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Entry:17/2006 (Position 30)
Last week in charts:17/2006 (Position 30)
Peak:30 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:5728 (21 points)
World wide:
de  Peak: 72 / weeks: 2
fi  Peak: 30 / weeks: 1


17/2006: N 30.
Ian GillanIan Gillan: Discography / Become a fan

Gillan's Inn17/2006301
(The Ballad) Of The Lucitania Express (Gillan)
A Little Share Of Plenty (Ian Gillan Band)
A Merry Jingle (Pretty Maids feat. Ian Gillan)
Abbey Of Thelema (Gillan)
Angelo Manchenio (Ian Gillan Band)
Apathy (Ian Gillan Band)
Are You Sure (Gillan)
Back In The Game (Gillan)
Bad News (Gillan)
Bed Of Nails
Bed Of Nails (Gillan)
Better Days
Bite The Bullet (Gillan)
Bluesy Blue Sea (Gillan)
Born To Kill (Gillan)
Breaking Chains (Gillan)
Bringing Joanna Back (Gillan)
Candy Horizon (Gillan)
Candy Horizon
Can't Believe You Wanna Leave (Gillan & Glover)
Caught In A Trap (Gillan)
Cayman Island (Gillan & Glover)
Cherkazoo (Ian Gillan Band)
Chet (Gillan & Glover)
Child In Time (Ian Gillan Band)
Clear Air Turbulence (Ian Gillan Band)
Clouds And Rain (Gillan & Glover)
Come Tomorrow (Gillan)
Country Lights (Ian Gillan Band)
Dancing Nylon Shirt (Ian Gillan Band)
Dancing Nylon Shirt (Gillan)
Dancing Nylon Shirt (Part 1)
Dancing Nylon Shirt (Part 2)
Dead Of Night (Gillan)
Demon Driver (Gillan)
Demon Driver (Reprise) (Gillan)
Dirty Dog (Gillan)
Dirty Dog
Dislocated (Gillan & Glover)
Don't Hold Me Back
Don't Hold Me Back (Gillan)
Don't Want The Truth (Gillan)
Down The Road (Ian Gillan Band)
Dragons Tongue (Gillan)
Driving Me Wild (Gillan)
Egg Timer (Gillan)
Everything I Need (Gillan)
Everything I Need
Everything's Alright (Yvonne Elliman, Ian Gillan & Murray Head)
Evil Eye (Gillan & Glover)
Fighting Man (Gillan)
Fiji (Gillan)
Finally The Finale (Ian Gillan Band)
Five Moons (Ian Gillan Band)
Fool's Mate (Ian Gillan Band)
For Your Dreams (Gillan)
Future Shock (Gillan)
Gassed Up
Gassed Up (Gillan)
Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) (Ian Gillan, Murray Head)
Goodhand Liza (Ian Gillan Band)
Gut Reaction
Hadely Bop Bop (Gillan)
Handles On Her Hips (Gillan)
Hang Me Out To Dry (Gillan)
Hang Me Out To Dry (Ian Gillan Band)
Harry Lime Theme (Gillan)
Helter Skelter (Gillan)
Higher And Higher (Gillan)
Hogwash (Ian Gillan Band)
Hole In My Vest
Hosanna (Victor Brox, Ian Gillan)
I Can't Dance To That (Gillan & Glover)
I Might As Well Go Home (Mystic) (Gillan)
I Thought No (Gillan & Glover)
If I Sing Softly (Gillan)
If You Believe Me (Gillan)
I'll Rip Your Spine Out (Gillan)
I'm Your Man (Gillan)
John (Gillan)
Lay Me Down (Ian Gillan Band)
Let It Slide (Ian Gillan Band)
Life Goes On (Gillan)
Living A Lie (Gillan)
Living For The City (Gillan)
Lonely Avenue (Gillan & Glover)
Long And Lonely Ride
Long Gone (Gillan)
Love Gun
Loving On Borrowed Time
Lucille (Gillan)
M.A.D. (Gillan)
Mad Elaine (Ian Gillan Band)
Men Of War (Gillan)
Mercury High (Ian Gillan Band)
Message In A Bottle (Gillan)
Money Lender (Ian Gillan Band)
Monster In Paradise (Ian Gillan Band)
Move With The Times (Gillan)
Mr. Universe (Gillan)
Music In My Head (Ian Gillan Band)
Mutually Assured Destruction (Gillan)
My Baby Loves Me (Ian Gillan Band)
Nervous (Gillan)
New Orleans (Gillan)
Night And Day (Ian Gillan Band)
Night Ride Out Of Phoenix (Gillan)
Nightmare (Gillan)
No Easy Way (Gillan)
No Good Luck
No Laughing In Heaven (Gillan)
No More Cane On The Brazos
Not Weird Enough (Gillan)
Nothing But The Best
Nothing To Lose
On The Rocks (Gillan)
One Eye To Morocco
One For The Road (Gillan)
Over The Hill (Ian Gillan Band)
Pictures Of Hell
Pictures Of Hell (Gillan)
Poor Boy Hero (Ian Gillan Band)
Post-Fade Brain Damage (Gillan)
Pre-Release (Ian Gillan Band)
Puget Sound (Gillan)
Purple Sky (Gillan)
Reaching Out (Ian Gillan Band)
Redwatch (Gillan)
Restless (Gillan)
Rock 'N' Roll Girls
Roller (Gillan)
Running, White Face, City Boy (Gillan)
Sacre Bleu (Gillan)
Scarabus (Ian Gillan Band)
Second Sight (Gillan)
Secret Of The Dance (Gillan)
Shame (Ian Gillan Band)
She Tears Me Down (Gillan)
She Took My Breath Away (Gillan & Glover)
Slags To Bitches (Ian Gillan Band)
Sleeping On The Job (Gillan)
Smoke On The Water (Ian Gillan Band)
Smoke On The Water (Gillan)
Smokestack Lightning (Gillan)
South Africa
South Africa (Gillan)
Spanish Guitar (Gillan)
Street Theatre (Gillan)
Suite: The Long Goodbye / The Final Curtain Falls
Sunbeam (Gillan)
Sweet Lolita
Take A Hold Of Yourself (Gillan)
Talking To You
Telephone Box (Gillan & Glover)
The Arrest
The Bull Of Birantis (Ian Gillan Band)
The Last Supper (Ian Gillan, Murray Head)
The Maelstrom (Gillan)
The Maelström (Gillan)
The Purple People Eater (Gillan & Glover)
The Temple
This Is The Way (Ian Gillan Band)
Time And Again (Gillan)
Toolbox (Ian Gillan Band)
Toolbox (Gillan)
Trial Before Pilate (includes The 39 Lashes) (Mike d'Abo, Victor Brox, Ian Gillan)
Trouble (Gillan)
Trying To Get To You (Gillan)
Twin Exhausted (Ian Gillan Band)
Unchain Your Brain (Gillan)
Vengeance (Gillan)
Via Miami (Gillan & Glover)
What's The Buzz
What's The Matter (Gillan)
You Make Me Feel So Good (Ian Gillan Band)
Your Mother Was Right (Gillan)
Your Sister's On My List (Gillan)
You're So Right (Gillan)
Access All Areas
Accidentally On Purpose (Gillan & Glover)
Anthology (The Rockfield Mixes Plus) (Ian Gillan Band)
Before The Turbulence (Ian Gillan Band)
Cherkazoo And Other Stories...
Child In Time (Ian Gillan Band)
Clear Air Turbulence (Ian Gillan Band)
Clear Air Turbulence [2005]
Double Trouble (Gillan)
For Gillan Fans Only (Gillan)
Future Shock (Gillan)
Gillan (Gillan)
Gillan's Inn
Glory Road (Gillan)
Ian Gillan And The Javelins (Ian Gillan And The Javelins)
Live At Reading ‘80 (Gillan)
Live At The Budokan (Ian Gillan Band)
Live In Anaheim
Magic (Gillan)
Mr. Universe (Gillan)
Naked Thunder
One Eye To Morocco
Reading Live & More [EP] (Gillan)
Scarabus (Ian Gillan Band)
The Best Of
The Definitive Ian Gillan Live
The Definitive Spitfire Collection
The Solid Gold Collection
The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982 (Gillan)
The Voice Of Deep Purple
Toolbox (Gillan)
WhoCares (Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi)
The Glory Years (Gillan)
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