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Entry:49/2018 (Position 28)
Last week in charts:52/2021 (Position 40)
Peak:6 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:2821 (162 points)
World wide:
fi  Peak: 6 / weeks: 7

49/2018: N 28.
50/2018: 27.
51/2018: 10.
52/2018: 6.
51/2020: R 46.
52/2020: 21.
53/2020: 38.
52/2021: R 40.
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Metalsingle (Eri Esittäjiä)05/199944
Black Night (Eri Esittäjiä)50/200318
DJ Club Hits 01 (Eri Esittäjiä)14/2007181
Danceteria Summer Sampler EP (Eri Esittäjiä)32/200723
Lasten liikennelaulu (Eri Esittäjiä)38/2007140
Unihiekkaa (Eri Esittäjiä)39/2008120
Rähinä 4 Life (Eri Esittäjiä)51/201032
Hiphoppii englantii / Kuningas ei (Eri Esittäjiä)16/2011141

Kaikkien Aikojen Paras Lastenlevy (Eri Esittäjiä)37/2012352
The Voice kesähitti 2014 (Eri Esittäjiä)25/2014116
Raskasta Joulua - Tulkoon Joulu - Akustisesti (Eri Esittäjiä)49/201867
Almanac Mega-Mix Pt.1
Almanac Mega-Mix Pt.2
Almanac Mega-Mix Pt.3
Almanac Mega-Mix Pt.4
Base X EP 2
Base-X EP Volume 1
Belgium - The 2nd Edition
Bits & Pieces
Black Night (Eri Esittäjiä)
Byte Blue Retro EP
Byte Progressive Attack 3 EP
Byte Progressive Attack EP 1
Byte Progressive Attack EP 2
Byte Progressive Attack EP 4
Byte Progressive Attack Megamix
Byte Retro 2
Byte Retro 3 EP
Classixx EP
Croire ensemble
Dance Opera - The Classics EP
Dance Opera New Year's Trip
Dance Opera Retr-Opera
Dance Opera Trip 10 EP
Dance Opera Trip 11 EP
Dance Opera Trip 12 EP
Dance Opera Trip 7 EP
Dance Opera Trip 8
Dance Opera Trip 9
Dance Train Classics 1
Dance Train Classics 1 EP
Dance Train Classics 10 EP
Dance Train Classics 11 EP
Dance Train Classics 12 EP
Dance Train Classics 13 EP
Dance Train Classics 14 EP
Dance Train Classics 15 EP
Dance Train Classics 16 EP
Dance Train Classics 19
Dance Train Classics 19 EP
Dance Train Classics 2
Dance Train Classics 2 EP
Dance Train Classics 20
Dance Train Classics 20 EP
Dance Train Classics 3
Dance Train Classics 3 EP
Dance Train Classics 4
Dance Train Classics 4 EP
Dance Train Classics 5
Dance Train Classics 6
Dance Train Classics 6 EP
Dance Train Classics 7
Dance Train Classics 7 EP
Dance Train Classics 8
Dance Train Classics 8 EP
Dance Train Classics 9
Dance Train Classics 9 EP
Dance Train Classics EP 5
Danceteria Summer Sampler EP (Eri Esittäjiä)
Disney Store presents: The World Is Something You Imagine
DJ Club Hits 01 (Eri Esittäjiä)
DT Classics 17
DT Classics 18
Early Traxx 3
Essential Clockwork
Extreme Frequencies
Eye Of The Tiger
Full Bass Extracts 1
Full Bass Extracts 2
Full Bass Vol. 2 - Summer Essentials
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Groovy '98 Sampler
Groovy '99 Summer EP
Groovy Sampler 2
Groovy Summer 2000 Sampler
Groovy Summer 2001 Sampler
Groovy Trax Number 2
Groovy Traxx Number 1
Groovy Traxx Number 2
Hands Of Time
Hed Kandi
Hiphoppii englantii / Kuningas ei (Eri Esittäjiä)
History Of Techno Part 6 - The 2nd Cut
History Of Techno Part 6 - The 3rd Cut
History Of Techno Part 6 - The 4th Cut
Hvor vi fra
I Rave You
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Italo Beat - Vol. 1
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 1
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 10
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 11
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 12
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 13
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 14
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 15
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 16
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 2
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 3
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 4
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 5
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 6
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 7
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 8
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 9
Italo Dance Power Vol. 1
Italo Dance Power Vol. 1 [B]
Italo Megamix 2
Italo Remix Volume 2
Kozzmozz 2
Kozzmozz Sampler
La Rocca - 1
La Rocca - 2
La Rocca - 3
La Rocca - VI 1
La Rocca - VI 2
La Rocca - VI 3
La Rocca FC Vol. 1
La Rocca FC Vol. 2
La Rocca FC Vol. 3
La Rocca Marko On Sundays
Lad det ske
Lagoa Sampler
Lagoa Sampler 2
Lasten liikennelaulu (Eri Esittäjiä)
Le son des Kaira
Livet går jo videre...
Lys i mørket
Made Up Megamix Vol. 1
Mes soirées disco
Metalsingle (Eri Esittäjiä)
Montini Reunion Sampler 1
Montini Reunion Sampler 2
My Name Is Trance
My Name Is Trance 2
My Name Is Trance EP
Nå e det tid
Pass The Dutchie
Rähinä 4 Life (Eri Esittäjiä)
Real Retro Classix EP 1
Real Retro Classix EP 2
Real Retro Classix EP 5
Real Retro House Classix EP 1
Real Retro House Classix EP 2
Real Retro House Classix EP 3
Real Retro House Classix EP 4
Real Retro House Classix EP 5
Real Retro House Classix EP 6
Real Retro House Classix EP 7
Real Retro House Classix EP 8
Real Retro House Classix EP 9
Retro Arena 5 EP
Retro Arena Vinyl 1
Retro Arena Vinyl 2
Retro Arena Vinyl 3
Retro Arena Vinyl 4
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 1
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 2
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 3
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 4
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 5
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 6
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 7
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 8
Serious Beats 25 Vinyl 9
Solid Sounds Sampler 2001 Vol.1
Solid Sounds Sampler 2001 Vol.2
Solid Sounds Sampler 2001 Vol.3
Solid Sounds Sampler 3
Strictly Trance EP 3
Strictly Trance EP 4
Strictly Trance EP 5
Techno Fusion Vol.5
The Fifth Anniversary EP
The Greatest
The Greatest Stories Are Never Told...
The Sims Theme Remix
The Trance Is Out There
Tiny Dancer - A Song For Lily-Mae
True Romance
Ungdomshuset blir
Unihiekkaa (Eri Esittäjiä)
Verdens største børn
Vinyl Loops Classics Vol. 1
Vinyl Loops Classics Vol. 2
Vinyl Loops Classics Vol. 3
Vinyl Loops Classics Vol.3
Vinyl Loops Vol.2
Vinyl Session 1
Vol. 1 Clubbin' Spirit Vinyl
Vol. 1 La Rocca FC
Vol. 2 Clubbin' Spirit Vinyl
Vol. 2 La Rocca Fc
Vol. 3 La Rocca Fc
Vuelve carino
Wild World Demo Version
Xtc Trax 4 Vinyl
Xtc Trax 8 Vinyl
Xtc Trax 9 Vinyl
Xtranova Tracks
Xtrasampler 3
Xtrasampler Vol. 1
Xtrasampler Vol. 2
Xtrasampler Vol. 3
Back From The Canigo 2 (1999-2010)
Everloving Vs. Evil
Kaikkien Aikojen Paras Lastenlevy (Eri Esittäjiä)
Nighttime Lovers 1-10
Pacific Breeze - Japanese City Pop, Aor & Boogie 19
Philadelphia International Classics/The Tom Moulton Remixes
Raskasta Joulua - Tulkoon Joulu - Akustisesti (Eri Esittäjiä)
The Voice kesähitti 2014 (Eri Esittäjiä)
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