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98°I Do (Cherish You)1999Music/Lyrics
Aaron NevilleFor The Good Times1995Producer
Aaron NevilleIn Your Eyes1995Producer
Aaron NevilleWhy Should I Fall In Love1995Producer
Al JarreauWe're In This Love Together1981Music/Lyrics
Alan Jackson(Who Says) You Can't Have It All1992Producer
Alan Jackson19762008Producer
Alan JacksonA Holly Jolly Christmas1993Producer
Alan JacksonA House With No Curtains1996Producer
Alan JacksonA Little Bluer Than That2002Producer
Alan JacksonA Love Like That2000Producer
Alan JacksonA Woman's Love1998Producer
Alan JacksonAce Of Hearts1989Producer
Alan JacksonAfter 172010Producer
Alan JacksonAin't Just A Southern Thing2016Producer
Alan JacksonAll American Country Boy1994Music/Lyrics
Alan JacksonAmarillo1998Producer
Alan JacksonAnother Good Reason1998Producer
Alan JacksonAppalachian Mountain Girl2013Producer
Alan JacksonAway In A Manger2002Producer
Alan JacksonBetween The Devil And Me1996Producer
Alan JacksonBig Green Eyes2010Producer
Alan JacksonBlue Blooded Woman1989Music/Lyrics
Alan JacksonBorn Too Late2016Producer
Alan JacksonBring On The Night2002Music/Lyrics
Alan JacksonBuicks To The Moon1996Producer
Alan JacksonBurnin' The Honky Tonks Down2004Producer
Alan JacksonChasin' That Neon Rainbow1989Producer
Alan JacksonChattahoochee1992Producer
Alan JacksonCountry Boy2008Producer
Alan JacksonDallas1991Music/Lyrics
Alan JacksonDancin' All Around It1998Producer
Alan JacksonDog River Blues1989Producer
Alan JacksonDon't Rock The Jukebox1991Music/Lyrics
Alan JacksonDrive (For Daddy Gene)2002Producer
Alan JacksonEvery Now And Then2010Producer
Alan JacksonEverything But Wings2012Producer
Alan JacksonEverything I Love1996Producer
Alan JacksonFarewell Party1999Producer
Alan JacksonFirst Love2002Producer
Alan JacksonFreight Train2010Producer
Alan JacksonFrom A Distance1991Producer
Alan JacksonGone Country1994Producer
Alan JacksonGone Crazy1998Producer
Alan JacksonGonna Come Back As A Country Song2012Producer
Alan JacksonGood Time2008Producer
Alan JacksonHard Hat And A Hammer2010Producer
Alan JacksonHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2002Producer
Alan JacksonHer Life's A Song2012Producer
Alan JacksonHere In The Real World1989Producer
Alan JacksonHole In The Wall1994Producer
Alan JacksonHome1989Producer
Alan JacksonHonky Tonk Christmas1993Producer
Alan JacksonHurtin' Comes Easy1998Producer
Alan JacksonI Could Get Used To This Lovin' Thing2010Producer
Alan JacksonI Don't Even Know Your Name1994Producer
Alan JacksonI Don't Need The Booze (To Get A Buzz On)1992Producer
Alan JacksonI Only Want You For Christmas1991Producer
Alan JacksonI Slipped And Fell In Love2002Producer
Alan JacksonI Still Like Bologna2008Producer
Alan JacksonI Still Love You2000Producer
Alan JacksonI Wish I Could Back Up2008Producer
Alan JacksonI'd Love You All Over Again1989Producer
Alan JacksonIf French Fries Were Fat Free2004Producer
Alan JacksonIf I Had You1994Producer
Alan JacksonIf It Ain't One Thing (It's You)1992Producer
Alan JacksonIf Jesus Walked The World Today2008Producer
Alan JacksonIf Love Was A River2004Producer
Alan JacksonIf Tears Could Talk2016Producer
Alan JacksonIf We Make It Through December1993Producer
Alan JacksonIf You Don't Wanna See Santa Claus Cry1993Music/Lyrics
Alan JacksonIf You Want To Make Me Happy2008Producer
Alan JacksonI'll Go On Loving You1998Producer
Alan JacksonI'll Try1995Producer
Alan JacksonIt Must Be Love1999Producer
Alan JacksonIt's Alright To Be A Redneck2000Producer
Alan JacksonIt's Just That Way2009Music/Lyrics
Alan JacksonIt's Time You Learned About Good-Bye1996Producer
Alan JacksonJingle Bells2002Producer
Alan JacksonJob Description1994Producer
Alan JacksonJust Playin' Possum1991Producer
Alan JacksonKiss An Angel Good Morning1999Producer
Alan JacksonLaid Back 'N Low Key2008Producer
Alan JacksonLet It Be Christmas2002Producer
Alan JacksonLet's Get Back To Me And You1994Producer
Alan JacksonLife Keeps Bringing Me Down2012Producer
Alan JacksonLife Or Love2000Producer
Alan JacksonListen To Your Senses2008Producer
Alan JacksonLittle Bitty1996Producer
Alan JacksonLittle Man1998Producer
Alan JacksonLivin' On Love1994Producer
Alan JacksonLong Hard Road2013Producer
Alan JacksonLong Long Way2008Producer
Alan JacksonLook At Me2010Producer
Alan JacksonLook Her In The Eyes And Lie2012Producer
Alan JacksonLove Is Hard2016Producer
Alan JacksonLove's Got A Hold On You1991Music/Lyrics
Alan JacksonMary2013Producer
Alan JacksonMaybe I Should Stay Here2000Producer
Alan JacksonMeat And Potato Man2000Producer
Alan JacksonMercury Blues1992Producer
Alan JacksonMerry Christmas To Me1993Producer
Alan JacksonMidnight In Montgomery1991Producer
Alan JacksonMonday Morning Church2004Producer
Alan JacksonMust've Had A Ball1996Producer
Alan JacksonMy Own Kind Of Hat1999Producer
Alan JacksonNothin' Fancy2012Producer
Alan JacksonNothing Left To Do2008Producer
Alan JacksonO Come, All Ye Faithful2002Producer
Alan JacksonOnce In A Lifetime Love2002Producer
Alan JacksonOnce You've Had The Best1999Producer
Alan JacksonPlease Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)1993Producer
Alan JacksonPop A Top1999Producer
Alan JacksonRainy Day In June2004Producer
Alan JacksonRemember When2003Producer
Alan JacksonRevenoor Man1999Producer
Alan JacksonRight In The Palm Of Your Hand1999Producer
Alan JacksonRight On The Money1998Producer
Alan JacksonRight Where I Want You2008Producer
Alan JacksonRing Of Fire2010Producer
Alan JacksonSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town2002Producer
Alan JacksonSeguro Que Hell Yes2016Producer
Alan JacksonShe Don't Get High2012Producer
Alan JacksonShe Don't Get The Blues1989Producer
Alan JacksonShe Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs1999Producer
Alan JacksonShe Likes It Too1992Producer
Alan JacksonShe's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues)1992Producer
Alan JacksonShort Sweet Ride1989Producer
Alan JacksonSilent Night2002Producer
Alan JacksonSilver Bells2002Producer
Alan JacksonSissy's Song2008Producer
Alan JacksonSmall Town Southern Man2008Producer
Alan JacksonSo You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore2012Producer
Alan JacksonSomeday1991Producer
Alan JacksonSong For The Life1994Producer
Alan JacksonStrong Enough2004Producer
Alan JacksonSummertime Blues1994Producer
Alan JacksonSure Got Cold After The Rain Fell2002Producer
Alan JacksonTaillights Blue2010Producer
Alan JacksonTalk Is Cheap2012Producer
Alan JacksonTall, Tall Trees1995Producer
Alan JacksonTequila Sunrise1993Producer
Alan JacksonThank God For The Radio1994Producer
Alan JacksonThat'd Be Alright2002Producer
Alan JacksonThat's All I Need To Know1991Producer
Alan JacksonThat's Where I Belong2010Producer
Alan JacksonThe Best Keeps Getting Better2010Producer
Alan JacksonThe Blues Man1999Producer
Alan JacksonThe Christmas Song2002Producer
Alan JacksonThe Sounds2002Producer
Alan JacksonThe Star-Spangled Banner2016Producer
Alan JacksonThe Talkin' Song Repair Blues2004Producer
Alan JacksonThe Thrill Is Back2000Producer
Alan JacksonThe Way I Am1999Producer
Alan JacksonThere Goes1996Producer
Alan JacksonThere Ya Go2004Producer
Alan JacksonThis Time2008Producer
Alan JacksonThree Minute Positive Not Too Country Uptempo Love Song2000Producer
Alan JacksonTo Do What I Do2004Producer
Alan JacksonTonight I Climbed The Wall1992Producer
Alan JacksonToo Much Of A Good Thing2004Producer
Alan JacksonTropical Depression1992Producer
Alan JacksonTrue Love Is A Golden Ring2010Producer
Alan JacksonUp To My Ears In Tears1992Producer
Alan JacksonUSA Today2004Producer
Alan JacksonWalk On The Rocks1996Producer
Alan JacksonWalkin' The Floor Over Me1991Producer
Alan JacksonWanted1989Producer
Alan JacksonWhat A Day Yesterday Was1998Producer
Alan JacksonWhen I Saw You Leaving (For Nisey)2012Producer
Alan JacksonWhen Love Comes Around2002Producer
Alan JacksonWhen Somebody Loves You2000Producer
Alan JacksonWhen The Love Factor's High2008Producer
Alan JacksonWhere I Come From2000Producer
Alan JacksonWhere Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)2001Producer
Alan JacksonWhite Christmas2002Producer
Alan JacksonWho I Am1994Producer
Alan JacksonWho's Cheatin' Who1996Producer
Alan JacksonWild And Blue2013Producer
Alan JacksonWings2016Producer
Alan JacksonWinter Wonderland2002Producer
Alan JacksonWork In Progress2002Producer
Alan JacksonWorking Class Hero1991Producer
Alan Jacksonwww.memory2000Producer
Alan JacksonYou Can't Give Up On Love1994Producer
Alan JacksonYou Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture2004Producer
Alan JacksonYou Go Your Way2012Producer
Alan JacksonYou've Been Lonesome, Too2011Producer
Alan Jackson & Alison KraussThe Angels Cried1993Producer
Alan Jackson & Jimmy BuffettIt's Five O'Clock Somewhere2003Producer
Alan Jackson & Keith WhitleyThere's A New Kid In Town1993Producer
Alan Jackson & Martina McBrideLouisiana Woman, Mississippi Man2010Producer
Alan Jackson & The ChipmunksSanta's Gonna Come Up In A Pickup Truck1993Producer
Alan Jackson with George StraitDesignated Drinker2002Producer
Alan Jackson with Jimmy BuffettMargaritaville1999Producer
Alan Jackson with Lee Ann WomackTill The End2010Producer
Alan Jackson with Martina McBrideNever Loved Before2008Producer
Alan Jackson with Zac BrownDixie Highway2012Producer
Bellamy Brothers with Alan JacksonYou Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie2005Producer
Billy Ray CyrusBluegrass State Of Mind1997Producer
Billy Ray CyrusBusy Man1998Producer
Billy Ray CyrusCover To Cover1997Producer
Billy Ray CyrusGive My Heart To You1998Producer
Billy Ray CyrusHis Shoes1998Music/Lyrics
Billy Ray CyrusHow's My World Treatin' You1998Producer
Billy Ray CyrusIt's All The Same To Me1997Producer
Billy Ray CyrusMissing You1998Producer
Billy Ray CyrusRock This Planet1998Producer
Billy Ray CyrusShot Full Of Love1998Producer
Billy Ray CyrusThe American Dream1998Music/Lyrics
Billy Ray CyrusTime For Letting Go1998Producer
Billy Ray CyrusTouchy Subject1998Producer
Billy Ray CyrusUnder The Hood1998Producer
Bürger Lars Dietr!chSexy Eis1996Music/Lyrics
Catherine BrittI'm Gone2006Music/Lyrics
Chris CagleDance Baby Dance2012Producer
Chris CagleGot My Country On2012Producer
Chris CagleI'll Grow My Own2012Producer
Chris CagleJust Enough2012Producer
Chris CagleLet There Be Cowgirls2012Producer
Chris CagleNow I Know What Mama Meant2012Producer
Chris CagleProbably Just Time2012Producer
Chris CagleSomething That Wild2012Producer
Chris CagleSouthern Girl2012Producer
Chris CagleThank God She Left The Whiskey2012Producer
Chris CagleWhen Will My Lover Come Around2012Producer
Cilla BlackWe're In This Love Together1985Music/Lyrics
Clay WalkerAll American2010Producer
Clay WalkerAverage Joe2007Producer
Clay WalkerDouble Shot Of John Wayne2010Producer
Clay WalkerFall2007Producer
Clay Walker'Fore She Was Mama2007Producer
Clay WalkerI'd Love To Be Your Last2007Producer
Clay WalkerIt Ain't Pretty (But It's Beautiful)2007Producer
Clay WalkerJesse James2010Producer
Clay WalkerKeep Me From Loving You2010Producer
Clay WalkerLike We Never Said Goodbye2010Producer
Clay WalkerMexico2007Producer
Clay WalkerMiami And Me2007Producer
Clay WalkerSeven Sundays2010Producer
Clay WalkerShe Likes It In The Morning2007Producer
Clay WalkerShe Won't Be Lonely Long2010Producer
Clay WalkerSummertime Song2010Producer
Clay WalkerWhere Do I Go From You2010Producer
Clay WalkerWorkin' Man2007Producer
Clay WalkerYou're My Witness2007Producer
Clay Walker & Freddy FenderBefore The Next Teardrop Falls2007Producer
CommodoresThe Woman In My Life1984Music/Lyrics
Craig CampbellAll Night To Get There2010Music/Lyrics
Craig CampbellChillaxin'2010Producer
Craig CampbellFamily Man2010Producer
Craig CampbellFish2010Producer
Craig CampbellI Bought It2010Producer
Craig CampbellKeep Them Kisses Comin'2013Producer
Craig CampbellLotta Good That Does Me Now2013Producer
Craig CampbellMakes You Wanna Sang2010Producer
Craig CampbellMy Baby's Daddy2013Producer
Craig CampbellMy Little Cowboy2010Producer
Craig CampbellNever Regret2013Producer
Craig CampbellOutta My Head2012Producer
Craig CampbellThat Going Away Look (About Her)2010Producer
Craig CampbellThat's Music To Me2010Producer
Craig CampbellThat's Why God Made A Front Porch2013Producer
Craig CampbellTomorrow Is Gone2013Producer
Craig CampbellTopless2013Producer
Craig CampbellTruck-N-Roll2013Producer
Craig CampbellWhen Ends Don't Meet2013Producer
Craig CampbellWhen I Get It2010Producer
Craig CampbellWhen She Grows Up2013Producer
Craig CampbellYou Can Come Over2013Producer
Craig CampbellYou Probably Ain't2010Music/Lyrics
Dean ConnWe're In This Love Together1980Music/Lyrics
Doug SupernawCountry Conscience1995Music/Lyrics
Dr. HookSexy Eyes1979Music/Lyrics
Eric HeatherlyDidn't Mean A Thing2000Producer
Eric HeatherlyFlowers On The Wall2000Producer
Eric HeatherlyFreedom Chain2000Producer
Eric HeatherlyI Just Break'em2000Producer
Eric HeatherlyLet Me2000Producer
Eric HeatherlyOne Night2000Producer
Eric HeatherlyShe's So Hot2000Producer
Eric HeatherlySomeone Else's Cadillac2000Producer
Eric HeatherlySwimming In Champagne2000Producer
Eric HeatherlyWhyDon'tCha2000Producer
Eric HeatherlyWrong Five O'Clock2000Producer
George StraitEvery Time It Rains (Lord Don't It Pour)1983Music/Lyrics
George StraitI Hate Everything2004Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellA Lady Like You1984Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellJesus On Your Mind1990Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellOn A Good Night1990Music/Lyrics
Jamie O'NealFrantic2000Producer
Jamie O'NealI'm Still Waiting2000Producer
Jamie O'NealNo More Protecting My Heart2000Producer
Jamie O'NealSanctuary2000Producer
Jamie O'NealShe Hasn't Heard It Yet2000Producer
Jamie O'NealShiver2000Producer
Jamie O'NealThe Only Thing Wrong2000Producer
Jamie O'NealThere Is No Arizona2000Producer
Jamie O'NealTo Be With You2000Producer
Jamie O'NealWhen I Think About Angels2000Producer
Jamie O'NealWhere We Belong2000Producer
Jamie O'NealYou Rescued Me2000Producer
Jamie O'Neal & Mark WillsI'm Not Gonna Do Anything Without You2000Producer
Janie FrickeHave I Got A Heart1983Music/Lyrics
Jerry ReedAll American Country Boy1983Music/Lyrics
Jerry ReedI'm In Love With Loving You1982Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisSimple1984Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisTouch By Touch1985Music/Lyrics
Juice NewtonTexas Heartache1981Music/Lyrics
Kathy MatteaCallin' My Name2000Producer
Kathy MatteaI Have Always Loved You2000Producer
Kathy MatteaThat's The Deal2000Producer
Kathy MatteaTrouble With Angels2000Producer
Kathy MatteaTrust Me2000Producer
Keith Stegall19691997Music/Lyrics
Keith StegallDaylight Lovin' Time1984Music/Lyrics
Keith StegallFifty-Fifty Music/Lyrics
Keith StegallWhatever Turns You On1984Music/Lyrics
Keith WhitleyBetween An Old Memory And Me1989Music/Lyrics
Kenny RogersLove Is What We Make It1985Music/Lyrics
Kenny Wayne Shepherd BandHard Lesson Learned2017Music/Lyrics
Kenny Wayne Shepherd BandHow Low Can You Go2017Music/Lyrics
Kenny Wayne Shepherd BandShe's $$$2017Music/Lyrics
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin BrothersDaylight Lovin' Time1984Music/Lyrics
Lorrie MorganI'll Take The Memories1989Music/Lyrics
Lorrie MorganIn A Perfect World1997Music/Lyrics
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawMaybe Not Tonight1999Music/Lyrics
McBride & The RideHurry Sundown1996Music/Lyrics
Meredith EdwardsA Beautiful Mess2001Producer
Meredith EdwardsA Rose Is A Rose2001Producer
Meredith EdwardsIn Any Given Moment2001Producer
Meredith EdwardsPlaces In Your Heart2001Producer
Meredith EdwardsReach2001Producer
Meredith EdwardsSlow Learner2001Producer
Paula & Co.Våra minnen1996Music/Lyrics
Randy TravisOn The Other Hand1985Producer
Randy TravisReasons I Cheat1985Producer
Reba McEntireBack Before The War1999Music/Lyrics
Reba McEntireHow Does It Feel To Be Free1981Music/Lyrics
Reba McEntireI'm Not Your Girl1999Producer
Reba McEntireShe Wasn't Good Enough For Him1999Producer
Ronnie MilsapA Day In The Life Of America2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapAccept My Love2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapEvery Fire2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapIf It's Gonna Rain2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapI'm Playing For You1993Music/Lyrics
Ronnie MilsapIt's All Coming Back To Me Now2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapLocal Girls2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapMy Life2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapSomewhere Dry2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapStranger Things Have Happened1988Music/Lyrics
Ronnie MilsapTime Keeps Slipping Away2006Producer
Ronnie MilsapWhy Can't I2006Producer
Ronnie Milsap feat. JypsiYou Don't Know My Love2006Producer
Sammy KershawAngie2000Producer
Sammy KershawArms Length Away1997Producer
Sammy KershawChevy Van1996Producer
Sammy KershawCotton Country Queen1997Producer
Sammy KershawFit To Be Tied Down1996Producer
Sammy KershawFor Years1996Producer
Sammy KershawHere She Comes1996Producer
Sammy KershawHonky Tonk America1997Producer
Sammy KershawHow Can I Say No1999Producer
Sammy KershawHow Much Does The World Weigh1999Producer
Sammy KershawI Saw You Today1996Producer
Sammy KershawI've Never Gone This Far Before1999Music/Lyrics
Sammy KershawLabor Of Love1997Producer
Sammy KershawLittle Bit More2000Producer
Sammy KershawLittle Bitty Crack In Her Heart1996Producer
Sammy KershawLittle Did I Know1997Producer
Sammy KershawLook What I Did To Us1999Music/Lyrics
Sammy KershawLouisiana Hot Sauce1999Music/Lyrics
Sammy KershawLove Me, Loving You1999Producer
Sammy KershawLove Of My Life1997Music/Lyrics
Sammy KershawMatches1997Producer
Sammy KershawMe And Maxine1999Producer
Sammy KershawMeant To Be1996Producer
Sammy KershawMemphis, Tennessee1996Producer
Sammy KershawMore Than I Can Say1999Producer
Sammy KershawOne Day Left To Live1997Producer
Sammy KershawOuch1999Producer
Sammy KershawPolitics, Religion And Her1996Producer
Sammy KershawRoamin' Love1997Producer
Sammy KershawSame Place1996Producer
Sammy KershawShootin' The Bull (In An Old Cowtown)1997Producer
Sammy KershawThank God You're Gone1997Producer
Sammy KershawThese Flowers1996Producer
Sammy KershawVidalia1996Producer
Sammy KershawWhen You Love Someone1999Music/Lyrics
Sammy KershawWithout Strings1999Producer
Siw IngerSexy Eyes1980Music/Lyrics
Stevie WoodsThe Woman In My Life1982Music/Lyrics
Terri ClarkA Little Gasoline2000Producer
Terri ClarkBetter Things To Do1995Producer
Terri ClarkCure For The Common Heartache1998Producer
Terri ClarkEmotional Girl1996Producer
Terri ClarkEverytime I Cry1998Producer
Terri ClarkGetting Even With The Blues1998Producer
Terri ClarkIf I Were You1995Producer
Terri ClarkI'm Alright1998Producer
Terri ClarkMe Not Loving You1998Producer
Terri ClarkNot Getting Over You1998Producer
Terri ClarkNow That I Found You1998Producer
Terri ClarkOne Of The Guys2004Producer
Terri ClarkPoor, Poor Pitiful Me1996Producer
Terri ClarkThat's How I Feel1998Producer
Terri ClarkThis Ole Heart1998Producer
Terri ClarkTill I Get There1998Producer
Terri ClarkUnsung Hero1998Producer
Terri ClarkWhen Boy Meets Girl1995Producer
Terri ClarkYou're Easy On The Eyes1998Producer
Thierry CondorTouch By Touch2016Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesSexy Eyes1981Music/Lyrics
Tracy ByrdBack In The Swing Of Things1993Producer
Tracy ByrdEdge Of A Memory1993Producer
Tracy ByrdHat Trick1993Producer
Tracy ByrdTalk To Me Texas1993Producer
Tracy ByrdThat's The Thing About A Memory1993Music/Lyrics
Tracy ByrdTiny Town2003Music/Lyrics
Tracy ByrdWhy1993Producer
Tracy ByrdWhy Don't That Telephone Ring1993Producer
Travis TrittBetween An Old Memory And Me1994Music/Lyrics
Try N BSexy Eyes1992Music/Lyrics
Uncle KrackerBlues Skies2012Producer
Uncle KrackerFour Letter Word2012Producer
Uncle KrackerHappy2012Producer
Uncle KrackerI'd Be There2012Producer
Uncle KrackerIn Between Disasters2012Producer
Uncle KrackerNobody's Sad On A Saturday Night2012Producer
Uncle KrackerNuthin' Changes2012Producer
Uncle KrackerWhen I Close My Eyes2012Producer
Uncle KrackerWho We Are2012Producer
Uncle KrackerYou Got That Thang2012Producer
Uncle Kracker feat. Sonia LeighIt Is What It Is2012Producer
Zac Brown BandChicken Fried2008Producer
Zac Brown BandColder Weather2010Producer
Zac Brown BandDifferent Kind Of Fine2008Producer
Zac Brown BandFree2008Producer
Zac Brown BandGoodbye In Her Eyes2012Producer
Zac Brown BandHighway 20 Ride2008Producer
Zac Brown BandIsland Song2012Producer
Zac Brown BandIt's Not OK2008Producer
Zac Brown BandJolene2008Producer
Zac Brown BandJump Right In2012Producer
Zac Brown BandKeep Me In Mind2010Producer
Zac Brown BandLance's Song2012Producer
Zac Brown BandLast But Not Least2012Producer
Zac Brown BandMary2008Producer
Zac Brown BandNatural Disaster2012Producer
Zac Brown BandNo Hurry2010Producer
Zac Brown BandSic 'Em On A Chicken2008Producer
Zac Brown BandSweet Annie2012Producer
Zac Brown BandThe Wind2012Producer
Zac Brown BandToes2008Producer
Zac Brown BandUncaged2012Producer
Zac Brown BandViolin Intro To Free2008Producer
Zac Brown BandWhatever It Is2008Producer
Zac Brown BandWhere The Boat Leaves From2008Producer
Zac Brown Band feat. Alan JacksonAs She's Walking Away2010Producer
Zac Brown Band feat. Amos LeeDay That I Die2012Producer
Zac Brown Band feat. Jimmy BuffettKnee Deep2010Producer
Zac Brown Band feat. Trombone ShortyOvernight2012Producer
Now That I Found You (Terri Clark)55
If I Were You (Terri Clark)64.83
A Little Gasoline (Terri Clark)64.83
There Is No Arizona (Jamie O'Neal)64.83
Chattahoochee (Alan Jackson)334.76
You're Easy On The Eyes (Terri Clark)74.71
Poor, Poor Pitiful Me (Terri Clark)74.71
Pop A Top (Alan Jackson)104.7
Midnight In Montgomery (Alan Jackson)134.69
Little Bitty (Alan Jackson)164.69
Dallas (Alan Jackson)94.67
I'll Go On Loving You (Alan Jackson)84.62
Tall, Tall Trees (Alan Jackson)104.6
Chasin' That Neon Rainbow (Alan Jackson)144.57
Colder Weather (Zac Brown Band)134.54
It's All The Same To Me (Billy Ray Cyrus)104.5
She Won't Be Lonely Long (Clay Walker)64.5
Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) (Alan Jackson)164.44
Emotional Girl (Terri Clark)74.43
Mercury Blues (Alan Jackson)174.41
Sexy Eyes (Dr. Hook)1284.21
Sexy Eis (Bürger Lars Dietr!ch)1013.19
Chattahoochee (Alan Jackson)334.76
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett)214.14
I Do (Cherish You) (98°)212.9
Don't Rock The Jukebox (Alan Jackson)194.21
We're In This Love Together (Al Jarreau)193.74
Chicken Fried (Zac Brown Band)193.68
Remember When (Alan Jackson)184.28
Mercury Blues (Alan Jackson)174.41
Here In The Real World (Alan Jackson)173.94
Little Bitty (Alan Jackson)164.69
Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) (Alan Jackson)164.44
Livin' On Love (Alan Jackson)164.38
Summertime Blues (Alan Jackson)164
Good Time (Alan Jackson)163.94
Country Boy (Alan Jackson)163.94
Toes (Zac Brown Band)154.27
Chasin' That Neon Rainbow (Alan Jackson)144.57
Gone Country (Alan Jackson)144.36

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