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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Michael Stoller
Is part of: Elmo Glick
070 ShakeGuilty Conscience2020Music/Lyrics
38 SpecialSanta Claus Is Back In Town2001Music/Lyrics
3-D [1990s]Stand By Me1991Music/Lyrics
4 The CauseStand By Me1998Music/Lyrics
Aaron NevilleRuby Baby2013Music/Lyrics
(Michael Stoller)
Aaron NevilleStand By Me2006Music/Lyrics
Achim ReichelTrabb'l1984Music/Lyrics
Achim ReichelTrag es wie ein Mann1966Music/Lyrics
Adam und die Micky'sButzbach-Rock1978Music/Lyrics
Adriano CelentanoJailhouse Rock1958Music/Lyrics
Adriano CelentanoPregherò1962Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Adriano CelentanoRezaré1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Adya & FadimMijn vader2017Music/Lyrics
Agatha FulbertSpanish Harlem1972Music/Lyrics
Alan PriceSpanish Harlem1976Music/Lyrics
Albert KingHound Dog1969Music/Lyrics
Albert KingJailhouse Rock1969Music/Lyrics
Albert KingKansas City1967Music/Lyrics
Albie Donnelly's SuperchargeFramed1991Music/Lyrics
Alex HarveyFramed1964Music/Lyrics
Alex PezzeiRote Lippen2011Music/Lyrics
Allman And WomanLove Me1977Music/Lyrics
Alma CoganLucky Lips1957Music/Lyrics
Alvin StardustJailhouse Rock1986Music/Lyrics
Amanda LearIs That All There Is2006Music/Lyrics
Amanda LearLa bagarre1975Music/Lyrics
Amanda LearTrouble1976Music/Lyrics
Amber DhertI'm A Woman2017Music/Lyrics
Amos Milburn And His Aladdin ChickenshackersFlying Home1952Music/Lyrics
André HazesOp de hoek van de straat1989Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
André HazesToe laat me2005Music/Lyrics
Andrea Horn & Wyn HoopSpanish Harlem1972Music/Lyrics
Andreas Gabalier feat. The BaseballsJailhouse Rock2014Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsSpanish Harlem1970Music/Lyrics
Anita HarrisLoving You1969Music/Lyrics
Anne-Lie RydéBossa nova baby1992Music/Lyrics
Annie CordySi c'est ça la vie2012Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinSpanish Harlem1971Music/Lyrics
Austin ButlerHound Dog2022Music/Lyrics
Austin ButlerTrouble2022Music/Lyrics
B.B. King & Ruth BrownYou're The Boss1993Music/Lyrics
Babs TinoMy Heart Just Can't Say Goodbye1962Producer
Bad CompanyYoung Blood1976Music/Lyrics
Bad MannersYakety Yak1982Music/Lyrics
Bandit [BE]Stand By Me2019Music/Lyrics
Barbara LewisStand By Me1964Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Barbra StreisandHoney, Can I Put On Your Clothes1978Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowNew York City Rhythm / On Broadway2017Music/Lyrics
Barry MannOn Broadway1971Music/Lyrics
Beatrice EgliIch liebe die Musik2018Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingAmor1960Producer
Ben E. KingAt Last1962Producer
Ben E. KingBecause Of You1962Producer
Ben E. KingBésame mucho1961Producer
Ben E. KingBrace Yourself1962Producer
Ben E. KingCome Closer To Me1961Producer
Ben E. KingDream Lover1962Producer
Ben E. KingEcstasy1962Producer
Ben E. KingFever1962Producer
Ben E. KingFirst Taste Of Love1960Producer
Ben E. KingFrenesi1961Producer
Ben E. KingGloria Gloria1963Producer
Ben E. KingGranada1961Producer
Ben E. KingGypsy1963Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingHe Will Break Your Heart1962Producer
Ben E. KingHere Comes The Night1962Producer
Ben E. KingI (Who Have Nothing)1960Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingI Could Have Danced All Night1963Producer
Ben E. KingI'm Standing By1962Producer
Ben E. KingIt's All In The Game1962Producer
Ben E. KingLove Me, Love Me1961Producer
Ben E. KingMoon River1962Producer
Ben E. KingMy Foolish Heart1962Producer
Ben E. KingMy Heart Cries For You1962Producer
Ben E. KingOn The Horizon1961Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingOn The Street Where You Live1962Producer
Ben E. KingPerfodia1961Producer
Ben E. KingQuisás, quisás, quisás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)1961Producer
Ben E. KingShow Me The Way1962Producer
Ben E. KingSouvenir Of Mexico1961Producer
Ben E. KingSpanish Harlem1960Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingStand By Me1961Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Ben E. KingSway1961Producer
Ben E. KingSweet And Gentle1961Producer
Ben E. KingToo Bad1962Producer
Ben E. KingWhat A Difference A Day Made1962Producer
Ben E. KingWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow1962Producer
Ben E. KingYes1962Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingYoung Boy Blues1960Producer
Benny NeymanMestreechs is neet breid2004Music/Lyrics
Bert KaempfertCha! Bull!1959Music/Lyrics
Bessie BanksGo Now1963Producer
Bessie BanksIt Sounds Like My Baby1963Producer
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaSaved2018Music/Lyrics
BetontodRote Lippen soll man küssen2019Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerI'm A Woman2005Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerIs That All There Is?2005Music/Lyrics
Betty EverettHound Dog1963Music/Lyrics
Biddu OrchestraJailhouse Rock1978Music/Lyrics
Big Mama ThorntonHound Dog1952Music/Lyrics
(Michael Stoller)
Big Mama ThorntonI Smell A Rat1954Music/Lyrics
(Michael Stoller)
Big Mama ThorntonNightmare1953Music/Lyrics
Bill EvansOn Broadway1963Music/Lyrics
Bill HaleyFramed1970Music/Lyrics
Bill Haley And His CometsKansas City1960Music/Lyrics
Bill RamseyBossa Nova Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Ramsey, Paul KuhnKansas City1966Music/Lyrics
Billy "Crash" CraddockJailhouse Rock1978Music/Lyrics
Billy 'Crash' CraddockRuby Baby1974Music/Lyrics
Billy FuryKansas City1963Music/Lyrics
Billy FurySaved1965Music/Lyrics
Billy IdolSanta Claus Is Back In Town2006Music/Lyrics
Billy J. Kramer With The DakotasYes1963Music/Lyrics
Billy Joe RoyalOn Broadway1968Music/Lyrics
Billy Joe RoyalStand By Me1968Music/Lyrics
Billy MizeStand By Me1970Music/Lyrics
Billy SandersJackety Jack1958Music/Lyrics
Billy StarrHound Dog1953Music/Lyrics
Billy SwanJailhouse Rock / King Creole2000Music/Lyrics
Billy Thorpe & The AztecsI'm A Hog For You Baby1965Music/Lyrics
Billy Thorpe & The AztecsPoison Ivy1964Music/Lyrics
Billy Thorpe & The AztecsRuby Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Billy Thorpe & The AztecsStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
BlackJack [SE]Lucky Lips2004Music/Lyrics
BlackJack [SE]Stand By Me1996Music/Lyrics
Blodwyn PigHound Dog1996Music/Lyrics
BloodstoneMoulded Oldies: Hound Dog/Searchin'/So Fine1973Music/Lyrics
BloodstoneYakety Yak1975Music/Lyrics
Blue MinkI (Who Have Nothing)1971Music/Lyrics
Bo Katzman & The Katz KidsRote Lippen1990Music/Lyrics
Bo Katzman & The Soul CatsLucky Lips1990Music/Lyrics
Bo Katzman ChorStand By Me1996Music/Lyrics
Bob LondonLola1955Music/Lyrics
Bob LondonReckless1955Music/Lyrics
Bobby And The TempsMary Lou1963Producer
Bobby And The TempsThe Shuffle1963Producer
Bobby DarinOn Broadway1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinRuby Baby1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeBreaking Up Is Hard To Do / Please Help Me I'm Falling / Nadine / Ruby Baby / Needles And Pins1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeCan't Get Used To Losing You / Spanish Harlem / Hey Girl / Blue On Blue / Everybody's Somebody's Fool1964Music/Lyrics
Bock RockTrabbl1977Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeKansas City1961Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeKansas City [deutsch]1964Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeSaved1976Music/Lyrics
Brenna WhitakerI Can't Hear A Word You Say2015Music/Lyrics
Brian Poole And The TremeloesYakety Yak1964Music/Lyrics
Brigitte FontaineL'homme à la moto2003Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonDo Your Own Thing1968Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonI Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself1968Producer
Brownsville StationJailhouse Rock1969Music/Lyrics
Bruce WillisYoung Blood1986Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsHound Dog1994Music/Lyrics
Bryan FerryBaby I Don't Care1973Music/Lyrics
Buddy HollyYou're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)1958Music/Lyrics
Buddy Lucas / Jimmy Carroll And OrchestraHound Dog Music/Lyrics
Buddy Rich Big BandOn Broadway1975Music/Lyrics
Burton CummingsFramed1977Music/Lyrics
CalimerosRote Lippen soll man küssen2014Music/Lyrics
Canned HeatFramed1972Music/Lyrics
Canned HeatI'm A Hog For You, Baby1973Music/Lyrics
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneR&R-Medley2013Music/Lyrics
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneRote Lippen soll man küssen2006Music/Lyrics
Carl MannKansas City1959Music/Lyrics
Carl PerkinsHound Dog Music/Lyrics
Carl PerkinsJailhouse Rock1984Music/Lyrics
Carl WayneOn Broadway1972Music/Lyrics
Carla ThomasDance With Me1961Music/Lyrics
Carla ThomasFools Fall In Love1961Music/Lyrics
Carmen McRaeFlying1967Music/Lyrics
Carola [FI]Sen pituinen se1970Music/Lyrics
Casey Jones & The GovernorsLove Potion No. 91965Music/Lyrics
Casey MacGill & The Spirits Of RhythmWhadaya Want?1999Music/Lyrics
CashmereLove Potion № 91980Music/Lyrics
Cassius ClayStand By Me1963Music/Lyrics
Cee Lo Green(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care2011Music/Lyrics
Chaka Khan feat. The London Symphony OrchestraIs That All There Is2011Music/Lyrics
Charles BrownHard Times1952Music/Lyrics
Cheech & ChongFramed1976Music/Lyrics
Cheech & ChongSearchin'1978Music/Lyrics
Chet AveryRuby Baby1963Music/Lyrics
ChildrenJailhouse Rock1974Music/Lyrics
Chimène BadiL'homme à la moto2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPicture Me Rollin'2015Music/Lyrics
Chris ConnorKansas City1961Music/Lyrics
Chris FarloweHound Dog1964Music/Lyrics
Chris HillYakety Yak1976Music/Lyrics
Chris IsaakLove Me2011Music/Lyrics
Chris IsaakShe's Not You2011Music/Lyrics
Chris SpeddingBlack Denim Trousers And Motocycle Boots1993Music/Lyrics
Christine KittrellI'm A Woman1962Music/Lyrics
Chubby CheckerKansas City1964Music/Lyrics
Chubby Checker & Dee Dee SharpLoving You1962Music/Lyrics
Chuck JacksonI Keep Forgettin'1962Music/Lyrics
Chuck JacksonWho's Gonna Pick Up The Pieces1962Producer
Cleve Jackson And His Hound DogsHound Dog1953Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardBaby I Don't Care1959Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardDas ist die Frage aller Fragen1964Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardKing Creole1958Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardRote Lippen soll man küssen1963Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsLucky Lips1963Music/Lyrics
Clodagh RodgersI (Who Have Nothing)1971Music/Lyrics
CloverKeep On Rolling1977Music/Lyrics
Clyde McPhatterKansas City1961Music/Lyrics
Clyde McPhatterOn Broadway1964Music/Lyrics
Clyde McPhatterYou'll Be There1957Music/Lyrics
Cocktail BandAffegnagi1990Music/Lyrics
Cocktail BandMorgerock1996Music/Lyrics
Commander Cody And His Lost Planet AirmenRiot In Cell Block #91974Music/Lyrics
Commander Cody And His Lost Planet AirmenThe Shadow Knows1975Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisSnap Dragon1993Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyJailhouse Rock1960Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyTreat Me Nice1960Music/Lyrics
Count Basie & His OrchestraKansas City1966Music/Lyrics
DalidaAquella rosa1961Music/Lyrics
DalidaTu croiras1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Damita JoI'll Be There1961Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Dan DanielsIs That All There Is1968Music/Lyrics
Dana WinnerBlijf bij mij2017Music/Lyrics
Daniel DanieliJailhouse Rock1978Music/Lyrics
Danny And The ZeltonesKansas City1961Music/Lyrics
Danny AvilaBeautiful Girls2020Music/Lyrics
Danny Davis [UK]Love Me1960Music/Lyrics
Danny MirrorHound Dog1978Music/Lyrics
Danny MirrorJailhouse Rock1978Music/Lyrics
Danny MirrorMedley 101981Music/Lyrics
Danny MirrorMedley 71981Music/Lyrics
Danny MirrorMedley 91981Music/Lyrics
Dany BrillantMedley "Rock And Swing"2018Music/Lyrics
DartsDestination Love1983Music/Lyrics
DartsI'm Mad / Fancy Man / Framed/Riot In Cell Block No. 9 /Trouble1978Music/Lyrics
DartsMedley: I'm Mad/Fancy Man/ Framed/ Riot In Cell Block No.9/Trouble1977Music/Lyrics
DartsOne Bad Stud1983Music/Lyrics
DartsRuby Baby1983Music/Lyrics
DartsYoung Blood1977Music/Lyrics
Dave "Baby" CortezSearchin'1965Music/Lyrics
Dave Edmunds & The Stray CatsSome Other Guy1974Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
David & Jimmy RuffinStand By Me1970Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
David BarrettoOn Broadway1974Music/Lyrics
David BowieI Keep Forgettin'1984Music/Lyrics
David CassidyRock Medley1974Music/Lyrics
David CiveraRogaré2011Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffStand By Me1987Music/Lyrics
Davide EspositoA chi dirò2015Music/Lyrics
De StrangersIs da d'en "Al"?1972Music/Lyrics
Dee Dee BridgewaterHound Dog2017Music/Lyrics
Dee Dee WarwickDon't Call Me Any More1963Producer
Dee Dee WarwickYou're No Good1963Producer
Del ShannonRuby Baby1962Music/Lyrics
Delta GoodremSanta Claus Is Back In Town2012Music/Lyrics
Demis RoussosStand By Me1984Music/Lyrics
Denny Seyton's Show-GroupAlong Came Jones1965Music/Lyrics
Detlef EngelRote Rosen1963Music/Lyrics
Diana RossThere Goes My Baby1987Music/Lyrics
Dick Brave & The BackbeatsSmokey Joe's Cafe2003Music/Lyrics
Die 3 LauserWahlkampf nach Noten1975Music/Lyrics
Die KettelsPoison Ivy1965Music/Lyrics
Die Lollipops [1980s]Alles O.K.?1981Music/Lyrics
Die SchlümpfeBleibt bei mir!1998Music/Lyrics
Dillard / Hartford / DillardYakety Yak1980Music/Lyrics
Dino & SembelloDancin' Jones1975Music/Lyrics
Dino & SembelloJump The Canyon1975Music/Lyrics
Dino & SembelloPearl's A Singer1975Music/Lyrics
Dino & SembelloThe Best Thing1975Music/Lyrics
DionKansas City1961Music/Lyrics
DionRuby Baby1962Music/Lyrics
Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes feat. Sir Monti Rock IIIOn Broadway1977Music/Lyrics
DJ SchwedeYakety Yak2002Music/Lyrics
Doja CatVegas2022Music/Lyrics
Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & HartAlong Came Jones1976Music/Lyrics
Dominique Blanc-Francard / Salvatore AdamoStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
Don McLeanDon't1986Music/Lyrics
Don ShirleyStand By Me1962Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Donald FagenRuby Baby1982Music/Lyrics
Donald WolfMatrosen sind keine Engel1964Music/Lyrics
Donna FargoLoving You1977Music/Lyrics
Dorothy SquiresThat All There Is1977Music/Lyrics
Dorsey BurnetteWhere's The Girl?1963Music/Lyrics
Downliners SectLittle Egypt1964Music/Lyrics
Dr John Cooper Clarke & Hugh CornwellLove Potion No. 92016Music/Lyrics
Dr John Cooper Clarke & Hugh CornwellShe's A Woman2016Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodI'm A Hog For You Baby2013Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodRiot In Cell Block No. Nine [Live]1979Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodRiot In Cell Block No.91975Music/Lyrics
DrafiIch wär' gern bei dir1972Music/Lyrics
Drafi Deutscher And His MagicsMedley [What's A Matter, Baby / Mit 17 fängt das Leben erst an / Komm zu mir / Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Daa]1964Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Dragonfly [US]Hound Dog1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Johnny B. Goode1974Music/Lyrics
DreamsJailhouse Rock1984Music/Lyrics
Duane Eddy And The RebelsLoving You1959Music/Lyrics
Duo DeluxeRote Lippen soll man küssen2021Music/Lyrics
Dwight YoakamSanta Claus Is Back In Town1987Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
Eddie HazelwoodHound Dog1953Music/Lyrics
Eddy MarsDe roos van Casablanca1988Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellC'est Charlie Brown1977Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellKansas City1963Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellSentimentale1963Music/Lyrics
Eden KaneI (Who Have Nothing)1964Music/Lyrics
Eden KaneOn Broadway1964Music/Lyrics
Edgar WinterSearching1963Music/Lyrics
Edith PiafL'homme à la moto1955Music/Lyrics
Edoardo BennatoLove Me2003Music/Lyrics
El Alfa & Prince RoyceLe doy 20 mil2023Music/Lyrics
(Michael Stoller)
El CocoYakety Yak1975Music/Lyrics
Eli WhitneyJailhouse Rock1957Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksDo Right Woman, Do Right Man1977Producer
Elkie BrooksDream Dealer1979Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksFalling Star1979Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksHe Could Have Been An Army1979Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksHoney, Can I Put On Your Clothes1977Producer
Elkie BrooksIf You Can Beat Me Rockin'1979Producer
Elkie BrooksLove Potion No. 91977Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksMojo Hannah1977Producer
Elkie BrooksNight Bird1977Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksNot Enough Lovin' Left1979Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksOn The Horizon1979Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksPearl's A Singer1977Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksSaved1977Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksSpiritland1977Producer
Elkie BrooksSunshine After The Rain1977Producer
Elkie BrooksThe Heartache Is On1979Producer
Elkie BrooksThe Rising Cost Of Love1979Producer
Elkie BrooksViva La Money1979Producer
Elkie BrooksWho's Making Love1979Producer
Elkie BrooksYou Did Something For Me1977Music/Lyrics
Ella Mae MorseDown In Mexico1956Music/Lyrics
Elsy MNiets te geven2019Music/Lyrics
Elvis Presley(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyBossa Nova Baby1963Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyDirty Dirty Feeling1960Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyDon't1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyFools Fall In Love1966Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyGirls! Girls! Girls!1962Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyHot Dog1956Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyHound Dog!1956Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyI Want To Be Free1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyIf You Don't Come Back1973Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyJust Tell Her Jim Said Hello1961Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyKing Creole1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyLittle Egypt1964Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyLove Me1956Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyLoving You1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleySanta Claus Is Back In Town1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyShe's Not You1961Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleySteadfast, Loyal And True1958Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyThe Elvis Medley1982Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyThree Corn Patches1973Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyTreat Me Nice1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyTrouble1958Music/Lyrics
Elvis Presley with Ann-MargretYou're The Boss1963Music/Lyrics
Elvis Presley with Wynonna JuddSanta Claus Is Back In Town2008Music/Lyrics
Elvis The PelvisJailhouse Rock1977Music/Lyrics
Eminem feat. Ceelo GreenThe King And I2022Music/Lyrics
EngelbertLove Me2001Music/Lyrics
EngelbertOn Broadway2019Music/Lyrics
EngelbertStand By Me2005Music/Lyrics
Engelbert HumperdinckDance With Me1967Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Eric Burdon & The AnimalsJailhouse Rock1995Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonHound Dog1989Music/Lyrics
Eric Sardinas And Big MotorTrouble2014Music/Lyrics
Erik SilvesterRote Lippen soll man küssen1976Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesHound Dog2000Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesTears Of Joy1956Music/Lyrics
FabianKansas City1961Music/Lyrics
Fancy [1970s]I'm A Woman1974Music/Lyrics
FannyL'homme à la moto1991Music/Lyrics
Fats DominoKansas City1964Music/Lyrics
Fats DominoLove Me1954Music/Lyrics
Felice [BE]Stand By Me1998Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Florent PagnyL'homme à la moto2003Music/Lyrics
Florian AstSchöni Meitschi2003Music/Lyrics
Fran CooperI'll Be There1961Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Francesco NapoliBalla... Balla!1987Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
François LubianaVienne la nuit1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Françoise HardyLoving You1968Music/Lyrics
Frank AlamoÀ Broadway1963Music/Lyrics
Frank Deaton & The Mad LadsFramed1960Music/Lyrics
Frank FarianRuby Baby1971Music/Lyrics
Frank IfieldLove Me1968Music/Lyrics
Frank Rothe & The Young OnesLucky Lips1976Music/Lyrics
Frank ValentinoStand By Me1992Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Frankie AvalonYakety Yak1977Music/Lyrics
Frankie Farian & die SchattenYakety Yak1965Music/Lyrics
Frankie LymonJailhouse Rock1960Music/Lyrics
Franklin DeatonI Was Framed1962Music/Lyrics
Freda PayneOn Broadway1965Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersI'm A Hog For You1963Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersKansas City1963Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersSome Other Guy1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Freddy CannonKansas City1960Music/Lyrics
Freddy WellerStand By Me1982Music/Lyrics
Fredrika StahlMonumental Mismatch2008Music/Lyrics
Fricktaler MusikantenRote Lippen soll man küssen / Losed si, Frau Küenzi / Der Graf von Luxemburg / Memories Of Heidelberg / Bring mir Glück, Schornsteinfeger2005Music/Lyrics
Gale StormLucky Lips1957Music/Lyrics
Garry HaggerSpanish Harlem2000Music/Lyrics
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysLove Potion Number Nine1965Music/Lyrics
Gary NumanOn Broadway1979Music/Lyrics
Gary Walker & The RainIf You Don't Come Back1968Music/Lyrics
Geeno SmithStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
Geff HarrisonKeep Forgetting1976Music/Lyrics
Geier SturzflugSaufkopp1984Music/Lyrics
Gene ChandlerStand By Me1969Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Gene Krupa & Buddy RichBernie's Tune1956Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyKeep Tellin' Yourself1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Gene PitneyTake It Like A Man1962Music/Lyrics
George BensonOn Broadway1978Music/Lyrics
George Jones & Johnny PaycheckAlong Came Jones1979Music/Lyrics
Georgia GibbsBlueberries1955Music/Lyrics
Georgia GibbsLove Me1954Music/Lyrics
Gerd BöttcherDu schaust mich an1962Music/Lyrics
Gerri GrangerJust Tell Him Jane Said Hello1963Music/Lyrics
Gerry Mulligan & Chet BakerBernie's Tune1952Music/Lyrics
Giant SandIs That All There Is?1988Music/Lyrics
Gilbert BécaudWhat To Do With Laurie1964Music/Lyrics
Giovanni ZarrellaPregherò2022Music/Lyrics
Gladys KnightI (Who Have Nothing)1979Music/Lyrics
Glass BottleBoys In The Band1970Music/Lyrics
Golden Gate QuartetKansas City1964Music/Lyrics
Graham BonneyKing Creole1977Music/Lyrics
Graham Parker & The RumourKansas City1976Music/Lyrics
GrowlHound Dog1974Music/Lyrics
Günter GeisslerRote Lippen soll man küssen1963Music/Lyrics
(Michael Stoller)
Günther NeefsStand By Me1996Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Gus BackusRote Lippen soll man küssen1963Music/Lyrics
Hank SnowThe Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe1963Music/Lyrics
Hans BlumCharly Brown1959Music/Lyrics
Hans BlumUnd dann kam Jimmy Jones1959Music/Lyrics
Hardin & YorkRock And Roll Medley: Jailhouse Rock / Mean Woman Blues / Rip It Up1970Music/Lyrics
HarpoLilla Egypt1978Music/Lyrics
Havana Maestros feat. Ben E. KingStand By Me2017Music/Lyrics
Hazy Osterwald-SextettLucky Lips1964Music/Lyrics
Helge SchneiderJailhouse Rock2007Music/Lyrics
Henri SalvadorZorro est arrivé1964Music/Lyrics
Henry ValentinoCharly Brown1974Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassSpanish Harlem1963Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert's Tijuana BrassLove Potion No. 91965Music/Lyrics
Herman's HermitsKansas City1964Music/Lyrics
Hildegard KnefWenn das alles ist1972Music/Lyrics
HilltoppersI Must Be Dreaming1955Music/Lyrics
Homer & JethroHoun' Dawg1956Music/Lyrics
Honey TwinsCharly Brown1959Music/Lyrics
Horst Winter und die Telestars / Kurt Henkels und das Rundfunk-Tanzorchester LeipzigLola Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleStand By Me1967Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Howard CarpendaleTwiggy2005Music/Lyrics
HurtsI Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)2016Music/Lyrics
I QuattroTrouble2012Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerStand By Me1973Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Illo SchiederDolly Dick1957Music/Lyrics
Illo SchiederHalt ihn1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Inga RumpfLove Potion Number 91979Music/Lyrics
Ingrid Elisabeth JohansenPearl kan synge1979Music/Lyrics
Isabella BondJailhouse Rock1964Music/Lyrics
Ivo LinnaKikilips2001Music/Lyrics
J.F. Murphy & SaltKansas City1972Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesGift Of Love1962Producer
Jack JonesPick Up The Pieces1962Producer
Jack JonesPoetry1962Producer
Jack JonesYou Laugh1958Music/Lyrics
Jack ParnellKansas City1959Music/Lyrics
Jack Turner And His Granger County GangHound Dog1953Music/Lyrics
Jack WildHello (Jack)1971Music/Lyrics
Jackie LomaxThumbin' A Ride1969Music/Lyrics
Jackie OpelI Who Have Nothing1964Music/Lyrics
Jackie ShannonTrouble1959Music/Lyrics
Jam TronikStand By Me1992Music/Lyrics
James BookerHound Dog1982Music/Lyrics
James Brown And The Famous FlamesKansas City1967Music/Lyrics
James LastAmerica / If I Had A Hammer / Lucky Lips1965Music/Lyrics
James LastIs That All There Is2012Music/Lyrics
James TaylorHound Dog2008Music/Lyrics
James TaylorOn Broadway2008Music/Lyrics
Jan & DeanKansas City1963Music/Lyrics
Jann ArdenStand By Me2000Music/Lyrics
Janosch RosenbergCharly Brown1972Music/Lyrics
Jason WeaverKansas City1992Music/Lyrics
Jasper SteverlinckStand By Me2020Music/Lyrics
Jay & The AmericansCome Dance With Me1963Producer
Jay & The AmericansFriday1964Producer
Jay & The AmericansKansas City1962Music/Lyrics
Jay & The AmericansLook In My Eyes Maria1963Producer
Jay & The AmericansMy Clair DeLune1963Music/Lyrics
Jay & The AmericansOnly In America1963Music/Lyrics
Jay & The AmericansStand By Me1962Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Jay & The AmericansTo Wait For Love1964Producer
Jeff Beck & Paul RodgersOn Broadway1994Music/Lyrics
Jeff Beck and Jed LeiberHound Dog1992Music/Lyrics
Jeff Beck Group With Rod StewartJailhouse Rock1969Music/Lyrics
Jeff BuckleyAlligator Wine2004Music/Lyrics
Jerry ButlerWhere's The Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Jerry DemarCross-Eyed Alley Cat1957Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisHound Dog Music/Lyrics
Jerry ReedFramed1971Music/Lyrics
Jerry Williams [II]On Broadway1972Music/Lyrics
Jess RodenOn Broadway1974Music/Lyrics
Jewel AkensLove Potion No. 91965Music/Lyrics
Jim CroceChain Gang Medley1970Music/Lyrics
Jimi HendrixStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
Jimmie Jay And The "Moon-Reyes"Poison Ivy1964Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BarnesHound Dog2000Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BarnesYoung Blood2009Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Osmond40's And 50's Medley [Dream A Little Dream Of Me / Jukebox Sat. Night / Little Brown Jug / In The Mood / Chattanooga Choo Choo / Jail House Rock / La Bamba / Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay]2005Music/Lyrics
Jive BunnyHop Around The Clock1991Music/Lyrics
Jive Bunny And The MastermixersSwing The Mood1989Music/Lyrics
Jo MainkeDas ist die Frage aller Fragen1965Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford With Frank De Vol And His OrchestraIt's Been So Long1959Music/Lyrics
Joan As Police WomanI Keep Forgettin’2020Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerI Keep Forgetting2004Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerI Who Have Nothing2004Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerThere Goes My Baby1984Music/Lyrics
Joe DassinKansas City1979Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanPearl's A Singer1997Music/Lyrics
Joe Turner & His Blues KingsThe Chicken And The Hawk (Up, Up And Away)1951Music/Lyrics
John BarrySpanish Harlem1961Music/Lyrics
John CougarJailhouse Rock1976Music/Lyrics
John EntwistleHound Dog1973Music/Lyrics
John LennonStand By Me1975Music/Lyrics
John MellencampJailhouse Rock1992Music/Lyrics
John Parish & Polly Jean HarveyIs That All There Is?1996Music/Lyrics
John Petersen & SkylinerJailhouse Rock1977Music/Lyrics
John PizzarelliRuby Baby2012Music/Lyrics
John Woolley & Just BornRuby Baby1970Music/Lyrics
Johnny "Hammond" SmithLove Potion #91967Music/Lyrics
Johnny & Edgar WinterRock & Roll Medley1976Music/Lyrics
Johnny [FI]Hymyhuulet1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny BurnetteLove Me1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayHound Dog1962Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayLa bagarre1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayLoving You1992Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayMa vie à t'aimer1968Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayReste ici1993Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Johnny HallydaySentimental1961Music/Lyrics
Johnny Kendall And The HeraldsI Wanna Be Free1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny Logan feat. Helen ShapiroLovin' You1985Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisAll Is Well1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisAn Open Fire1959Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversSearchin' / So Fine1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversStand By Me1983Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Johnny Sandon & The Remo FourOn The Horizon1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny Sandon And The Remo FourYes1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny Taylor et Les StrangersLe Climb1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny WinterRiot In Cell Block #91974Music/Lyrics
Johnny WorthKing Creole1958Music/Lyrics
Joni Mitchell(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care1982Music/Lyrics
Jonny LangSanta Claus Is Back In Town1997Music/Lyrics
José [NL]I Love You1984Music/Lyrics
Judy LynnKansas City1969Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonStand By Me1989Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
KaleidoscopeLittle Egypt1976Music/Lyrics
Kaplan KayeI (Who Have Nothing)1976Music/Lyrics
Karise EdenHound Dog2012Music/Lyrics
Kate TaylorI'm A Hog For You Baby1979Music/Lyrics
Kathy KirbyIs That All There Is1969Music/Lyrics
Kenny LynchStand By Me1964Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Kerstin OttAlte Liebe rostet nie2024Music/Lyrics
Kevin & ManuelRote Lippen soll man küssen2015Music/Lyrics
Kim & The CadillacsRock 'N' Roll Medley1977Music/Lyrics
Koncz ZsuzsaI Who Have Nothing1966Music/Lyrics
Laura Nyro & LaBelleSpanish Harlem1971Music/Lyrics
LaVern BakerDon Juan1964Music/Lyrics
LaVern BakerSaved1961Music/Lyrics
LaVern Baker & Jimmy RicksI'll Never Be Free1961Producer
LaVern Baker & Jimmy RicksYou're The Boss1961Music/Lyrics
Lee Brilleaux / Dr. FeelgoodPoison Ivy2017Music/Lyrics
Lee Curtis & The All StarsLittle Egypt1965Music/Lyrics
Lee TowersLove Potion Number Nine1981Music/Lyrics
LeinemannBaby, I Don't Care1978Music/Lyrics
Lemon IceStand By Me2006Music/Lyrics
Leo RojasStand By Me2022Music/Lyrics
Leo WrightSpanish Harlem1973Music/Lyrics
Leon McAuliffKansas City1961Music/Lyrics
Les BrünettesL'homme à la moto2014Music/Lyrics
Les ChampionsLe rock du bagne1961Music/Lyrics
Les Chaussettes NoiresSi seulement1961Music/Lyrics
Les Gam'sTiens-le1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Les McCannBernie's Tune1962Music/Lyrics
Les SurfsDrôle de fille1967Music/Lyrics
Leslie UggamsAny Old Time Of The Day1968Producer
Leslie UggamsFlying1968Music/Lyrics
Leslie UggamsI (Who Have Nothing)1967Music/Lyrics
Leslie UggamsIn The Land Of Make Believe1968Producer
Leslie UggamsIs That All There Is1968Music/Lyrics
Leslie UggamsJust For Today1968Producer
Leslie UggamsLet The Music Play1968Producer
Leslie UggamsRiver Deep, Mountain High1968Producer
Leslie UggamsSome Cats Know1968Music/Lyrics
Leslie UggamsThe Wrong Man1968Producer
Leslie UggamsWhat The World Needs Now1968Producer
Leslie WestRiot In Cell Block #92005Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestStand By Me2015Music/Lyrics
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsKansas City Music/Lyrics
Libby TitusKansas City1977Music/Lyrics
Linda HallTreat Me Nice1961Music/Lyrics
Linda HopkinsGet Off My Wagon1953Producer
Linda HopkinsIf This Goodbye1953Producer
Linda HopkinsLove Is A Many Splendored Thing1959Producer
Linda HopkinsSentimental Fool1959Producer
Linda HopkinsTears Of Joy1953Music/Lyrics
Linda HopkinsThree Time Loser1953Music/Lyrics
Link WrayDon't1979Music/Lyrics
Lino MorenoCara mia, bleib bei mir1978Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Liquid SmokeI (Who Have Nothing)1969Music/Lyrics
Lisa StollRote Lippen soll man küssen2015Music/Lyrics
Little Caesar & The ConsulsPoison Ivy1965Music/Lyrics
Little EstherFlesh, Blood And Bones1952Music/Lyrics
(Michael Stoller)
Little EstherHollerin' And Screamin'1952Music/Lyrics
Little EstherHound Dog1953Music/Lyrics
Little Esther & Bobby DunnSaturday Night Daddy1952Music/Lyrics
Little Esther & Bobby DunnYou Took My Love Too Fast1952Music/Lyrics
Little Esther & Little Willie LittlefieldLast Laugh Blues1952Music/Lyrics
Little Esther & Little Willie LittlefieldTurn The Lamps Down Low1952Music/Lyrics
Little Esther & The RobinsMainliner1952Music/Lyrics
Little EvaStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Little FeatFramed1981Music/Lyrics
Little MiltonI Who Have Nothing1968Music/Lyrics
Little MiltonStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Little RichardKansas City1958Music/Lyrics
Little RichardWithout Love1977Music/Lyrics
Little Willie LittlefieldK. C. Loving1952Music/Lyrics
Livingston TaylorOn Broadway1971Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliI (Who Have Nothing)1966Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliLost In You1996Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliSome Cats Know1996Music/Lyrics
Long Tall Ernie & The ShakersElvis Medley: Hound Dog / All Shook Up / Blue Suede Shoes1974Music/Lyrics
Lonnie Donegan and His Skiffle GroupLorelei1960Music/Lyrics
Los LobosFramed1987Music/Lyrics
Los RebeldesStand By Me1990Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Los StraitjacketsRey Criollo / King Creole2001Music/Lyrics
Los ValentinosLove Potion Number Nine1980Music/Lyrics
Lou RawlsKansas City1963Music/Lyrics
Lou RawlsOn Broadway1966Music/Lyrics
Love GenerationHalt' zu mir1970Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Ludwig HirschGel', du magst mi1983Music/Lyrics
LuluI Keep Forgettin'2005Music/Lyrics
LuluLoving You1981Music/Lyrics
Luther Vandross & Martha WashI (Who Have Nothing)1991Music/Lyrics
Magnificent Mercury BrothersWhat About Us1975Music/Lyrics
Mama Betty's BandDie Liebesmedizin1965Music/Lyrics
Mama LionSaved1973Music/Lyrics
Manfred MannPoison Ivy1965Music/Lyrics
Manfred Mann 06 with Manfred Mann's Earth BandDown in Mexico2004Music/Lyrics
Manfred Mann's Earth BandI (Who Have Nothing)1981Music/Lyrics
Manuel [BE II]Lucky Lips1987Music/Lyrics
ManuelaKansas City1973Music/Lyrics
Marc Pircher feat. Matty ValentinoRote Lippen soll man küssen2017Music/Lyrics
Maren Kroymann & die Jo Roloff BandTreat Me Nice2001Music/Lyrics
Margie RayburnEvery Minute Of The Day1956Music/Lyrics
Maria MuldaurI'm A Woman1974Music/Lyrics
Marian LoveI (Who Have Nothing)1969Music/Lyrics
Marianne RosenbergI'm A Woman2008Music/Lyrics
Marilyn MayeKansas City1968Music/Lyrics
Marti WebbDon't1980Music/Lyrics
Martin CircusMets ton habit1975Music/Lyrics
Martin MannHound Dog / Lucille / King Creole1971Music/Lyrics
Martin MannRock-Medley (Roll Over Beethoven / High School Rock / Hound Dog)1976Music/Lyrics
Martine BijlMeer is 't niet1970Music/Lyrics
MartySpanish Harlem1976Music/Lyrics
Marty WildeHound Dog1970Music/Lyrics
Marty WildeI'm A Hog For You Baby1970Music/Lyrics
Mary RoosTut denn das so weh?1970Music/Lyrics
Matt LewisHound Dog2004Music/Lyrics
Matt LewisJail House Rock2004Music/Lyrics
Maurice WhiteStand By Me1985Music/Lyrics
Max K. Lipscomb With Bobby Rambeau OrchestraYour So Square1961Music/Lyrics
Max Merritt And The MeteorsI Keep Forgetting1975Music/Lyrics
Meat LoafStand By Me1975Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Michael Bolton and Carl PerkinsJailhouse Rock1994Music/Lyrics
Michael HirteStand By Me2015Music/Lyrics
Michael HolmDie junge Liebe ist süß1962Music/Lyrics
Michael McDonaldI Keep Forgettin'1982Music/Lyrics
Mickey GilleyLittle Egypt1963Music/Lyrics
Mickey GilleyStand By Me1980Music/Lyrics
Miguel RiosRey del rock1979Music/Lyrics
Miguel RiosRock And Roll Medley (Hound Dog / Tutti Frutti / Jailhouse Rock / Popotitos / Land Of Thousand Dances / What'd I Say)1972Music/Lyrics
Miguel RiosRock de la cárcel1970Music/Lyrics
Mike BerryBaby, I Don't Care1975Music/Lyrics
Mike CliffordClose To Cathy1962Producer
Mike CliffordDo Your Own Thing1970Music/Lyrics
Mike CliffordWhat To Do With Laurie1962Music/Lyrics
Mike GuchranJailhouse Rock1973Music/Lyrics
Mike PrestonWrite To Me1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Mike RiosDrip-Drop1964Music/Lyrics
Mike SmithRiot In Cell Block # 91990Music/Lyrics
Miley Cyrus feat. FutureMy Darlin'2013Music/Lyrics
Mink DeVilleStand By Me1983Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Mireille MathieuL'homme à la moto1993Music/Lyrics
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsJust A Little Bit1965Music/Lyrics
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsRuby Baby & Peaches On A Cherry Tree1968Music/Lyrics
MoonbeatsBleib bei mir1987Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Morgan WadeSanta Claus Is Back In Town2021Music/Lyrics
Muddy WatersKansas City1975Music/Lyrics
MushroamsRote Lippen soll man küssen1996Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonOn Broadway1964Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonTrip With Me1970Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondI (Who Have Nothing)1993Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondLove Potion Number Nine1993Music/Lyrics
Neil SedakaSearchin'1984Music/Lyrics
Neil YoungOn Broadway1989Music/Lyrics
New Jordal SwingersYakety yak1978Music/Lyrics
Nicky ThomasI Who Have Nothing1970Music/Lyrics
NicolettaL'homme à la moto1967Music/Lyrics
Nicolette LarsonDancin' Jones1979Music/Lyrics
Normie RoweI (Who Have Nothing)1965Music/Lyrics
Oesch's die DrittenBaby That Is Rock And Roll2014Music/Lyrics
Olga GarciaComo un juego1978Music/Lyrics
Orchester Anthony VenturaSpanish Harlem1973Music/Lyrics
Orchester Rudi BohnHound Dog / Camping Rock / Rockin' Stars Music/Lyrics
Original Duo ChalberstrickRote Lippen soll man küssen1990Music/Lyrics
Otis ReddingStand By Me1963Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyDon't1997Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyHound Dog1970Music/Lyrics
Panama [UK]Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Stand By Me1982Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Pat BooneHound Dog1963Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneKansas City1964Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneLove Me1963Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneSearchin'1964Music/Lyrics
Patrick Riguelle & John TerraBazoum (I Need Your Lovin')2011Music/Lyrics
Patrick Riguelle & John TerraDown In Mexico2011Music/Lyrics
Patrick Riguelle & John TerraHound Dog2011Music/Lyrics
Patrick Riguelle & John TerraOn Broadway2011Music/Lyrics
Patti LaBelleI Keep Forgetting2005Music/Lyrics
Paul JonesAlong Came Jones1967Music/Lyrics
Paul JonesCharlie Brown1967Music/Lyrics
Paul McCartneyKansas City1987Music/Lyrics
Paul MichielsSpanish Harlem2014Music/Lyrics
Paul Revere & The RaidersLove Potion #91983Music/Lyrics
Paul RichAlong Came Jones1959Music/Lyrics
Paul SeversRode lippen moet je kussen1995Music/Lyrics
Paul Stefen And The Royal Lancers(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care1963Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeA Little White Ship1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeI Remember1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeI'm A Woman1962Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeIs That All There Is?1969Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeI've Got Them Feelin' Too Good Today Blues1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeKansas City1962Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeLongings For A Simpler Time1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeMe & My Rainbow1969Producer
Peggy LeeProfessor Hauptmann's Perfoming Dogs1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeReady To Begin Again (Manya's Song)1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeSay It1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeSome Cats Know1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeTango1975Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeThe Case Of M.J.1975Music/Lyrics
Percewood's OnagramKansas City1975Music/Lyrics
Pete & PSS-BandJailhouse Rock2005Music/Lyrics
Pete & PSS-BandKing Creole2005Music/Lyrics
Pete & PSS-BandLove Me (Treat Me Like A Fool)2005Music/Lyrics
Pete & PSS-BandTreat Me Nice2005Music/Lyrics
Peter BestKansas City1965Music/Lyrics
Peter HofmannDon't1992Music/Lyrics
Peter HofmannLove Me1992Music/Lyrics
Peter HofmannShe's Not You1992Music/Lyrics
Peter Jay & The JaywalkersKansas City1963Music/Lyrics
Peter JöbackI Who Have Nothing2004Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausRock 'N' Roll Medley1977Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausRote Lippen soll man küssen1991Music/Lyrics
Peter Kraus und Die RockiesHafen-Rock1958Music/Lyrics
Peter Kraus und Die RockiesMach' dich schön1958Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkI (Who Have Nothing)1965Music/Lyrics
Phil GulleyFramed1954Music/Lyrics
Phil OchsElvis Presley Medley1970Music/Lyrics
PichiNull Uhr zehn1964Music/Lyrics
Piet VeermanStand By Me1995Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Pink Martini & Saori YukiIs That All There Is?2011Music/Lyrics
Pink ProjectStand By Every Breath1983Music/Lyrics
Plastic PennyHound Dog1968Music/Lyrics
Precious WilsonSpanish Harlem1983Music/Lyrics
PreludersStand By Me2004Music/Lyrics
Prince RoyceStand By Me2010Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumEight Days A Week1975Producer
Procol HarumFools Gold1975Producer
Procol HarumI Keep Forgetting1975Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumPandora's Box1975Producer
Procol HarumTaking The Time1975Producer
Procol HarumThe Final Thrust1975Producer
Procol HarumThe Piper's Tune1975Producer
Procol HarumThe Unquiet Zone1975Producer
Procol HarumTypewriter Torment1975Producer
Procol HarumWithout A Doubt1975Producer
PuhdysHound Dog1976Music/Lyrics
PussycatPearl's A Singer1994Music/Lyrics
Python Lee JacksonI Keep Forgettin'1967Music/Lyrics
R. & J. StoneDancin' Jones1976Music/Lyrics
Rachel WammackSanta Claus Is Back In Town2022Music/Lyrics
Ramblin' Jimmie DolanBlack Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots1955Music/Lyrics
Randy RodgersJailhouse Rock1975Music/Lyrics
Raphael Fuchs & CoSchlagerparade2023Music/Lyrics
Ray GarnettOn Broadway1963Music/Lyrics
Ray GarnettStand By Me1961Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Ray PetersonGive Us Your Blessings1963Producer
Ray PetersonI Forgot What It Was Like1963Producer
Ray PetersonWithout Love (There Is Nothing)1963Producer
Ray StevensAlong Came Jones1969Music/Lyrics
Ray StevensLittle Egypt1969Music/Lyrics
Ray StevensYakety Yak1969Music/Lyrics
Reba McEntireI'm A Woman1979Music/Lyrics
Rebecca PidgeonSpanish Harlem1994Music/Lyrics
Rebel TellRote Lippen soll man küssen2022Music/Lyrics
RedbonePoison Ivy1972Music/Lyrics
Rene FrogerI Who Have Nothing1998Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyI Who Have Nothing1965Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonySon meilleur copain1963Music/Lyrics
Richard DiganceEarl's A Winger1977Music/Lyrics
Richie BarrettSome Other Guy1962Music/Lyrics
Richie BarrettTricky Dicky1962Music/Lyrics
Ricky ShayneIch brauch' dich1982Music/Lyrics
Rinder & LewisLove Potion #91979Music/Lyrics
Ringo StarrI Keep Forgettin'1983Music/Lyrics
Ritchie ValensFramed1958Music/Lyrics
Rob HoekeKansas City1979Music/Lyrics
Roberta Flack & Donny HathawayI (Who Have Nothing)1972Music/Lyrics
Robin SarstedtJust Tell Her, Jim Said Hello1977Music/Lyrics
Robin TrowerHound Dog2013Music/Lyrics
Rock OdysseyTribute To Elvis1977Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysFools Fall In Love1979Music/Lyrics
Rodney ScottYou're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)1962Music/Lyrics
Roger ChapmanKeep Forgettin'1979Music/Lyrics
Roger WhittakerHound Dog Music/Lyrics
Rolf ConradDas ist die Frage aller Fragen1965Music/Lyrics
Ron And Joe And The CrewRiot In Cell Block No. 91959Music/Lyrics
Ronnie Hawkins And The HawksRuby Baby1959Music/Lyrics
Ronnie McDowell And The JordanairesHound Dog1978Music/Lyrics
Ronnie McDowell And The JordanairesLove Me1978Music/Lyrics
Ronnie McDowell And The JordanairesLoving You1978Music/Lyrics
Ronny Twen und die PerrysKomm zu mir1961Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Ross AntonyRote Lippen soll man küssen2013Music/Lyrics
Ross McManusHound Dog1970Music/Lyrics
Ross McManusJailhouse Rock1970Music/Lyrics
Rosy ArmenTu croiras1962Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Roy DruskyKansas City1963Music/Lyrics
Roy EtzelJailhouse Rock1977Music/Lyrics
Roy EtzelKing Creole1977Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonLet Go1963Producer
Roy HamiltonLips1958Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonMidnight Town-Daybreak City1963Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonYou Still Love Him1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Roy LoneyMy Baby Comes To Me1982Music/Lyrics
Rudolf Rock & die SchockerYackety Yak1977Music/Lyrics
Rufus ThomasBear Cat (aka Hound Dog)1969Music/Lyrics
Rut RexNur mit dir1972Music/Lyrics
Ruth BrownI Can't Hear A Word You Say1959Music/Lyrics
Ruth BrownI Still Love You1956Music/Lyrics
Ruth BrownJack O'Diamonds1959Music/Lyrics
Ruth BrownLucky Lips1957Music/Lyrics
Ruth Brown with The RhythmakersI Want To Do More1955Music/Lyrics
Ry Cooder3 Cool Cats2005Music/Lyrics
Ry CooderStand By Me1976Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Sacha DistelSi ce n'est que ça1970Music/Lyrics
Sam ButeraKansas City1957Music/Lyrics
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsLove Potion #91965Music/Lyrics
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsYakety Yak1967Music/Lyrics
Sammy AtchisonTreat Me Nice1975Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Kansas City1964Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr. & The Count Basie OrchestraShe's A Woman (W-O-M-A-N)1965Music/Lyrics
Sammy TurnerAlways1959Producer
Sammy TurnerFalling1959Music/Lyrics
Sammy TurnerFools Fall In Love1959Music/Lyrics
Sammy TurnerHoney1959Producer
Sammy TurnerI Can Dream Can't I1959Producer
Sammy TurnerI Want To Be Loved1959Producer
Sammy TurnerI'd Be A Fool Again1959Producer
Sammy TurnerLavender Blue1959Producer
Sammy TurnerParadise1959Producer
Sammy TurnerSymphony1959Producer
Sammy TurnerThe Things I Love1959Producer
Sammy TurnerWrapped Up In A Dream1959Producer
Sammy Turner And The TwistersSweet Annie Laurie1959Producer
Sammy Turner And The TwistersThunderbolt1959Producer
Sandy NelsonKansas City1962Music/Lyrics
Sandy NelsonYakety Yak1962Music/Lyrics
Sandy PoseyDon't1973Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnySpanish Harlem1962Music/Lyrics
Sasha & DavyStand By Me2018Music/Lyrics
Scat GrothersHound Dog Music/Lyrics
Scatman CrothersKansas City1973Music/Lyrics
ScorpionsHound Dog1978Music/Lyrics
Screamin' Jay HawkinsAlligator Wine1958Music/Lyrics
Screamin' Lord SutchI'm A Hog For You1963Music/Lyrics
SealStand By Me2008Music/Lyrics
Sean KingstonBeautiful Girls2007Music/Lyrics
(Michael Stoller)
September MourningStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
Sha Na NaJailhouse Rock1971Music/Lyrics
Sha Na NaYakety Yak1969Music/Lyrics
Shakin' StevensBlue Suede Shoes / King Creole / Dixieland Rock / Got A Lot Of Living To Do / Wear My Ring / Ready Teddy1978Music/Lyrics
Shakin' StevensTrying To Get To You / My Baby Left Me / Mean Woman Blues / Jailhouse Rock1978Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsRiot In Cellblock No. 91973Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsThat's Rock 'N' Roll1971Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsYakety Yak1972Music/Lyrics
Sha-Na-NaCharly Brown1981Music/Lyrics
Sha-Na-NaHound Dog1973Music/Lyrics
Sharif DeanStand By Me1975Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
SherbetHound Dog1973Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyHoy no tengo nada1989Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyI (Who Have Nothing)1963Music/Lyrics
Shonka DukurehHound Dog2022Music/Lyrics
SignsMy Baby Comes To Me1966Music/Lyrics
Silvio d'AnzaBleib bei mir2021Music/Lyrics
(Michael Stoller)
Simon Stokes & The NighthawksDown In Mexico1970Music/Lyrics
Siw MalmkvistBossa Nova Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Siw MalmkvistSlit & släng1965Music/Lyrics
Solomon BurkeYou Can't Love Them All1964Music/Lyrics
Sonny & CherStand By Me1967Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Spider Murphy GangZuchthaus Rock1984Music/Lyrics
Spyder TurnerStand By Me1966Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Status QuoHound Dog2000Music/Lyrics
Stealers WheelAnother Meaning1972Producer
Stealers WheelBlind Faith1973Producer
Stealers WheelEverything'll Turn Out Fine1973Producer
Stealers WheelGets So Lonely1972Producer
Stealers WheelGood Businessman1973Producer
Stealers WheelI Get By1972Producer
Stealers WheelJohnny's Song1972Producer
Stealers WheelJosé1972Producer
Stealers WheelLate Again1972Producer
Stealers WheelNext To Me1972Producer
Stealers WheelNothing's Gonna Change My Mind1973Producer
Stealers WheelOutside Looking In1972Producer
Stealers WheelOver My Head1973Producer
Stealers WheelStar1973Producer
Stealers WheelSteamboat Row1973Producer
Stealers WheelStuck In The Middle With You1972Producer
Stealers WheelWaltz1973Producer
Stealers WheelWhat More Could You Want1973Producer
Stealers WheelWheelin'1973Producer
Stealers WheelWho Cares1973Producer
Stealers WheelYou Put Something Better Inside Me1972Producer
Stefanie WergerAm Gürtel1986Music/Lyrics
Steve LawrenceThe Chicken And The Hawk Music/Lyrics
Steve YoungBack To Cliff (Sag' No zu ihm / Goodbye Sam / Living Doll / Es war keine so wunderbar wie du / Das ist die Frage aller Fragen / Gut, dass es Freunde gibt)1987Music/Lyrics
Stimmen der BergeOldie Medley2019Music/Lyrics
Su KramerKing Creole1978Music/Lyrics
Susan BoyleStand By Me2019Music/Lyrics
Suzanne KleeI'm A Woman1995Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroTrouble1974Music/Lyrics
SweetOn Broadway2012Music/Lyrics
Syl JohnsonStand By Me1978Music/Lyrics
SylvesterI Who Have Nothing1979Music/Lyrics
Sylvia MillecamBlijf bij mij1997Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanLe petit lascar1961Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanNouvelle vague2007Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanPreghero2007Music/Lyrics
T. RexStand By Me1975Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Tear GasJailhouse Rock/All Shook Up1971Music/Lyrics
Ted HeroldBossa Nova Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Tee SetSmokey Joe's Café1970Music/Lyrics
TelexJailhouse Rock2006Music/Lyrics
Terry Knight & The PackI (Who Have Nothing)1966Music/Lyrics
Terry MelcherDown In Mexico1976Music/Lyrics
Terry, Blair And AnouchkaThree Cool Catz1990Music/Lyrics
The 2 Live CrewYakety Yak1988Music/Lyrics
The Ad LibsKicked Around1964Producer
The Ad LibsThe Boy From New York City1964Producer
The AnimalsBrother Bill (The Last Clean Shirt)1977Music/Lyrics
The Applejacks [UK]Kansas City1964Music/Lyrics
The ArtwoodsI Keep Forgettin'1966Music/Lyrics
The BandSaved1973Music/Lyrics
The BaskervillesLove Potion No. 92018Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysRuby Baby1993Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysStudent Demonstration Time1971Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesKansas City1965Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesKansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!1964Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesSearchin'1961Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesThree Cool Cats1961Music/Lyrics
The Big Three [UK]Some Other Guy1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The BlastersOne Bad Stud1984Music/Lyrics
The Blues BrothersJailhouse Rock1980Music/Lyrics
The Blues BrothersRiot In Cell Block Number Nine1980Music/Lyrics
The Boll-WeevilsI'm A Hog For You Baby1963Music/Lyrics
The Bosshoss feat. Patricia VonneStill Crazy 'Bout Elvis2011Music/Lyrics
The Boys In The Band(How About A Little Hand For) The Boys In The Band1970Music/Lyrics
The CatsNo You Can't Love Them All1967Music/Lyrics
The Chambers BrothersI (Who Have Nothing)1973Music/Lyrics
The Chanter SistersHound Dog1976Music/Lyrics
The Checkmates Ltd. feat. Sonny CharlesSpanish Harlem1968Music/Lyrics
The CheersBlack Denim Trousers1955Music/Lyrics
The Cherokees [III]Poison Ivy2018Music/Lyrics
The ChordettesCharlie Brown1959Music/Lyrics
The CloversLove Potion No. 91959Music/Lyrics
The CloversStay Awhile1959Music/Lyrics
The Coasters(Ain't That) Just Like Me1961Producer
The Coasters(When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes To Me1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersAlong Came Jones1958Music/Lyrics
The CoastersAutumn Leaves1960Producer
The CoastersBad Blood1961Music/Lyrics
The CoastersBenjamin And Loretta1976Music/Lyrics
The CoastersBesame mucho1960Producer
The CoastersBrazil1956Music/Lyrics
The CoastersBull Tick Waltz1963Music/Lyrics
The CoastersBut Beautiful1960Producer
The CoastersCharlie Brown1958Music/Lyrics
The CoastersCool Jerk1972Producer
The CoastersD.W. Washburn1968Music/Lyrics
The CoastersDance1958Music/Lyrics
The CoastersDon't Get Around Much Anymore1960Producer
The CoastersDown Home Girl1967Producer
The CoastersDown In Mexico1956Music/Lyrics
The CoastersEasy Living1960Producer
The CoastersEverybody's Woman1968Music/Lyrics
The CoastersFramed1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersGee Baby Ain't I Good To You1960Producer
The CoastersGee, Golly1958Music/Lyrics
The CoastersGirls, Girls, Girls1961Music/Lyrics
The CoastersHongry1965Music/Lyrics
The CoastersI Must Be Dreamin'1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersIdol With The Golden Head1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersI'm A Hog For You1959Music/Lyrics
The CoastersKeep On Rolling1961Music/Lyrics
The CoastersLady Like1965Music/Lyrics
The CoastersLittle Egypt (Ying-Yang)1961Music/Lyrics
The CoastersLola1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersLoop De Loop Mambo1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersLove Potion Number Nine1971Music/Lyrics
The CoastersMoonglow1960Producer
The CoastersMoonlight In Vermont1960Producer
The CoastersMy Babe1962Producer
The CoastersOn The Sunny Side Of The Street1960Producer
The CoastersOne Kiss1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersOne Kiss Led To Another1956Music/Lyrics
The CoastersPoison Ivy1959Music/Lyrics
The CoastersRiot In Cell Block Number Nine1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersRun Red Run1959Music/Lyrics
The CoastersSatin Doll1960Producer
The CoastersSearchin'1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersShe Can1968Music/Lyrics
The CoastersShoppin' For Clothes1960Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The CoastersSmokey Joe's Cafe1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersSorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass1958Music/Lyrics
The CoastersSoul Pad1967Music/Lyrics
The CoastersStewball1960Music/Lyrics
The CoastersSweet Georgia Brown1957Producer
The CoastersTalkin' About A Woman1972Music/Lyrics
The CoastersTeach Me How To Shimmy1962Music/Lyrics
The CoastersThat Is Rock & Roll1959Music/Lyrics
The CoastersThe Chick Is Guilty1976Music/Lyrics
The CoastersThe Climb1962Music/Lyrics
The CoastersThe P.T.A.1963Producer
The CoastersThe Shadow Knows1958Music/Lyrics
The CoastersThe Snake And The Book Worm1960Music/Lyrics
The CoastersThe Way You Look Tonight1960Producer
The CoastersThree Cool Cats1958Music/Lyrics
The CoastersThumbin' A Ride1960Music/Lyrics
The CoastersTurtle Down1956Music/Lyrics
The CoastersWait A Minute1960Producer
The CoastersWake Me, Shake Me1960Producer
The CoastersWhat About Us1959Music/Lyrics
The CoastersWhat Is The Secret Of Your Success?1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersWillow Weep For Me1960Producer
The CoastersWrap It Up1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersYakety Yak1958Music/Lyrics
The CoastersYou'd Be So Nice To Come Home To1960Producer
The CoastersYoung Blood1957Music/Lyrics
The CoastersZing! Went The Strings Of My Heart1958Producer
The CookiesOn Broadway1963Music/Lyrics
The CricketsSearchin'1963Music/Lyrics
The Crossfires [SE]Kansas City1965Music/Lyrics
The Crossfires [SE]Love Potion Number Nine1965Music/Lyrics
The CrystalsOn Broadway1962Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FiveLoving You1970Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FiveOn Broadway1964Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FivePlay More Good Old Rock 'n' Roll1970Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FivePoison Ivy1963Music/Lyrics
The DiamondsEv'ry Minute Of The Day1956Music/Lyrics
The Drifters(If You Cry) True Love, True Love1959Producer
The DriftersAnother Night With The Boys1962Producer
The DriftersDance With Me1959Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The DriftersDidn't It1964Producer
The DriftersDrip Drop1958Music/Lyrics
The DriftersFools Fall In Love1956Music/Lyrics
The DriftersHoney Bee1961Producer
The DriftersI Count The Tears1958Producer
The DriftersI Feel Good All Over1963Producer
The DriftersIf You Don't Come Back1964Music/Lyrics
The DriftersI'll Take You Home1963Producer
The DriftersIn The Land Of Make Believe1964Producer
The DriftersJackpot1962Producer
The DriftersLet The Music Play1963Producer
The DriftersLoneliness Or Happiness1961Producer
The DriftersMexican Divorce1962Producer
The DriftersNo Sweet Lovin'1961Producer
The DriftersNobody But Me1960Producer
The DriftersOn Broadway1963Music/Lyrics
The DriftersOne Way Love1964Producer
The DriftersOnly In America1972Music/Lyrics
The DriftersPlease Stay1961Producer
The DriftersRat Race1964Music/Lyrics
The DriftersRoom Full Of Tears1961Producer
The DriftersRuby Baby1955Music/Lyrics
The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me1960Producer
The DriftersSave The Last Dance For Me '731973Producer
The DriftersSome Kind Of Wonderful1961Producer
The DriftersSomebody New Dancing With You1961Producer
The DriftersSpanish Harlem1961Music/Lyrics
The DriftersStand By Me2015Music/Lyrics
The DriftersSuddenly There's A Valley1960Producer
The DriftersSweets For My Sweet1961Producer
The DriftersThere Goes My Baby1959Producer
The DriftersThis Magic Moment1959Producer
The DriftersUnder The Boardwalk1964Producer
The DriftersUp On The Roof1962Producer
The DriftersVaya Con Dios1964Producer
The DriftersWhen My Little Girl Is Smiling1961Producer
The El DoradosFramed1993Music/Lyrics
The Everly BrothersHound Dog1965Music/Lyrics
The Everly BrothersKansas City1965Music/Lyrics
The ExcitersDo-Wah-Diddy1963Producer
The ExcitersDrama Of Love1963Producer
The ExcitersGet Him1963Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The ExcitersHandful Of Memories1963Producer
The ExcitersHard Way To Go1963Producer
The ExcitersHe's Got The Power1963Producer
The ExcitersI Dreamed1963Producer
The ExcitersIf Love Came Your Way1963Producer
The ExcitersIt's So Exciting1963Music/Lyrics
The ExcitersRemember Me1963Producer
The ExcitersSay It With Love1963Producer
The ExcitersTell Him1963Producer
The ExcitersWe Were Lovers (When The Party Began)1964Producer
The Fantastic Johnny CStand By Me1968Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The FourmostGirls, Girls, Girls1965Music/Lyrics
The FourmostYakety Yak1965Music/Lyrics
The GaylordsYakety Yak1961Music/Lyrics
The Gisha BrothersPoison Ivy1965Music/Lyrics
The Glitter BandBaby I Don't Care1974Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsDon't1966Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesHound Dog1977Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesJailhouse Rock1973Music/Lyrics
The HitmakersTricky Dicky1964Music/Lyrics
The HolliesPoison Ivy1963Music/Lyrics
The HolliesSearchin'1963Music/Lyrics
The HoneycombsI Want To Be Free1964Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersA Fool For You1961Producer
The Isley BrothersJeepers Creepers1961Producer
The Isley BrothersJust One More Time1961Producer
The Isley BrothersShine On Harvest Moon1961Producer
The Isley BrothersStanding On The Dance Floor1961Producer
The Isley BrothersTeach Me How To Shimmy1961Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersWrite To Me1961Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The Isley BrothersYour Old Lady1961Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The Jackson BrothersLove Me1959Music/Lyrics
The Jackson BrothersTell Him No1959Producer
The JackysKansas City1976Music/Lyrics
The JackysTrouble1979Music/Lyrics
The Jay FiveLove Potion Nr. 91966Music/Lyrics
The Kingdom ChoirStand By Me2018Music/Lyrics
The KingsmenFever1963Music/Lyrics
The KingsmenHang On Sloopy1966Music/Lyrics
The KingsmenPoison Ivy1966Music/Lyrics
The KingsmenSearchin'1966Music/Lyrics
The KingsmenStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
The LambrettasPoison Ivy1980Music/Lyrics
The Leiber-Stoller Big BandCharlie Brown1961Music/Lyrics
The Leiber-Stoller Big BandYakety Yak1961Music/Lyrics
The LettermenGroups Are Nothing New1963Music/Lyrics
The LettermenOn Broadway1969Music/Lyrics
The Little WilliesLove Me2006Music/Lyrics
The LiverbirdsIt's So Exciting1966Music/Lyrics
The LordsI'm A Hog For You, Baby1966Music/Lyrics
The LordsPoison Ivy1965Music/Lyrics
The LordsStand By Me1966Music/Lyrics
The Lovin' SpoonfulDon't Bank On It, Baby1966Music/Lyrics
The Lovin' SpoonfulSearchin'1966Music/Lyrics
The MaraudersLittle Egypt1964Music/Lyrics
The MavericksLove Me1994Music/Lyrics
The McCoysSmokey Joe's Cafe1966Music/Lyrics
The MindbendersTrickie Dickie1966Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesD.W. Washburn1968Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesShake 'Em Up1968Music/Lyrics
The MurmaidsHound Dog / All Shook Up / Jailhouse Rock2002Music/Lyrics
The OverlandersAlong Came Jones1965Music/Lyrics
The ParamountsBad Blood1964Music/Lyrics
The ParamountsPoison Ivy1963Music/Lyrics
The PersuasionsDrip Drop1970Music/Lyrics
The PersuasionsI'm A Hog For You1974Music/Lyrics
The PigeonsI Who Have Nothing1965Music/Lyrics
The PipkinsYakety Yak1970Music/Lyrics
The ProfessionalsBaby I Don't Care1980Music/Lyrics
The RaindropsAlong Came Jones1959Music/Lyrics
The RattlesBaby, That Is Rock'n Roll1964Music/Lyrics
The RaversBossa Nova Baby1964Music/Lyrics
The RaversOn Broadway1967Music/Lyrics
The Real Holy Boys & Herbert Prohaska(Sche sche brav schenes Madl) dann kummt da Weihnochtsmau zu Dir2008Music/Lyrics
The RiffburglarsThe Shadow Knows1983Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersAlong Came Jones1966Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersI Who Have Nothing1967Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersLoving You1965Music/Lyrics
The Righteous BrothersYoung Blood1975Music/Lyrics
The RobinsFramed1954Music/Lyrics
The RobinsJust Like A Fool1955Music/Lyrics
The RobinsLoop De Loop Mambo1954Music/Lyrics
The RobinsRiot In Cell Block #91954Music/Lyrics
The RobinsSmokey Joe's Cafe1955Music/Lyrics
The RobinsWrap It Up1954Music/Lyrics
The Rockin' BerriesBrother Bill1964Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesPoison Ivy1963Music/Lyrics
The RomanticsPoison Ivy1985Music/Lyrics
The Scorpions [UK]Some Other Guy1964Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The Scorpions [UK]Stand By Me1966Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The SearchersI (Who Have Nothing)1992Music/Lyrics
The SearchersLove Potion Nr. 91963Music/Lyrics
The SearchersSome Other Guy1963Music/Lyrics
The SearchersTricky Dicky1963Music/Lyrics
The Sensational Alex Harvey BandFramed1972Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsTreat Me Nice1982Music/Lyrics
The Shangri-LasBull Dog1965Music/Lyrics
The ShirellesDon't Say Goodnight And Mean Goodbye1963Producer
The ShirellesI Didn't Mean To Hurt You1963Producer
The SpectresI (Who Have Nothing)1966Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupKansas City1967Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupSearchin'1965Music/Lyrics
The SpotnicksKansas City1978Music/Lyrics
The StrypesI'm A Hog For You Baby2013Music/Lyrics
The SurfarisHound Dog1964Music/Lyrics
The SurfarisI'm A Hog For You1963Music/Lyrics
The SurfarisLove Potion Number Nine1965Music/Lyrics
The Swinging Blue JeansSome Other Guy1984Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
The SyndicatsOn The Horizon1965Music/Lyrics
The TaylorsSpanish Harlem1978Music/Lyrics
The TonicsHound Dog1968Music/Lyrics
The TonicsJailhouse Rock1968Music/Lyrics
The TonicsKansas City1968Music/Lyrics
The VenturesLove Potion #91965Music/Lyrics
The VenturesPoison Ivy1962Music/Lyrics
The ViscountsOn Broadway1964Music/Lyrics
The VoguesOn Broadway1968Music/Lyrics
The WakeBoys In The Band1970Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersStand By Me1966Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersTake It Like A Man1966Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersWhere's The Girl?1966Music/Lyrics
The Wild AngelsJailhouse Rock1970Music/Lyrics
The YoungbloodsI'm A Hog For You Baby1971Music/Lyrics
Theo VanessBack To Music1978Music/Lyrics
Thomas DaySanta Claus Is Back In Town2022Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerStand By Me2014Music/Lyrics
Timmy [BE]Kansas City1980Music/Lyrics
Tippie & The CloversBossa Nova Baby1962Music/Lyrics
Tippie & The CloversMy Heart Said (The Bossa Nova)1962Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesI (Who Have Nothing)1969Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesKansas City1966Music/Lyrics
Tom MandlOldie-Medley2013Music/Lyrics
Tommy Duncan and The Miller Bros.Hound Dog1953Music/Lyrics
Tommy HuntAnd I Never Knew1962Producer
Tommy HuntHuman1961Producer
Tommy HuntI Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself1962Producer
Tommy HuntI'm Wondering1962Producer
Tommy HuntThe Door Is Open1962Producer
Tommy HuntThe Parade Of Broken Hearts1961Producer
Tommy RoeThe Gunfighter1965Music/Lyrics
Tommy SteinerRote Lippen1992Music/Lyrics
Tompall And The GlasersYakety-Yak1958Music/Lyrics
Toni LemosSe você não vem1979Music/Lyrics
Toni VescoliPearl tuet singe / Pearl's A Singer1999Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettIs That All There Is?1969Music/Lyrics
Tony CastleYoung And In Love1958Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieOn Broadway1972Music/Lyrics
Tony Jackson With The VibrationsLove Potion No. 91965Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoThat Is Rock And Roll1978Music/Lyrics
Tony SheridanJailhouse Rock1966Music/Lyrics
Tony SheridanRuby Baby1961Music/Lyrics
TorstenJailhouse Rock2017Music/Lyrics
Trini LopezKansas City1963Music/Lyrics
Trini LopezKansas City (Live)1963Music/Lyrics
Truck StopYakety Yak1975Music/Lyrics
Tuck & PattiDance With Me1998Music/Lyrics
Turley RichardsStand By Me1979Music/Lyrics
Tygers Of Pan TangLove Potion No. 91982Music/Lyrics
Ulli BäerBleib bei mir1984Music/Lyrics
(Elmo Glick)
Uriah HeepHound Dog1973Music/Lyrics
Uriah HeepRock 'N' Roll Medley1973Music/Lyrics
Uriah HeepRock'n Roll Medley [Roll Over Beethoven / Blues Suede Shoes / Mean Woman Blues / Hound Dog / At The Hop /Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Blues Suede Shoes]1973Music/Lyrics
Uriah HeepRoll Over Beethoven1973Music/Lyrics
Vanilla FudgeNineteenth Century: VI. Hound Dog1968Music/Lyrics
VigonHound Dog1966Music/Lyrics
Vikki CarrSpanish Harlem1971Music/Lyrics
Viktor LazloPearl's A Singer1991Music/Lyrics
Vince TaylorKansas City1974Music/Lyrics
Vince TaylorLove Me1961Music/Lyrics
Vince Taylor et ses PlayboysTrouble1965Music/Lyrics
Vonda ShepardNeighborhood1998Music/Lyrics
Wanda JacksonKansas City1961Music/Lyrics
Wanda JacksonRiot In Cell Block Number Nine1961Music/Lyrics
Wanda JacksonYakety Yak1964Music/Lyrics
WarhorseI (Who Have Nothing)1972Music/Lyrics
WarriorsLove Potion Nr. 91980Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersLove Potion Number Nine1963Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersSome Other Guy1965Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersThe Shadow Knows1965Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersYoung Blood1964Music/Lyrics
Wee Willie HarrisRiot In Cell Block Number Nine1958Music/Lyrics
WeezerStand By Me2019Music/Lyrics
Wencke MyhreTingel-Tangel1979Music/Lyrics
WenzdayRuby Baby1977Music/Lyrics
Werner Müller und sein OrchesterDas ist die Frage aller Fragen1964Music/Lyrics
White StarsRote Lippen soll man küssen1988Music/Lyrics
Wilbert HarrisonKansas City1959Music/Lyrics
Wilbert HarrisonListen My Darling1959Producer
Wilko JohnsonSome Other Guy1984Music/Lyrics
Will BrandesKing Creole1958Music/Lyrics
Will BrandesKomm1959Music/Lyrics
Willie BoboJuicy1967Music/Lyrics
Willy & RuthCordelia1954Music/Lyrics
Willy & RuthLove Me1954Music/Lyrics
WindBleib bei mir1998Music/Lyrics
Young JessieI Smell A Rat1954Music/Lyrics
YvesSchöni Meitschi2003Music/Lyrics
Zoë KravitzDon't2017Music/Lyrics
Züri WestSouhung1990Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopJailhouse Rock2006Music/Lyrics

Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston)40/2007191
Kansas City (Albert King)55.4
Stand By Me (Ben E. King)2225.23
Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley)2035.17
Riot In Cell Block Number Nine (The Blues Brothers)85.12
Tingel-Tangel (Wencke Myhre)95.11
You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care) (Buddy Holly)195.05
Hound Dog! (Elvis Presley)1495.03
Sunshine After The Rain (Elkie Brooks)225
Love Me (The Little Willies)165
Halt ihn (Illo Schieder)55
Hound Dog (Status Quo)104.9
Bleib bei mir (Ulli Bäer)104.9
Mexican Divorce (The Drifters)74.86
Pearl's A Singer (Elkie Brooks)504.84
I'll Take You Home (The Drifters)64.83
Stand By Me (Otis Redding)94.78
Ruby Baby (Donald Fagen)94.78
Wenn das alles ist (Hildegard Knef)94.78
I (Who Have Nothing) (Shirley Bassey)304.77
Gel', du magst mi (Ludwig Hirsch)554.76
Stand By Me (Ben E. King)2225.23
Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston)2082.53
Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley)2035.17
Stand By Me (4 The Cause)1823.47
Hound Dog! (Elvis Presley)1495.03
Swing The Mood (Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers)1203.89
Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel)1084.59
Balla... Balla! (Francesco Napoli)1063.55
Stand By Me (Lemon Ice)1052.3
Save The Last Dance For Me (The Drifters)964.59
Schöni Meitschi (Florian Ast)923.49
Rote Lippen soll man küssen (Cliff Richard)874.26
Under The Boardwalk (The Drifters)844.67
She's Not You (Elvis Presley)793.95
Lucky Lips (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)744.45
Spanish Harlem (Aretha Franklin)744.41
Don't (Elvis Presley)714.18
Spanish Harlem (Ben E. King)684.65
Yakety Yak (The Coasters)674.48
King Creole (Elvis Presley)664.27

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