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Brandi CarlileI'll Still Be There2012Producer
Brandi CarlileKeep Your Heart Young2012Producer
Brandi CarlileRaise Hell2012Producer
Clare Bowen, Sam PalladioI Will Fall2013Producer
David NailBrand New Day2014Producer
David NailBroke My Heart2014Producer
David NailBurnin' Bed2014Producer
David NailCountin' Cars2014Producer
David NailEasy Love2014Producer
David NailI'm A Fire2014Producer
David NailKiss You Tonight2014Producer
David NailLet It Rain2011Producer
David NailThe Secret2014Producer
David NailThe Sound Of A Million Dreams2011Producer
David NailWhatever She's Got2014Producer
David Nail feat. Lee Ann WomackGalveston2014Producer
David Nail feat. Little Big TownWhen They're Gone (Lyle County)2014Producer
Eli Young Band10,000 Towns2014Producer
Eli Young BandA Lot Like Love2014Producer
Eli Young BandAngel Like You2014Producer
Eli Young BandDrunk Last Night2014Producer
Eli Young BandDust2014Producer
Eli Young BandJust Add Moonlight2014Producer
Eli Young BandLet's Do Something Tonight2014Producer
Eli Young BandPrayer For The Road2014Producer
Eli Young BandRevelations2014Producer
Eli Young BandWhat Does2014Producer
Eli Young BandYour Last Broken Heart2014Producer
Garrett HedlundChances Are2010Producer
Jack IngramEverybody2002Producer
Jack IngramFool2002Producer
Jack IngramGoodnight Moon2002Producer
Jack IngramI Won't Go With Her2002Producer
Jack IngramKeep On Keepin' On2002Producer
Jack IngramOne Lie Away2002Producer
Jack IngramOne Thing2002Producer
Jack IngramPete, Jesus And Me2002Producer
Jack IngramWe're All In This Together2002Producer
Jack IngramWhat Makes You Say2002Producer
Jack IngramYou Never Leave2002Producer
Jewel feat. Pistol AnniesYou Were Meant For Me2013Producer
Kellie PicklerBonnie And Clyde2013Producer
Kellie PicklerBuzzin'2013Producer
Kellie PicklerCloser To Nowhere2013Producer
Kellie PicklerI Forgive You2013Producer
Kellie PicklerLittle Bit Gypsy2013Producer
Kellie PicklerNo Cure For Crazy2013Producer
Kellie PicklerRing For Sale2013Producer
Kellie PicklerSelma Drye2013Producer
Kellie PicklerSomeone Somewhere Tonight2013Producer
Kellie PicklerThe Woman I Am2013Producer
Kellie PicklerTough All Over2013Producer
Kellie PicklerWhere Did Your Love Go2013Producer
Lee Ann WomackAll His Saints2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackAll The Trouble2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackBottom Of The Barrel2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackChances Are2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackDoes My Ring Burn Your Finger2000Producer
Lee Ann WomackDon't Listen To The Wind2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackEnd Of The End Of The World2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackHe Called Me Baby2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackHollywood2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackHonky Cat2018Producer
Lee Ann WomackI Know Why The River Runs2000Producer
Lee Ann WomackLiars Lie2010Producer
Lee Ann WomackLonely Too2000Producer
Lee Ann WomackLong Black Veil2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackMama Lost Her Smile2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackNightwind2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackNot Forgotten You2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackOut On The Weekend2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackPrelude: Fly2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackSame Kind Of Different2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackSend It On Down2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackShine On Rainy Day2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackSleeping With The Devil2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackSomeone Else's Heartache2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackSunday2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackTake The Devil Out Of Me2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackTalking Behind Your Back2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackThe Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone2017Producer
Lee Ann WomackThe Way I'm Livin'2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackTomorrow Night In Baltimore2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackWhen I Come Around2014Producer
Lee Ann WomackWicked2017Producer
Little Big TownRocket Man2018Producer
Miranda LambertAll Kinds Of Kinds2011Producer
Miranda LambertAnother Sunday In The South2014Producer
Miranda LambertAutomatic2014Producer
Miranda LambertBabies Makin' Babies2014Producer
Miranda LambertBaggage Claim2011Producer
Miranda LambertBathroom Sink2014Producer
Miranda LambertBetter In The Long Run2011Producer
Miranda LambertBring Me Down2005Producer
Miranda LambertCrazy Ex-Girlfriend2007Producer
Miranda LambertDear Diamond2011Producer
Miranda LambertDesperation2007Producer
Miranda LambertDown2007Producer
Miranda LambertDry Town2007Producer
Miranda LambertEasy From Now On2007Producer
Miranda LambertEasy Living2011Producer
Miranda LambertFamous In A Small Town2007Producer
Miranda LambertFastest Girl In Town2011Producer
Miranda LambertFine Tune2011Producer
Miranda LambertGetting Ready2007Producer
Miranda LambertGirls2014Producer
Miranda LambertGravity Is A B**ch2014Producer
Miranda LambertGreyhound Bound For Nowhere2005Producer
Miranda LambertGuilty In Here2007Producer
Miranda LambertGunpowder And Lead2007Producer
Miranda LambertHard Staying Sober2014Producer
Miranda LambertHolding On To You2014Producer
Miranda LambertI Can't Be Bothered2005Producer
Miranda LambertI Wanna Die2005Producer
Miranda LambertKerosene2005Producer
Miranda LambertLittle Red Wagon2014Producer
Miranda LambertLook At Miss Ohio2011Producer
Miranda LambertLove Is Looking At You2005Producer
Miranda LambertLove Letters2007Producer
Miranda LambertLove Your Memory2005Producer
Miranda LambertMama, I'm Alright2005Producer
Miranda LambertMama's Broken Heart2011Producer
Miranda LambertMe And Charlie Talking2005Producer
Miranda LambertMore Like Her2007Producer
Miranda LambertMy Father's Gun2018Producer
Miranda LambertNew Strings2005Producer
Miranda LambertNobody's Fool2011Producer
Miranda LambertOklahoma Sky2011Producer
Miranda LambertOld Sh!t2014Producer
Miranda LambertOver You2011Producer
Miranda LambertPlatinum2014Producer
Miranda LambertPriscilla2014Producer
Miranda LambertSafe2011Producer
Miranda LambertSame Old You2011Producer
Miranda LambertThe House That Built Me2009Producer
Miranda LambertThere's A Wall2005Producer
Miranda LambertTwo Rings Shy2014Producer
Miranda LambertWhat About Georgia?2005Producer
Miranda Lambert feat. Little Big TownSmokin' And Drinkin'2014Producer
Miranda Lambert feat. The Time JumpersAll That's Left2014Producer
Miranda Lambert with Carrie UnderwoodSomethin' Bad2014Producer
Pistol AnniesBad Example2011Producer
Pistol AnniesBeige2011Producer
Pistol AnniesBeing Pretty Ain't Pretty2013Producer
Pistol AnniesBlues, You're A Buzzkill2013Producer
Pistol AnniesBoys From The South2011Producer
Pistol AnniesDamn Thing2013Producer
Pistol AnniesDear Sobriety2013Producer
Pistol AnniesDon't Talk About Him, Tina2013Producer
Pistol AnniesFamily Feud2011Producer
Pistol AnniesGirls Like Us2013Producer
Pistol AnniesHell On Heels2011Producer
Pistol AnniesHousewife's Prayer2011Producer
Pistol AnniesHush Hush2013Producer
Pistol AnniesI Feel A Sin Comin' On2013Producer
Pistol AnniesI Hope You're The End Of My Story2013Producer
Pistol AnniesLemon Drop2011Producer
Pistol AnniesLoved By A Workin' Man2013Producer
Pistol AnniesTakin' Pills2011Producer
Pistol AnniesThe Hunter's Wife2011Producer
Pistol AnniesTrading One Heartbreak For Another2013Producer
Pistol AnniesTrailer For Rent2011Producer
Pistol AnniesUnhappily Married2013Producer
Rhonda Vincent & Dolly PartonPlease2018Producer
Willie NelsonBorder Song2018Producer
Love Your Memory (Miranda Lambert)64.83
Look At Miss Ohio (Miranda Lambert)64.83
Greyhound Bound For Nowhere (Miranda Lambert)54.8
More Like Her (Miranda Lambert)94.78
Smokin' And Drinkin' (Miranda Lambert feat. Little Big Town)114.64
Girls (Miranda Lambert)54.6
Another Sunday In The South (Miranda Lambert)54.6
The House That Built Me (Miranda Lambert)134.54
Hell On Heels (Pistol Annies)94.44
Famous In A Small Town (Miranda Lambert)124.42
The Sound Of A Million Dreams (David Nail)54.4
Priscilla (Miranda Lambert)54.4
Gunpowder And Lead (Miranda Lambert)124.33
New Strings (Miranda Lambert)94.22
Bring Me Down (Miranda Lambert)94.22
Kerosene (Miranda Lambert)104.2
Mama, I'm Alright (Miranda Lambert)54.2
All Kinds Of Kinds (Miranda Lambert)64.17
Automatic (Miranda Lambert)134.15
Over You (Miranda Lambert)164.12
Over You (Miranda Lambert)164.12
Mama's Broken Heart (Miranda Lambert)154
Somethin' Bad (Miranda Lambert with Carrie Underwood)143.71
The House That Built Me (Miranda Lambert)134.54
Automatic (Miranda Lambert)134.15
Famous In A Small Town (Miranda Lambert)124.42
Gunpowder And Lead (Miranda Lambert)124.33
Smokin' And Drinkin' (Miranda Lambert feat. Little Big Town)114.64
Kerosene (Miranda Lambert)104.2
Let It Rain (David Nail)103.9
Baggage Claim (Miranda Lambert)103.9
Fastest Girl In Town (Miranda Lambert)103.9
More Like Her (Miranda Lambert)94.78
Hell On Heels (Pistol Annies)94.44
New Strings (Miranda Lambert)94.22
Bring Me Down (Miranda Lambert)94.22
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Miranda Lambert)93.67
Little Red Wagon (Miranda Lambert)73.86
Love Your Memory (Miranda Lambert)64.83
Look At Miss Ohio (Miranda Lambert)64.83

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