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AmmoniaPipe Dream1997Producer
AmmoniaRough Night In Jericho1997Producer
AmmoniaYou're Not The Only One Who Feels This Way1997Producer
BaronessChlorine & Wine2015Producer
BaronessCrossroads Of Infinity2015Producer
BaronessDesperation Burns2015Producer
BaronessIf I Have To Wake Up (Would You Stop The Rain?)2015Producer
BaronessShock Me2015Producer
BaronessThe Iron Bell2015Producer
BaronessTry To Disappear2015Producer
Campsite DreamKids2020Music/Lyrics
Cut CopyMeet Me In A House Of Love2013Producer
InterpolFlight Of Fancy2018Producer
InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing2018Producer
InterpolIt Probably Matters2018Producer
InterpolMountain Child2018Producer
InterpolNumber 102018Producer
InterpolParty's Over2018Producer
InterpolStay In Touch2018Producer
InterpolThe Rover2018Producer
Jane's AddictionSo What!1997Producer
Lake TroutStreet Fighting Man2005Producer
LongwaveEverywhere You Turn2003Producer
LongwaveOnly Just Hang On2002Producer
LongwavePool Song2002Producer
LongwaveRazor On My Skin2003Producer
LongwaveState Of Mind2003Producer
LongwaveWake Me When It's Over2003Producer
Mercury RevA Drop In Time2001Producer
Mercury RevA Squirrel And I (Holding On... And Then Letting Go)2008Producer
Mercury RevButterfly's Wing2008Producer
Mercury RevChains2001Producer
Mercury RevDelta Sun Bottleneck Stomp1998Producer
Mercury RevDream Of A Young Girl As A Flower2008Producer
Mercury RevEndlessly1998Producer
Mercury RevFaraway From Cars2008Producer
Mercury RevGoddess On A Hiway1998Producer
Mercury RevHercules2001Producer
Mercury RevHoles1998Producer
Mercury RevHudson Line1998Producer
Mercury RevI Collect Coins1998Producer
Mercury RevLincoln's Eyes2001Producer
Mercury RevLittle Rhymes2001Producer
Mercury RevNite And Fog2001Producer
Mercury RevOctober Sunshine2008Producer
Mercury RevOpus 401998Producer
Mercury RevPeople Are So Unpredictable (There's No Bliss Like Home)2008Producer
Mercury RevPick Up If You're There1998Producer
Mercury RevRunaway Raindrop2008Producer
Mercury RevSenses On Fire2008Producer
Mercury RevSnowflake In A Hot World2008Producer
Mercury RevSpiders And Flies2001Producer
Mercury RevThe Dark Is Rising2001Producer
Mercury RevThe Funny Bird1998Producer
Mercury RevThe Happy End (The Drunk Room)1998Producer
Mercury RevTides Of The Moon2001Producer
Mercury RevTonite It Shows1998Producer
Mercury RevYou're My Queen2001Producer
MGMT4th Dimensional Transition2008Producer
MGMTA Good Sadness2013Producer
MGMTAlien Days2013Producer
MGMTAn Orphan Of Fortune2013Producer
MGMTCool Song No. 22013Producer
MGMTDays That Got Away2018Producer
MGMTElectric Feel2008Producer
MGMTFuture Reflections2008Producer
MGMTHand It Over2018Producer
MGMTI Love You Too, Death2013Producer
MGMTLittle Dark Age2017Producer
MGMTMe And Michael2018Producer
MGMTMystery Disease2013Producer
MGMTOf Moons, Birds & Monsters2008Producer
MGMTOne Thing Left To Try2018Producer
MGMTPieces Of What2008Producer
MGMTPlenty Of Girls In The Sea2013Producer
MGMTShe Works Out Too Much2018Producer
MGMTThe Handshake2008Producer
MGMTThe Youth2008Producer
MGMTTime To Pretend2005Producer
MGMTWeekend Wars2008Producer
MGMTWhen You Die2017Producer
MGMTWhen You're Small2018Producer
MGMTYour Life Is A Lie2013Producer
Miley CyrusCyrus Skies2015Producer
Miley CyrusThe Floyd Song (Sunrise)2015Producer
Mogwai1000 Fot Face2017Producer
Mogwai2 Rights Make 1 Wrong2001Producer
Mogwai20 Size2017Producer
Mogwaiaka 472017Producer
MogwaiBattered At A Scramble2017Producer
MogwaiBrain Sweeties2017Producer
MogwaiCeiling Granny2021Producer
MogwaiCrossing The Road Material2017Producer
MogwaiDial: Revenge2001Producer
MogwaiDon't Believe The Fife2017Producer
MogwaiDrive The Nail2021Producer
MogwaiDry Fantasy2021Producer
MogwaiEvery Country's Sun2017Producer
MogwaiFuck Off Money2021Producer
MogwaiHere We, Here We, Here We Go Forever2021Producer
MogwaiIt's What I Want To Do, Mum2021Producer
MogwaiMidnight Flit2021Producer
MogwaiO I Sleep2001Producer
MogwaiOld Poisons2017Producer
MogwaiParty In The Dark2017Producer
MogwaiRitchie Sacramento2021Producer
MogwaiRobot Chant2001Producer
MogwaiSecret Pint2001Producer
MogwaiSine Wave2001Producer
MogwaiSupposedly, We Were Nightmares2021Producer
MogwaiTake Me Somewhere Nice2001Producer
MogwaiTo The Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth2021Producer
MogwaiYou Don't Know Jesus2001Producer
Mogwai / Colin StetsonPat Stains2021Producer
Neil FinnBetter Than TV2014Producer
Neil FinnDivebomber2014Producer
Neil FinnDizzy Heights2014Producer
Neil FinnFlying In The Face Of Love2013Producer
Neil FinnImpressions2014Producer
Neil FinnPony Ride2014Producer
OK GoAll Is Not Lost2010Producer
OK GoBack From Kathmandu2010Producer
OK GoBefore The Earth Was Round2010Producer
OK GoEnd Love2010Producer
OK GoGigantic2010Producer
OK GoI Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe2010Producer
OK GoIn The Glass2010Producer
OK GoLast Leaf2010Producer
OK GoLouisiana Land2010Producer
OK GoNeeding/Getting2010Producer
OK GoShooting The Moon2009Producer
OK GoSkyscrapers2010Producer
OK GoThis Too Shall Pass2010Producer
OK GoThis Will Be Our Year2006Producer
OK GoWhile You Were Asleep2010Producer
OK GoWhite Knuckles2010Producer
OK GoWTF?2010Producer
PonderosaBlack Hill Smoke2013Producer
PonderosaCold Hearted Man2013Producer
PonderosaGet A Gun2013Producer
PonderosaHere I Am Born2013Producer
PonderosaNever Come Back2013Producer
PonderosaOn Your Time2013Producer
PonderosaPool Party2013Producer
PonderosaThe Nile2013Producer
Sleater-KinneyLet's Call It Love2005Producer
Sleater-KinneyModern Girl2005Producer
Sleater-KinneyNight Light2005Producer
Sleater-KinneySteep Air2005Producer
Sleater-KinneyThe Fox2005Producer
Sleater-KinneyWhat's Mine Is Yours2005Producer
SpoonCan I Sit Next To You2017Producer
SpoonDo I Have To Talk You Into It2017Producer
SpoonFirst Caress2017Producer
SpoonHot Thoughts2017Producer
SpoonI Ain't The One2017Producer
SpoonPink Up2017Producer
SpoonTear It Down2017Producer
Steve Burns>12002Producer
Steve BurnsA Reason2002Producer
Steve BurnsA Sniveling Mess2002Producer
Steve BurnsMusic For Montgomery County, PA2002Producer
Steve BurnsStick Around2002Producer
Steve BurnsSuperstrings2002Producer
Steve Burns & Steven DrozdA Song For Dustmites2002Producer
Steve Burns & Steven DrozdHenry Krinkle's Lament2002Producer
Steve Burns & Steven DrozdMaintain2002Producer
Steve Burns & Steven DrozdMighty Little Man2002Producer
Steve Burns & Steven DrozdTroposphere2002Producer
Steve Burns & Steven DrozdWhat I Do On Saturday2002Producer
The CribsCome On, Be A No-One2012Producer
The CribsGlitters Like Gold2012Producer
The DelgadosAmerican Trilogy2000Producer
The Flaming LipsA Machine In India1997Producer
The Flaming LipsA Spoonful Weighs A Ton1999Producer
The Flaming LipsAll For The Life Of The City2019Producer
The Flaming LipsAll We Have Is Now2002Producer
The Flaming LipsAlmost Home (Blisko Domu)2017Producer
The Flaming LipsApproaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon (Utopia Planitia)2002Producer
The Flaming LipsAquarius Sabotage2009Producer
The Flaming LipsAre You A Hypnotist??2002Producer
The Flaming LipsAssassins Of Youth2020Producer
The Flaming LipsAt The Movies On Quaaludes2020Producer
The Flaming LipsBad Days1995Producer
The Flaming LipsBrainville1995Producer
The Flaming LipsBrother Eye2020Producer
The Flaming LipsBuggin'1999Producer
The Flaming LipsChristmas At The Zoo1995Producer
The Flaming LipsConvinced Of The Hex2009Producer
The Flaming LipsDinosaurs On The Mountain2020Producer
The Flaming LipsDo Glowy2017Producer
The Flaming LipsDo You Realize??2002Producer
The Flaming LipsEgo Tripping At The Gates Of Hell2002Producer
The Flaming LipsEvil2009Producer
The Flaming LipsEvil Will Prevail1995Producer
The Flaming LipsFeeling Yourself Disintegrate1999Producer
The Flaming LipsFight Test2002Producer
The Flaming LipsFlowers Of Neptune 62020Producer
The Flaming LipsFree Radicals (A Hallucination Of The Christmas Skeleton Pleading With A Suicide Bomber)2006Producer
The Flaming LipsGalaxy I Sink2017Producer
The Flaming LipsGoin' On2006Producer
The Flaming LipsGuy Who Got A Headache And Accidentally Saves The World1995Producer
The Flaming LipsHaven't Got A Clue2006Producer
The Flaming LipsHow Will We Know?1997Producer
The Flaming LipsHow??2016Producer
The Flaming LipsIf2009Producer
The Flaming LipsIn The Morning Of The Magicians2002Producer
The Flaming LipsIt Overtakes Me / The Stars Are So Big... I'm So Small... Do I Stand A Chance?2006Producer
The Flaming LipsIt's Summertime2002Producer
The Flaming LipsJest (There Is...)2017Producer
The Flaming LipsKim's Watermelon Gun1995Producer
The Flaming LipsLightning Strikes The Postman1995Producer
The Flaming LipsListening To The Frogs With Demon Eyes2017Producer
The Flaming LipsMarch Of The Rotten Vegetables1997Producer
The Flaming LipsMother I've Taken LSD2020Producer
The Flaming LipsMother Please Don't Be Sad2020Producer
The Flaming LipsMr. Ambulance Driver2006Producer
The Flaming LipsMy Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (The Inner Life As Blazing Shield Of Defiance And Optimism As Celestial Spear Of Action)2006Producer
The Flaming LipsMy Religion Is You2020Producer
The Flaming LipsNigdy Nie (Never No)2017Producer
The Flaming LipsOkay I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand1997Producer
The Flaming LipsOne More Robot / Sympathy 3000-212002Producer
The Flaming LipsOne Night While Hunting For Faeries And Witches And Wizards To Kill2017Producer
The Flaming LipsOzcly Mlody2017Producer
The Flaming LipsPlacebo Headwound1995Producer
The Flaming LipsPompeii am Gotterdammerung2006Producer
The Flaming LipsPowerless2009Producer
The Flaming LipsPsychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles1995Producer
The Flaming LipsRace For The Prize1999Producer
The Flaming LipsRiding To Work In The Year 20251997Producer
The Flaming LipsSagittarius Silver Announcement2009Producer
The Flaming LipsSatellite Of You1999Producer
The Flaming LipsScorpio Sword2009Producer
The Flaming LipsSee The Leaves2009Producer
The Flaming LipsSilver Trembling Hands2009Producer
The Flaming LipsSleeping On The Roof1999Producer
The Flaming LipsSlow Motion1999Producer
The Flaming LipsSpace Oddity2017Producer
The Flaming LipsSuddenly Everything Has Changed1999Producer
The Flaming LipsSunrise (Eyes Of The Young)2017Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Abandoned Hospital Ship1995Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Big Ol' Bug Is The New Baby Now1997Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Captain1999Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Castle2016Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Ego's Last Stand2009Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Gash1999Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Gold In The Mountain Of Our Madness2006Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Impulse2009Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Observer1999Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Sound Of Failure / It's Dark... Is It Always This Dark??2006Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Spark That Bled1999Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine2009Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How To Be In Love2007Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Trains Runs Over The Camel But Is Derailed By The Gnat1997Producer
The Flaming LipsThe W.A.N.D.2006Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Wizard Turns On... The Giant Silver Flashlight And Puts On His Werewolf Moccasins2006Producer
The Flaming LipsThe Yeah Yeah Yeah Song2006Producer
The Flaming LipsThere Should Be Unicorns2017Producer
The Flaming LipsThey Punctured My Yolk1995Producer
The Flaming LipsThirty-Five Thousands Feet Of Despair1997Producer
The Flaming LipsThis Here Giraffe1995Producer
The Flaming LipsVein Of Stars2006Producer
The Flaming LipsWaitin' For A Superman1999Producer
The Flaming LipsWatching The Lightbugs Glow2020Producer
The Flaming LipsWe A Famly2017Producer
The Flaming LipsWhat Is The Light?1999Producer
The Flaming LipsWhen We Die When We're High2020Producer
The Flaming LipsWhen You Smile1995Producer
The Flaming LipsWhy Does It End?2006Producer
The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt. 12002Producer
The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt. 22002Producer
The Flaming LipsYou N Me Sellin' Weed2020Producer
The Flaming LipsYour Bats2009Producer
The Flaming Lips feat. Kacey MusgravesGod And The Policeman2020Producer
The Flaming Lips feat. Karen OI Can Be A Frog2009Producer
The Flaming Lips feat. Karen OWatching The Planets2009Producer
The Flaming Lips feat. MGMTWorm Mountain2009Producer
The Flaming Lips feat. Particle KidWill You Return / When You Come Down2020Producer
The Flaming Lips feat. Thorsten WörmannVirgo Self-Esteem Broadcast2009Producer
The Flaming Lips feat. Thorsten Wörmann & Karen OGemini Syringes2009Producer
The Lovely EggsDie Before You Die2020Producer
The Lovely EggsLong Stem Carnations2020Producer
The Lovely EggsThe Voyage2020Producer
The Lovely EggsThis Decision2020Producer
The Vaccines(All Afternoon) In Love2015Producer
The Vaccines20/202015Producer
The VaccinesDenial2015Producer
The VaccinesDream Lover2015Producer
The VaccinesGive Me A Sign2015Producer
The VaccinesHandsome2015Producer
The VaccinesMaybe I Could Hold You2015Producer
The VaccinesMinimal Affection2015Producer
The VaccinesMiracle2015Producer
The VaccinesRadio Bikini2015Producer
The VaccinesUndercover2015Producer
The VaccinesWant You So Bad2015Producer
ThursdayArc - Lamps, Signal Flares, A Shower Of White (The Light)2006Producer
ThursdayAt This Velocity2006Producer
ThursdayAutumn Leaves Revisited2006Producer
ThursdayCounting 5-4-3-2-12006Producer
ThursdayInto The Blinding Light2006Producer
ThursdayRunning From The Rain2006Producer
ThursdaySugar In The Sacrament2006Producer
ThursdayTelegraph Avenue Kiss2006Producer
ThursdayThe Lovesong Writer2006Producer
ThursdayThe Other Side Of The Crash / Over And Out (Of Control)2006Producer
ThursdayWe Will Overcome2006Producer
WheatAnd Someone With Strengths1999Producer
WheatBe Brave1999Producer
WheatBody Talk (Part 1)1999Producer
WheatBody Talk (Part 2)1999Producer
WheatDon't I Hold You1999Producer
WheatMore Than You'll Ever Know1999Producer
WheatNo One Ever Told Me1999Producer
WheatOff The Pedestal1999Producer
WheatRaised Ranch Revolution1999Producer
WheatRoll The Road1999Producer
WheatSan Diego1999Producer
WheatSlow Fade1999Producer
WheatThis Wheat1999Producer
WheatWho's The One1999Producer
Wolf GangBack To Back2011Producer
Wolf GangDancing With The Devil2011Producer
Wolf GangLions In Cages2010Producer
Wolf GangMidnight Dancers2011Producer
Wolf GangPlanets2011Producer
Wolf GangSomething Unusual2011Producer
Wolf GangStay And Defend2011Producer
Wolf GangSuego Faults2011Producer
Wolf GangThe King And All Of His Men2009Producer
Wolf GangWhere Are You Now2011Producer
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate (The Flaming Lips)65.5
When You're Small (MGMT)75.14
Lightning Strikes The Postman (The Flaming Lips)55
One Thing Left To Try (MGMT)55
Time To Pretend (MGMT)1044.88
Are You A Hypnotist?? (The Flaming Lips)74.86
James (MGMT)64.83
Goddess On A Hiway (Mercury Rev)174.82
The King And All Of His Men (Wolf Gang)174.82
Buggin' (The Flaming Lips)54.8
Don't I Hold You (Wheat)54.8
WTF? (OK Go)54.8
The Dark Is Rising (Mercury Rev)94.78
Lions In Cages (Wolf Gang)94.78
Do You Realize?? (The Flaming Lips)224.77
Weekend Wars (MGMT)364.72
Kids (MGMT)1814.71
Me And Michael (MGMT)104.7
Little Dark Age (MGMT)134.69
Kids (MGMT)1814.71
Electric Feel (MGMT)1264.54
Time To Pretend (MGMT)1044.88
Weekend Wars (MGMT)364.72
The Youth (MGMT)304.63
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters (MGMT)304.5
The Handshake (MGMT)304.07
4th Dimensional Transition (MGMT)274.52
Pieces Of What (MGMT)274.15
Future Reflections (MGMT)244.12
Do You Realize?? (The Flaming Lips)224.77
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (The Flaming Lips)184.06
Goddess On A Hiway (Mercury Rev)174.82
The King And All Of His Men (Wolf Gang)174.82
Alien Days (MGMT)174.35
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt. 1 (The Flaming Lips)164.5
Race For The Prize (The Flaming Lips)154.6
This Too Shall Pass (OK Go)144.43
Your Life Is A Lie (MGMT)143.57
Little Dark Age (MGMT)134.69

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