BoBo)Yes24/08/2012
The Show - Dancing Las Vegas - Live In Berlin (DJ BoBo)Yes31/08/2012
Circus - The Show (DJ BoBo)Yes01/08/2014
Mystorial - Live (DJ BoBo)Yes27/10/2017

Freedom (DJ BoBo)43/199575
Love Is The Price (DJ BoBo)05/1996123
Pray (DJ BoBo)39/199625
Respect Yourself (DJ BoBo)02/199772
It's My Life (DJ BoBo)20/1997171
Chihuahua (DJ BoBo)22/2003121
Vampires Are Alive (DJ BoBo)19/200772

Just For You (DJ BoBo)48/1995285
World In Motion (DJ BoBo)42/1996911
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1000 Dreams (DJ BoBo)
1000 Miles (DJ BoBo)
A Good Heart (DJ BoBo)
A Moment To Remember (DJ BoBo)
Allez allez (DJ BoBo)
Amazing Life (DJ BoBo)
Angel (DJ BoBo & Kristyna)
Angel (DJ BoBo with Patricia Manterola)
Angel (DJ BoBo)
Another Night Without You (DJ BoBo)
Are You Ready To Party (DJ BoBo)
Around The World (DJ BoBo)
Because Of You (DJ BoBo)
Believe (DJ BoBo)
Best Of My Life (DJ BoBo)
Black Rain (DJ BoBo)
Blood On Fire (DJ BoBo)
Born To Love You (DJ BoBo)
Bring The Beat Back (DJ BoBo)
Bye Bye Bye (DJ BoBo)
Can You Hear Me (DJ BoBo)
Can You See The Light (DJ BoBo)
Can't Beat The Feeling (DJ BoBo)
Celebrate (DJ BoBo)
Celebration (DJ BoBo)
Celebration Album (DJ BoBo)
Change The World (DJ BoBo)
Chihuahua (DJ BoBo)
Chihuahua (DJ BoBo & The Baseballs)
Colors Of Life (DJ BoBo)
Colors Of The World (DJ BoBo)
Come Take My Hand (DJ BoBo)
Creature Of The Night (DJ BoBo)
D.J. Bobo Megamix (DJ BoBo)
Dame tu mano (DJ BoBo)
Dance Into The Light (DJ BoBo)
Dancing Through The Night (DJ BoBo)
Dangerous (DJ BoBo)
Dead Or Alive (DJ BoBo)
Deep In The Jungle (DJ BoBo)
Discovery (DJ BoBo)
Do You Believe (DJ BoBo)
Do You Remember (DJ BoBo)
Don't Break My Heart (DJ BoBo)
Don't Stop The Music (DJ BoBo)
Dreaming Of You (DJ BoBo)
Energia (DJ BoBo)
Everybody (DJ BoBo & Inna)
Everybody (DJ BoBo with Emilia)
Everybody (DJ BoBo)
Everybody (Mike Candys Remix) (DJ BoBo & Inna)
Everybody's Free (DJ BoBo)
Everybody's Gonna Dance (DJ BoBo)
Everything Has Changed (DJ BoBo)
Fantasy (DJ BoBo)
Feel The Heat (DJ BoBo)
Feels Like Heaven (DJ BoBo)
Fiesta loca (DJ BoBo)
Fireflies (DJ BoBo)
Fly With Me (DJ BoBo)
For Now And Forever (DJ BoBo)
For Once In My Life (Jesse Ritch with DJ BoBo)
For Once In My Life (DJ BoBo)
Forever (DJ BoBo)
Freedom (DJ BoBo & Faye Wong)
Freedom (DJ BoBo)
Freedom Is... (DJ BoBo)
Games People Play (DJ BoBo)
Garunga (DJ BoBo)
Get On Up (DJ BoBo)
Get Up And Party (DJ BoBo)
Gira el mundo (World In Motion) (DJ BoBo)
Give Peace A Chance (DJ BoBo)
Give Yourself A Chance (DJ BoBo)
Good Life (DJ BoBo)
Good Time (DJ BoBo)
Gotta Go (DJ BoBo)
Happy Birthday (DJ BoBo)
Hard To Say I'm Sorry (DJ BoBo)
Here Comes Tomorrow (DJ BoBo)
Hero Of The Night (DJ BoBo)
Hey Nanana (DJ BoBo)
Heyamama (DJ BoBo)
Hits In The Mix (DJ BoBo)
Hypnotic (DJ BoBo)
Hypnotized (DJ BoBo)
I Believe (DJ BoBo & Patricia Manterola)
I Believe (DJ BoBo & Kim Wilde)
I Believe (DJ BoBo)
I Feel It (DJ BoBo)
I Know What I Want (DJ BoBo)
I Love My Radio (DJ BoBo)
I Love You (DJ BoBo)
I Need Your Love (DJ BoBo)
I Want You Back (DJ BoBo)
I Want Your Body (DJ BoBo)
I'll Be There (DJ BoBo)
I'll Be Waiting (DJ BoBo)
I'm Crazy (DJ BoBo)
I'm Living A Dream (DJ BoBo)
I'm Living To Love You (DJ BoBo)
Indestructible (DJ BoBo)
Into (DJ BoBo)
Invincible (DJ BoBo)
It's Christmas Time (DJ BoBo)
It's My Life (DJ BoBo)
It's Time For Christmas (DJ BoBo)
Jealousy (DJ BoBo)
KaleidoLuna (DJ BoBo)
Keep On Dancing! (DJ BoBo)
La vida es (DJ BoBo)
Ladies In The House (DJ BoBo)
Last Day Of 1999 (DJ BoBo)
Lean On Me (DJ BoBo)
Let Me Be The One (DJ BoBo)
Let Me Feel The Love (DJ BoBo)
Let The Dream Come True (DJ BoBo)
Let The Games Begin (DJ BoBo)
Let The Music Take Control (DJ BoBo)
Let The Party Begin (DJ BoBo)
Let Yourself Be Free (DJ BoBo)
Let's Come Together (DJ BoBo)
Let's Come Together (We Are Family) (DJ BoBo)
Let's Groove On (DJ BoBo)
Lies (DJ BoBo)
Life Goes On (DJ BoBo)
Like A Bird (DJ BoBo)
Like A River (DJ BoBo)
Lonely 4 You (DJ BoBo feat. Tone)
Lost Without The Music (Pier Luca Abel & DJ Bobo)
Love Is All Around (DJ BoBo)
Love Is Killing Me (DJ BoBo)
Love Is The Price (Sandra & DJ BoBo)
Love Is The Price (DJ BoBo)
Love Never Dies (DJ BoBo)
Love Of My Life (DJ BoBo with Melanie Thornton)
Love Of My Life (DJ BoBo)
Love Will Lead The Way (DJ BoBo)
Man In The Mirror (DJ BoBo)
Merry Christmas (DJ BoBo)
Mi az a szo (Way To Your Heart) (DJ BoBo & Betty Love)
Moscow (DJ BoBo)
Move Your Feet (DJ BoBo)
Music (DJ BoBo)
Music Is My Life (DJ BoBo)
Music Is My Passion (DJ BoBo)
Mystasia (DJ BoBo)
Mystorial (DJ BoBo)
Mystorial In The Mix (DJ BoBo)
Never Stop Dreaming (DJ BoBo)
Nightfly (DJ BoBo)
No Matter What People Say (DJ BoBo)
No More Pain (DJ BoBo)
Now Or Never (DJ BoBo)
Olé Olé (DJ BoBo)
One Night In Heaven (DJ BoBo)
One Vision One World (DJ BoBo)
Open Your Heart (DJ BoBo)
Opposites Attract (DJ BoBo)
Party Delight (DJ BoBo)
Party-Hitmix (DJ BoBo)
Pirates Of Dance (DJ BoBo)
Pray (DJ BoBo)
Pura pasión (DJ BoBo)
Radio GaGa (DJ BoBo)
Ready To Fly (DJ BoBo)
Reloaded Megamix (DJ BoBo)
Respect Yourself (DJ BoBo & Jessica Folcker)
Respect Yourself (DJ BoBo)
Return To Silence (DJ BoBo)
Robin Hood (DJ BoBo)
Rock My World (DJ BoBo)
Rock The Night (DJ BoBo)
Roll Up (DJ BoBo)
Save You (DJ BoBo)
Say It Again (DJ BoBo)
Secrets Of Love (DJ BoBo & Sandra)
Seńorita (DJ BoBo)
Shadows Of The Night (DJ BoBo & VSOP)
Shake It Easy (DJ BoBo)
So Wonderful (Fame Academy coached by DJ BoBo)
Somebody Dance With Me (DJ BoBo)
Somebody Dance With Me (Remady 2013 Mix) (DJ BoBo feat. Manu-L)
Summertime (DJ BoBo)
Summertime [2014] (DJ BoBo)
Superstar (DJ BoBo)
Take Control (DJ BoBo & Mike Candys)
Take Control (DJ BoBo)
Take Me Higher (DJ BoBo)
Take Me To The Top (DJ BoBo)
Take My Breath Away (DJ BoBo)
Tarzan Boy (DJ BoBo)
Tell Me When (DJ BoBo)
Tell Me Why (DJ BoBo)
Tell Me Why (DJ BoBo with Gölä)
The Colour Of Freedom (DJ BoBo)
The Last Vampire (DJ BoBo)
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (DJ BoBo)
The Sun Will Shine On You (DJ BoBo)
The Voice Of Freedom (DJ BoBo & Angélique Kidjo)
There Is A Party (DJ BoBo)
There's A Paradise (DJ BoBo)
This Is My Day (DJ BoBo)
This Is My Time (DJ BoBo)
This World Is Magic (DJ BoBo)
Time Machine (DJ BoBo)
Time To Turn Off The Light (DJ BoBo)
Together (DJ BoBo)
Together (DJ BoBo with ATC)
Tonight (DJ BoBo)
Too Many Nights (DJ BoBo)
Top Of The World (DJ BoBo)
Try Try Try (DJ BoBo)
Uh-Uh! (DJ BoBo)
Un ultimo baile (DJ BoBo)
Upside Down (DJ BoBo)
Vampires Are Alive (DJ BoBo)
Vampires Celebrate (DJ BoBo)
Visions (DJ BoBo)
Viva Las Vegas (DJ BoBo)
Volare (DJ BoBo)
Way To Your Heart (DJ BoBo)
We Are Children (DJ BoBo)
We Are What We Are (DJ BoBo)
We Gotta Hold On (DJ BoBo)
Welcome To My Crazy Circus (DJ BoBo)
What A Feeling (DJ BoBo & Irene Cara)
What A Feeling (Andrea Berg & DJ BoBo)
What About My Broken Heart (DJ BoBo)
What About... (DJ BoBo)
Where Is Your Love (DJ BoBo with No Angels)
Where Is Your Love (DJ BoBo)
Wonderful Day (DJ BoBo)
Wonderful World (DJ BoBo)
World In Motion (DJ BoBo)
Yaa Yee (DJ BoBo)
You Belong To Me (DJ BoBo)
You Drive Me Crazy (DJ BoBo)
25 Years - Greatest Hits (DJ BoBo)
Best Of (DJ BoBo)
Celebration (DJ BoBo)
Chihuahua - The Album (DJ BoBo)
Circus (DJ BoBo)
Dance With Me (DJ BoBo)
Dancing Las Vegas (DJ BoBo)
Dancing Las Vegas - Live In Berlin (DJ BoBo)
Fantasy (DJ BoBo)
From Gold To Platin - Hits & Remixes (DJ BoBo)
Greatest Hits (DJ BoBo)
Just For You (DJ BoBo)
KaleidoLuna (DJ BoBo)
Level 6 (DJ BoBo)
Live & Remixes (DJ BoBo)
Live In Concert (DJ BoBo)
Magic (DJ BoBo)
Magic Moments - Earbook (DJ BoBo)
Megamix (DJ BoBo)
Millenium Collection (DJ BoBo)
Mystorial (DJ BoBo)
Olé Olé - The Party (DJ BoBo)
Pirates Of Dance (DJ BoBo)
Planet Colors (DJ BoBo)
Rare Trax (DJ BoBo)
Reloaded (DJ BoBo)
S'Bescht für Weihnachten (DJ BoBo)
Specials Volume 1 (DJ BoBo)
Sweet Christmas (DJ BoBo)
The Hit Collection Vol.1 (DJ BoBo)
There Is A Party (DJ BoBo)
Vampires (DJ BoBo)
Visions (DJ BoBo)
World In Motion (DJ BoBo)
www.djbobo.ch - The Ultimate Megamix '99 (DJ BoBo)
Celebration - One Night Only (DJ BoBo)
Celebration The 10th Anniversary Show (DJ BoBo)
Circus - The Show (DJ BoBo)
Dancing Las Vegas - Making The Show (DJ BoBo)
Dancing Las Vegas - The Show - Live In Berlin (DJ BoBo)
Das Live-Video (DJ BoBo)
Fantasy - Making The Show (DJ BoBo)
Fantasy - The Show (DJ BoBo)
Live On Stage (DJ BoBo)
Magic - The Show
Mystasia (DJ BoBo)
Mystorial - Live (DJ BoBo)
Pirates Of Dance - The Show (DJ BoBo)
Pirates Of Dance - Tour 2005 - Special CD Edition (DJ BoBo)
Planet Colors - The Show
The Show - Dancing Las Vegas - Live In Berlin (DJ BoBo)
The Videos & Making Of (DJ BoBo)
The Videos & Making Of Part 2 (DJ BoBo)
Vampires Alive - The Show (DJ BoBo)
Visions - Live In Concert (DJ BoBo)
World In Motion (DJ BoBo)
All songs with at least 5 reviews are counted in this list.
Black Rain (DJ BoBo)305
I Know What I Want (DJ BoBo)305
Let The Party Begin (DJ BoBo)135
What About... (DJ BoBo)105
There's A Paradise (DJ BoBo)224.95
What About My Broken Heart (DJ BoBo)294.93
Can You Hear Me (DJ BoBo)124.92
Hypnotic (DJ BoBo)114.91
The Last Vampire (DJ BoBo)214.9
Open Your Heart (DJ BoBo)224.86
All songs with at least 5 reviews are counted in this list.
Chihuahua (DJ BoBo)3372.73
Somebody Dance With Me (DJ BoBo)2664.5
Vampires Are Alive (DJ BoBo)2643.51
Everybody (DJ BoBo)1794.54
What A Feeling (DJ BoBo & Irene Cara)1763.51
Freedom (DJ BoBo)1654.61
Pray (DJ BoBo)1504.21
Let The Dream Come True (DJ BoBo)1464.38
There Is A Party (DJ BoBo)1464.19
Secrets Of Love (DJ BoBo & Sandra)1444.03

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