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AC/DCAnything Goes2008Producer
AC/DCBaptism By Fire2014Producer
AC/DCBig Jack2008Producer
AC/DCBlack Ice2008Producer
AC/DCCode Red2020Producer
AC/DCDemon Fire2020Producer
AC/DCDogs Of War2014Producer
AC/DCEmission Control2014Producer
AC/DCGot Some Rock & Roll Thunder2014Producer
AC/DCHard Times2014Producer
AC/DCKick You When You're Down2020Producer
AC/DCMiss Adventure2014Producer
AC/DCMoney Made2008Producer
AC/DCMoney Shot2020Producer
AC/DCNo Man's Land2020Producer
AC/DCPlay Ball2014Producer
AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Dream2008Producer
AC/DCRock N Roll Train2008Producer
AC/DCRock Or Bust2014Producer
AC/DCRock The Blues Away2014Producer
AC/DCRock The House2014Producer
AC/DCRocking All The Way2008Producer
AC/DCShe Likes Rock 'N' Roll2008Producer
AC/DCShot In The Dark2020Producer
AC/DCSkies On Fire2008Producer
AC/DCSmash 'N' Grab2008Producer
AC/DCSpoilin' For A Fight2008Producer
AC/DCStormy May Day2008Producer
AC/DCSweet Candy2014Producer
AC/DCSystems Down2020Producer
AC/DCThrough The Mists Of Time2020Producer
AC/DCWar Machine2008Producer
AC/DCWild Reputation2020Producer
AC/DCWitch's Spell2020Producer
AnberlinPray Tell2010Producer
AnberlinTake Me (As You Found Me)2010Producer
AnberlinThe Art Of War2010Producer
AnberlinTo The Wolves2010Producer
AnberlinWe Owe This To Ourselves2010Producer
AnberlinYou Belong Here2010Producer
Atlanta Rhythm SectionOne Way Town1989Music/Lyrics
AudioslaveBroken City2006Producer
AudioslaveJewel Of The Summertime2006Producer
AudioslaveNothing Left To Say But Goodbye2006Producer
AudioslaveOne And The Same2006Producer
AudioslaveOriginal Fire2006Producer
AudioslaveShape Of Things To Come2006Producer
AudioslaveSound Of A Gun2006Producer
AudioslaveUntil We Fall2006Producer
AudioslaveWide Awake2006Producer
AugustanaCalifornia's Burning2006Producer
AugustanaCoffee And Cigarettes2006Producer
AugustanaFeel Fine2006Producer
AugustanaHotel Roosevelt2006Producer
AugustanaLonely People2006Producer
AugustanaStars And Boulevards2006Producer
AugustanaSunday Best2006Producer
Ben Folds FiveAir1998Producer
Billy TalentDefinition Of Destiny2009Producer
Billy TalentDevil On My Shoulder2009Producer
Billy TalentDiamond On A Landmine2009Producer
Billy TalentPocketful Of Dreams2009Producer
Billy TalentRusted From The Rain2009Producer
Billy TalentSaint Veronika2009Producer
Billy TalentSudden Movements2009Producer
Billy TalentTears Into Wine2009Producer
Billy TalentThe Dead Can't Testify2009Producer
Billy TalentTurn Your Back2009Producer
Billy TalentWhite Sparrows2009Producer
Blackberry SmokeFire In The Hole2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeHolding All The Roses2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeLay It All On Me2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeLet Me Help You (Find The Door)2014Producer
Blackberry SmokeLiving In The Song2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeNo Way Back To Eden2015Producer
Blackberry SmokePayback's A Bitch2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeRandolph County Farewell2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeRock And Roll Again2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeToo High2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeWish In One Hand2015Producer
Blackberry SmokeWoman In The Moon2015Producer
Brandon FlowersCrossfire2010Producer
Brandon FlowersMagdalena2010Producer
Brandon FlowersWelcome To Fabulous Las Vegas2010Producer
Bruce SpringsteenA Night With The Jersey Devil2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenAll I'm Thinkin' About2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenAll The Way Home2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBlack Cowboys2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenCountin' On A Miracle2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenDevils & Dust2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenDevil's Arcade2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenDown In The Hole2014Producer
Bruce SpringsteenEmpty Sky2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenFurther On (Up The Road)2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenGirls In Their Summer Clothes2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenGood Eye2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenGypsy Biker2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenHey Blue Eyes2014Producer
Bruce SpringsteenI'll Work For Your Love2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenInto The Fire2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenJesus Was An Only Son2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenKingdom Of Days2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLast To Die2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLeah2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLet's Be Friends (Skin To Skin)2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLife Itself2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLivin' In The Future2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLonesome Day2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLong Time Comin'2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLong Walk Home2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMagic2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMaria's Bed2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMary's Place2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMatamoros Banks2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMy City Of Ruins2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMy Lucky Day2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenNothing Man2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenOutlaw Pete2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenParadise2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenQueen Of The Supermarket2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenRadio Nowhere2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenReno2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSilver Palomino2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSurprise, Surprise2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenTerry's Song2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Fuse2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Hitter2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Last Carnival2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Rising2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Wrestler2008Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThis Life2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenTomorrow Never Knows2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWaitin' On A Sunny Day2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWhat Love Can Do2009Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWorking On A Dream2008Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWorlds Apart2002Producer
Bruce SpringsteenYou'll Be Comin' Down2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenYour Own Worst Enemy2007Producer
Bruce SpringsteenYou're Missing2002Producer
Bruce Springsteen feat. Tom MorelloHarry's Place2014Producer
Bruce Springsteen feat. Tom MorelloHeaven's Wall2014Producer
Bruce Springsteen feat. Tom MorelloHunter Of Invisible Game2014Producer
Chris CornellBefore We Disappear2015Producer
Chris CornellBend In The Road2015Producer
Chris CornellCircling2015Producer
Chris CornellDead Wishes2015Producer
Chris CornellHigher Truth2015Producer
Chris CornellJosephine2015Producer
Chris CornellLet Your Eyes Wander2015Producer
Chris CornellMisery Chain2015Producer
Chris CornellMurderer Of Blue Skies2015Producer
Chris CornellNearly Forgot My Broken Heart2015Producer
Chris CornellOnly These Words2015Producer
Chris CornellOur Time In The Universe2015Producer
Chris CornellStay With Me Baby2016Producer
Chris CornellThe Promise2016Producer
Chris CornellThrough The Window2015Producer
Chris CornellWorried Moon2015Producer
Chris CornellWrong Side2015Producer
Chris CornellYou Never Knew My Mind2018Producer
Counting CrowsAccidentally In Love2004Producer
Dan BairdI Love You Period1992Producer
Dan BairdLost Highway1992Producer
Foo FightersA3201998Producer
FuelSunday Girl1998Producer
FuelWalk The Sky1998Producer
IncubusA Crow Left Of The Murder2004Producer
IncubusAnna Molly2006Producer
IncubusBeware! Criminal2004Producer
IncubusBlack Heart Inertia2009Producer
IncubusFriends And Lovers2011Producer
IncubusHere In My Room2004Producer
IncubusIf Not Now, When?2011Producer
IncubusIn The Company Of Wolves2011Producer
IncubusLove Hurts2006Producer
IncubusMade For TV Movie2004Producer
IncubusMake A Move2005Producer
IncubusMonuments And Melodies2003Producer
IncubusOil And Water2006Producer
IncubusPromises, Promises2011Producer
IncubusSick Sad Little World2004Producer
IncubusSmile Lines2004Producer
IncubusSouthern Girl2004Producer
IncubusTalk Shows On Mute2004Producer
IncubusThe Original2011Producer
IncubusTomorrow's Food2011Producer
IncubusZee Deveel2004Producer
JackylBack Off Brother1992Producer
JackylBrain Drain1992Producer
JackylDirty Little Mind1992Producer
JackylDown On Me1992Producer
JackylI Stand Alone1992Producer
JackylJust Like A Devil1992Producer
JackylMental *@%#!1993Producer
JackylMister, Can You Spare A Dime1998Producer
JackylReach For Me1992Producer
JackylRedneck Punk1992Producer
JackylShe Loves My Cock1992Producer
JackylThe Lumberjack1992Producer
JackylWalkin' Change1993Producer
JackylWhen Will It Rain1992Producer
Killswitch EngageA Light In A Darkened World2009Producer
Killswitch EngageI Would Do Anything2009Producer
Killswitch EngageIn A Dead World2009Producer
Killswitch EngageLost2009Producer
Killswitch EngageNever Again2009Producer
Killswitch EngageReckoning2009Producer
Killswitch EngageSave Me2009Producer
Killswitch EngageStarting Over2009Producer
Killswitch EngageTake Me Away2009Producer
Killswitch EngageThe Forgotten2009Producer
Killswitch EngageThe Return2009Producer
Killswitch EngageThis Is Goodbye2009Producer
King's XBlack The Sky1994Producer
King's XCigarettes1994Producer
King's XComplain1994Producer
King's XDogman1994Producer
King's XDon't Care1994Producer
King's XFlies And Blue Skies1994Producer
King's XFool You1994Producer
King's XGo To Hell1994Producer
King's XHuman Behavior1994Producer
King's XManic Depression1994Producer
King's XPillow1994Producer
King's XPretend1994Producer
King's XShoes1994Producer
King's XSunshine Rain1994Producer
Korn4 U1999Producer
KornAm I Going Crazy1999Producer
KornBeg For Me1999Producer
KornFalling Away From Me1999Producer
KornHey Daddy1999Producer
KornIt's Gonna Go Away1999Producer
KornLet's Get This Party Started1999Producer
KornMake Me Bad1999Producer
KornNo Way1999Producer
KornSomebody Someone1999Producer
KornWake Up1999Producer
KornWish You Could Be Me1999Producer
Limp BizkitBreak Stuff1999Music/Lyrics
Limp BizkitCrushed1999Music/Lyrics
Limp BizkitNo Sex1999Music/Lyrics
MastodonAncient Kingdom2017Producer
MastodonCrack The Skye2009Producer
MastodonGhost Of Karelia2009Producer
MastodonJaguar God2017Producer
MastodonJust Got Paid2009Producer
MastodonPrecious Stones2017Producer
MastodonRoots Remain2017Producer
MastodonScorpion Breath2017Producer
MastodonShow Yourself2017Producer
MastodonSultan's Curse2017Producer
MastodonThe Czar2009Producer
MastodonThe Last Baron2009Producer
MastodonToe To Toes2017Producer
MastodonWord To The Wise2017Producer
Matthew SweetCome To Love1995Producer
Matthew SweetEverything Changes1995Producer
Matthew SweetGet Older1995Producer
Matthew SweetGiving It Back1995Producer
Matthew SweetI Almost Forgot1995Producer
Matthew SweetLost My Mind1995Producer
Matthew SweetNot When I Need It1995Producer
Matthew SweetSick Of Myself1995Producer
Matthew SweetSmog Moon1995Producer
Matthew SweetSuper Baby1995Producer
Matthew SweetWalk Out1995Producer
Matthew SweetWe're The Same1995Producer
Michael PennMacy Day Parade1998Producer
Neil YoungAct Of Love1995Producer
Neil YoungBig Green Country1995Producer
Neil YoungDowntown1995Producer
Neil YoungFallen Angel1995Producer
Neil YoungI'm The Ocean1995Producer
Neil YoungPeace And Love1995Producer
Neil YoungScenery1995Producer
Neil YoungSong X1995Producer
Neil YoungThrow Your Hatred Down1995Producer
Neil YoungTruth Be Known1995Producer
Neil YoungWhat Happened Yesterday1995Producer
Papa RoachLife Is A Bullet2002Producer
Papa RoachNaked In Front Of The Computer2002Producer
Papa RoachShe Loves Me Not2002Producer
Papa RoachTime And Time Again2002Producer
Pearl Jam• [Red Dot]1998Producer
Pearl JamAll Night2003Producer
Pearl JamAll Those Yesterdays1998Producer
Pearl JamAlone1993Producer
Pearl JamAmongst The Waves2009Producer
Pearl JamAnimal1993Producer
Pearl JamAround The Bend1996Producer
Pearl JamAye davanita1994Producer
Pearl JamBetterman1994Producer
Pearl JamBlack, Red, Yellow1996Producer
Pearl JamBlood1993Producer
Pearl JamBrain Of J.1998Producer
Pearl JamBugs1994Producer
Pearl JamCan't Deny Me2018Producer
Pearl JamCorduroy1994Producer
Pearl JamDaughter1993Producer
Pearl JamDead Man1996Producer
Pearl JamDissident1993Producer
Pearl JamDo The Evolution1998Producer
Pearl JamDon't Gimme No Lip2003Producer
Pearl JamElderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town1993Producer
Pearl JamFaithfull1998Producer
Pearl JamForce Of Nature2009Producer
Pearl JamFuture Days2013Producer
Pearl JamGetaway2013Producer
Pearl JamGiven To Fly1997Producer
Pearl JamGlorified G1993Producer
Pearl JamGo1993Producer
Pearl JamGonna See My Friend2009Producer
Pearl JamGot Some2009Producer
Pearl JamHabit1996Producer
Pearl JamHail, Hail1996Producer
Pearl JamHard To Imagine2003Producer
Pearl JamI'm Open1996Producer
Pearl JamImmortality1994Producer
Pearl JamIn Hiding1998Producer
Pearl JamIn My Tree1996Producer
Pearl JamIndifference1993Producer
Pearl JamInfallible2013Producer
Pearl JamJohnny Guitar2009Producer
Pearl JamJust Breathe2009Producer
Pearl JamLast Exit1994Producer
Pearl JamLeash1993Producer
Pearl JamLeatherman1997Producer
Pearl JamLet The Records Play2013Producer
Pearl JamLightning Bolt2013Producer
Pearl JamLove, Reign O'er Me Producer
Pearl JamLow Light1998Producer
Pearl JamLukin1996Producer
Pearl JamMankind1996Producer
Pearl JamMFC1998Producer
Pearl JamMind Your Manners2013Producer
Pearl JamMy Father's Son2013Producer
Pearl JamNo Way1998Producer
Pearl JamNot For You1994Producer
Pearl JamNothingman1994Producer
Pearl JamOff He Goes1996Producer
Pearl JamOut Of My Mind1995Producer
Pearl JamPendulum2013Producer
Pearl JamPilate1997Producer
Pearl JamPresent Tense1996Producer
Pearl JamPry, To1994Producer
Pearl JamPush Me, Pull Me1998Producer
Pearl JamRats1993Producer
Pearl JamRearviewmirror1993Producer
Pearl JamRed Mosquito1996Producer
Pearl JamSatan's Bed1994Producer
Pearl JamSirens2013Producer
Pearl JamSleeping By Myself2013Producer
Pearl JamSmile1996Producer
Pearl JamSometimes1996Producer
Pearl JamSpeed Of Sound2009Producer
Pearl JamSpin The Black Circle1994Producer
Pearl JamStupid Mop1994Producer
Pearl JamSupersonic2009Producer
Pearl JamSwallowed Whole2013Producer
Pearl JamThe End2009Producer
Pearl JamThe Fixer2009Producer
Pearl JamTremor Christ1994Producer
Pearl JamU1998Producer
Pearl JamUnthought Known2009Producer
Pearl JamW. M. A.1993Producer
Pearl JamWhale Song1999Producer
Pearl JamWhipping1994Producer
Pearl JamWho You Are1996Producer
Pearl JamWishlist1998Producer
Pearl JamYellow Moon2013Producer
Pearl JamYou2003Producer
Prophets Of RageFired A Shot2017Producer
Prophets Of RageHail To The Chief2017Producer
Prophets Of RageHands Up2017Producer
Prophets Of RageLegalize Me2017Producer
Prophets Of RageLiving On The 1102017Producer
Prophets Of RageMade With Hate2019Producer
Prophets Of RagePop Goes The Weapon2019Producer
Prophets Of RageProphets Of Rage2016Producer
Prophets Of RageRadical Eyes2017Producer
Prophets Of RageSmashit2017Producer
Prophets Of RageStrength In Numbers2017Producer
Prophets Of RageTake Me Higher2017Producer
Prophets Of RageThe Counteroffensive2017Producer
Prophets Of RageThe Party's Over2016Producer
Prophets Of RageUnfuck The World2017Producer
Prophets Of RageWho Owns Who2017Producer
Rage Against The MachineAshes In The Fall1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineBorn As Ghosts1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineBorn Of A Broken Man1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineBulls On Parade1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineCalm Like A Bomb1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineDown Rodeo1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineGuerrilla Radio1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineMaria1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineMic Check1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineNew Millennium Homes1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineNo Shelter1998Producer
Rage Against The MachinePeople Of The Sun1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineRevolver1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineRoll Right1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineSleep Now In The Fire1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineSnakecharmer1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineTestify1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineThe Ghost Of Tom Joad1997Producer
Rage Against The MachineTire Me1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineVietnow1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineVoice Of The Voiceless1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineWar Within A Breath1999Producer
Rage Against The MachineWind Below1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineWithout A Face1996Producer
Rage Against The MachineYear Of The Boomerang1996Producer
Raging SlabAin't Ugly None1993Producer
Raging SlabAnywhere But Here1993Producer
Raging SlabDon't Worry About The Bomb1993Producer
Raging SlabLaughin' And Cryin'1993Producer
Raging SlabLord Have Mercy1993Producer
Raging SlabLynne1993Producer
Raging SlabNational Dust1993Producer
Raging SlabPearly1993Producer
Raging SlabSo Help Me1993Producer
Raging SlabTake A Hold1993Producer
Raging SlabWeatherman1993Producer
Raging SlabWhat Have You Done1993Producer
SeetherBurn The World2014Producer
SeetherCountry Song2011Producer
SeetherDesire For Need2011Producer
SeetherFade Out2011Producer
SeetherFur Cue2011Producer
SeetherHere And Now2011Producer
SeetherKeep The Dogs At Bay2014Producer
SeetherMaster Of Disaster2011Producer
SeetherMy Disaster2014Producer
SeetherNo Resolution2011Producer
SeetherNobody Praying For Me2014Producer
SeetherPass Slowly2011Producer
SeetherSame Damn Life2014Producer
SeetherSave Today2014Producer
SeetherSee You At The Bottom2014Producer
SeetherSuffer It All2014Producer
SeetherTurn Around2014Producer
SeetherWatch Me Drown2014Producer
SeetherWords As Weapons2014Producer
Sons Of The SeaAvalanche2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaCome Together2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaGreat Escape2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaHey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaJet Black Crow2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaLady Black2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaPlus Minus2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaSpace And Time2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaUntethered2013Music/Lyrics
Sons Of The SeaWhere All The Songs Come From2013Music/Lyrics
Stone Temple PilotsA Song For Sleeping2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsAdhesive1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsAnd So I Know1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsArmy Ants1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsArt School Girl1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsAtlanta1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsBig Bang Baby1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsBig Empty1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsBi-Polar Bear2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsBlack Again2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsChurch On Tuesday1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsComa2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsCrackerman1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsCreep1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsDaisy1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsDays Of The Week2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsDead And Bloated1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsDown1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsDumb Love2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsGlide1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsHeaven & Hot Rods1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsHello It's Late2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsHollywood Bitch2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsI Got You1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsInterstate Love Song1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsKitchen Ware & Candy Bars1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsLady Picture Show1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsLong Way Home2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsLounge Fly1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsMc51999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsMeatplow1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsNaked Sunday1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsNo Memory1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsNo Way Out1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsPiece Of Pie1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsPlush1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsPop's Love Suicide1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsPress Play1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsPretty Penny1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsPruno1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsRegeneration2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsRide The Cliche1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsSeven Caged Tigers1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsSex & Violence1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsSex Type Thing1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsSilvergun Superman1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsSin1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsSour Girl1999Producer
Stone Temple PilotsStill Remains1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsToo Cool Queenie2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsTransmissions From A Lonely Room2001Producer
Stone Temple PilotsTrippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsTumble In The Rough1996Producer
Stone Temple PilotsUnglued1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsVasoline1994Producer
Stone Temple PilotsWet My Bed1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsWhere The River Goes1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsWicked Garden1992Producer
Stone Temple PilotsWonderful2001Producer
The BraveryAbove And Below2007Producer
The BraveryAngelina2007Producer
The BraveryBad Sun2007Producer
The BraveryBelieve2007Producer
The BraveryEvery Word Is A Knife In My Ear2007Producer
The BraveryFistful Of Sand2007Producer
The BraverySplit Me Wide Open2007Producer
The BraveryThe Ocean2007Producer
The BraveryThis Is Not The End2007Producer
The BraveryTime Won't Let Me Go2007Producer
The BraveryTragedy Bound2007Producer
The Fray19612012Producer
The Fray48 To Go2012Producer
The FrayBe Still2012Producer
The FrayHeartbeat2011Producer
The FrayHere We Are2012Producer
The FrayI Can Barely Say2012Producer
The FrayMunich2012Producer
The FrayRainy Zurich2012Producer
The FrayRun For Your Life2012Producer
The FrayThe Fighter2012Producer
The FrayThe Wind2012Producer
The FrayTurn Me On2012Producer
The FrogsRearviewmirror1995Producer
The Gaslight Anthem452012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemBlue Dahlia2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemDesire2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemHandwritten2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemHere Comes My Man2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemHowl2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemKeepsake2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemMae2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemMulholland Drive2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemNational Anthem2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemSliver2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemToo Much Blood2012Producer
The Gaslight AnthemYou Got Lucky2012Producer
The Georgia SatellitesHippy Hippy Shake1988Producer
The KillersHere With Me2012Producer
The KillersRunaways2012Producer
The KillersThe Cowboys' Christmas Ball2011Producer
The KillersThe Way It Was2012Producer
The Last Internationale19682014Producer
The Last InternationaleBaby It's You2014Producer
The Last InternationaleBattleground2014Producer
The Last InternationaleDevil's Dust2014Producer
The Last InternationaleFire2014Producer
The Last InternationaleI'll Be Alright2014Producer
The Last InternationaleKilling Fields2014Producer
The Last InternationaleLife, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Indian Blood2013Producer
The Last InternationaleWanted Man2014Producer
The Last InternationaleWe Will Reign2014Producer
The NightwatchmanBattle Hymns2007Producer
The NightwatchmanCalifornia's Dark2007Producer
The NightwatchmanFlesh Shapes The Day2007Producer
The NightwatchmanHouse Gone Up In Flames2007Producer
The NightwatchmanLet Freedom Ring2007Producer
The NightwatchmanMaximum Firepower2007Producer
The NightwatchmanNo One Left2007Producer
The NightwatchmanOne Man Revolution2007Producer
The NightwatchmanThe Dark Clouds Above2007Producer
The NightwatchmanThe Garden of Gethsemane2007Producer
The NightwatchmanThe Road I Must Travel2007Producer
The NightwatchmanUnion Song2007Producer
The NightwatchmanUntil The End2007Producer
The Offspring(Can't Get My) Head Around You2003Producer
The Offspring80 Times2001Producer
The OffspringAll Along2000Producer
The OffspringAutonomy2001Producer
The OffspringCome Out Swinging2000Producer
The OffspringConspiracy Of One2000Producer
The OffspringDa Hui2003Producer
The OffspringDammit, I Changed Again2000Producer
The OffspringDefy You2002Producer
The OffspringDenial, Revisited2000Producer
The OffspringHit That2003Producer
The OffspringHuck It2000Producer
The OffspringLightning Rod2003Producer
The OffspringLiving In Chaos2000Producer
The OffspringLong Way Home2003Producer
The OffspringMillion Miles Away2000Producer
The OffspringNeocon2003Producer
The OffspringNever Gonna Find Me2003Producer
The OffspringOne Fine Day2000Producer
The OffspringOne Hundred Punks2002Producer
The OffspringOriginal Prankster2000Producer
The OffspringRace Against Myself2003Producer
The OffspringSpare Me The Details2003Producer
The OffspringSpecial Delivery2000Producer
The OffspringThe Noose2003Producer
The OffspringThe Worst Hangover Ever2003Producer
The OffspringVultures2000Producer
The OffspringWant You Bad2000Producer
The OffspringWhen You're In Prison2003Producer
The ThornsI Can't Remember2003Producer
The WallflowersAll Things New Again2005Producer
The WallflowersBack To California2005Producer
The WallflowersDays Of Wonder2005Producer
The WallflowersFrom The Bottom Of My Heart2005Producer
The WallflowersGod Says Nothing Back2005Producer
The WallflowersHere He Comes (Confessions Of A Drunken Marionette)2005Producer
The WallflowersHow Far You've Come2005Producer
The WallflowersI Am A Building2005Producer
The WallflowersNearly Beloved2005Producer
The WallflowersThe Beautiful Side Of Somewhere2005Producer
The WallflowersThe Passenger2005Producer
The WallflowersWe're Already There2005Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanGone Like Rain2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanLazarus On Down2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanMidnight In The City Of Destruction2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanNight Falls2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanRise To Power2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanSaint Isabelle2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanThe Fabled City2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanThe Iron Wheel2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanThe King Of Hell2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanThe Lights Are On In Spidertown2008Producer
Tom Morello The NightwatchmanWhatever It Takes2008Producer
TrainAll American Girl2003Music/Lyrics
TrainAll I Ever Wanted2006Producer
TrainAll I Hear2006Producer
TrainAlways Remember2006Producer
TrainAm I Reaching You Now2006Producer
TrainBetter Off Alive2003Producer
TrainCalling All Angels2003Producer
TrainComing Home2006Producer
TrainCounting Airplanes2003Producer
TrainDrops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)2001Producer
TrainFollowing Rita2003Producer
TrainFor Me, It's You2006Producer
TrainGet Out2006Producer
TrainGet To Me2003Producer
TrainGive Myself To You2006Producer
TrainI Wish You Would2001Producer
TrainIf I Can't Change Your Mind2006Producer
TrainI'm About To Come Alive2003Producer
TrainI'm Not Waiting In Line2006Producer
TrainIt's About You2001Producer
TrainIt's Love2001Producer
TrainLet It Roll2001Producer
TrainLincoln Avenue2003Producer
TrainMy Private Nation2003Music/Lyrics
TrainSave The Day2003Music/Lyrics
TrainShelter Me2006Producer
TrainShe's On Fire2001Producer
TrainSomething More2001Producer
TrainThis Is Not Your Life2001Producer
TrainWhen I Look To The Sky2003Producer
TrainWhipping Boy2001Producer
TrainYour Every Color2003Producer
Trey AnastasioAir Said To Me2005Music/Lyrics
Trey AnastasioBlack2005Producer
Trey AnastasioCome As Melody2005Producer
Trey AnastasioInvisible2005Music/Lyrics
Trey AnastasioLove Is Freedom2005Producer
Trey AnastasioLove That Breaks All Lines2005Producer
Trey AnastasioShine2005Music/Lyrics
Trey AnastasioSleep Again2005Music/Lyrics
Trey AnastasioSpin2005Music/Lyrics
Trey AnastasioSweet Dreams Melinda2005Music/Lyrics
Trey AnastasioTuesday2005Music/Lyrics
Trey AnastasioWherever You Find It2005Music/Lyrics
Uncle GreenA Good Man1992Producer
Uncle GreenBellingham1992Producer
Uncle GreenHe Woke Up Naked1992Producer
Uncle GreenI Always Knew You'd Come To Me1992Producer
Uncle GreenI Don't Wanna Know About It1992Producer
Uncle GreenI Know All About You1992Producer
Uncle GreenIn Good Time1992Producer
Uncle GreenLook Into The Light1992Producer
Uncle GreenShe's Staring It Up1992Producer
Uncle GreenThe Blue Light1992Producer
Uncle GreenWake Up Now1992Producer
Uncle GreenYou're Getting Into It1992Producer
Velvet RevolverAmerican Man2007Producer
Velvet RevolverCan't Get It Out Of My Head2007Producer
Velvet RevolverFor A Brother2007Producer
Velvet RevolverGet Out The Door2007Producer
Velvet RevolverGravedancer2007Producer
Velvet RevolverJust Sixteen2007Producer
Velvet RevolverLet It Roll2007Producer
Velvet RevolverMary Mary2007Producer
Velvet RevolverPills, Demons & etc.2007Producer
Velvet RevolverPsycho Killer2007Producer
Velvet RevolverShe Builds Quick Machines2007Producer
Velvet RevolverShe Mine2007Producer
Velvet RevolverSpay2007Producer
Velvet RevolverThe Last Fight2007Producer
WolfmotherBest Of A Bad Situation2016Producer
WolfmotherCity Lights2016Producer
WolfmotherEye Of The Beholder2016Producer
WolfmotherGypsy Caravan2016Producer
WolfmotherHappy Face2016Producer
WolfmotherPretty Peggy2016Producer
WolfmotherThe Love That You Give2016Producer
WolfmotherThe Simple Life2016Producer
WolfsbaneAll Hell's Breaking Loose Down At Little Kathy Wilsons Place!1990Producer
WolfsbaneHey Babe1990Producer
WolfsbanePaint The Town Red1990Producer
WolfsbaneTotally Nude1990Producer
ZuccheroÈ un peccato morir2010Producer
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariFatti di sogni2016Producer
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariGlory2011Music/Lyrics
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariGotta Feeling2011Music/Lyrics
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariIn The Sky2011Music/Lyrics
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariSpicinfrin Boy2010Producer
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariTerra incognita2016Producer
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariTi voglio sposare2016Producer
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariUn uovo sodo2010Producer

Who You Are (Pearl Jam)32/199624
Given To Fly (Pearl Jam)04/199853
Original Prankster (The Offspring)44/2000126
She Loves Me Not (Papa Roach)26/2002201
The Rising (Bruce Springsteen)30/2002111
Hit That (The Offspring)49/2003133
Pistola (Incubus)65.5
Where The River Goes (Stone Temple Pilots)55.2
Special Delivery (The Offspring)115.09
Indifference (Pearl Jam)125.08
Animal (Pearl Jam)205
Nothingman (Pearl Jam)155
Dirty Little Mind (Jackyl)75
Spare Me The Details (The Offspring)274.96
Paradise (Bruce Springsteen)204.95
Immortality (Pearl Jam)204.95
Testify (Rage Against The Machine)194.95
Amongst The Waves (Pearl Jam)164.94
Creep (Stone Temple Pilots)274.93
Got Some (Pearl Jam)134.92
Corduroy (Pearl Jam)214.9
Living In Chaos (The Offspring)104.9
Born Of A Broken Man (Rage Against The Machine)104.9
Future Days (Pearl Jam)104.9
Rearviewmirror (Pearl Jam)184.89
Vultures (The Offspring)94.89
Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me) (Train)1724.67
Love Hurts (Incubus)1244.46
Rock N Roll Train (AC/DC)1104.13
Crossfire (Brandon Flowers)1094.56
Hit That (The Offspring)824.66
Radio Nowhere (Bruce Springsteen)814.52
Rusted From The Rain (Billy Talent)783.85
Runaways (The Killers)744.42
Accidentally In Love (Counting Crows)724.54
The Rising (Bruce Springsteen)724.25
Original Prankster (The Offspring)704.03
Plush (Stone Temple Pilots)654.48
Working On A Dream (Bruce Springsteen)644.14
She Loves Me Not (Papa Roach)543.59
Want You Bad (The Offspring)524.42
Anything Goes (AC/DC)474.17
The Fixer (Pearl Jam)463.76
Girls In Their Summer Clothes (Bruce Springsteen)454.69
Sirens (Pearl Jam)444.34
Betterman (Pearl Jam)424.88

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