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Addrisi BrothersBaby, Love Is A Two-Way Street1977Producer
Addrisi BrothersBaguio1977Producer
Addrisi BrothersDoes She Do It Like She Dances1977Producer
Addrisi BrothersEmergency1977Producer
Addrisi BrothersI Can Count On You1972Producer
Addrisi BrothersLifetime1972Producer
Addrisi BrothersMonkey See, Monkey Do1977Producer
Addrisi BrothersSlow Dancin' Don't Turn Me On1977Producer
Addrisi BrothersSpoiled Like A Baby1977Producer
Addrisi BrothersThe Lady Broke Into My Heart1979Producer
Addrisi BrothersWhen I Wanted You1977Producer
Area Code 615Katy Hill1970Music/Lyrics
Area Code 615Lil' Maggie1969Music/Lyrics
Area Code 615Nashville 9 - New York 11969Music/Lyrics
Area Code 615Sausalito1970Music/Lyrics
Area Code 615Southern Comfort1969Music/Lyrics
Buffy Sainte-MarieA Man1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieAll Around The World1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieBells1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieCan't Believe The Feeling When You're Gone1974Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieCan't You See The Way I Love You1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieCivilization1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieClair Vol's Young Son1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieEagle Man / Changing Woman1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieEventually1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieFor Free1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieHave You Seen My Baby (Hold On)1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieHelpless1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieHe's An Indian Cowboy In The Rodeo1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieI Wanna Hold Your Hand Forever1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieI'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again1968Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieIskeyayo Sewow (Cree Call)1974Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieJeremiah1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieJust That Kind Of Man1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieLay It Down1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieLove's Got To Breathe And Fly1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieMongrel Pup1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieMoonshot1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieMoratorium1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieMy Baby Left Me1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieMy Country 'tis Of Thy People You're Dying1966Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieNative North American Child1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieNo One Told Me1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieNobody Will Ever Know It's Real But You1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieNot The Lovin' Kind1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieNow That The Buffalo's Gone1964Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieNow You've Been Gone For A Long Time1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MariePoppies1969Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieQuiet Places1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieRollin' Mill Man1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieShe Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieShe'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain When She Comes1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSmack Water Jack1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSong Of The French Partisan1970Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSweet Little Vera1974Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSweet Memories1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieSweet September Morning1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieThe Beauty Way1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieThe Jewels Of Hanalei1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieThe Surfer1971Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieThere's No On In The World Like Caleb1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieTill I See You Again1975Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieWaves1974Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieWay, Way, Way1974Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieWhy You Been Gone So Long1973Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieYou Know How To Turn On Those Lights1972Producer
Buffy Sainte-MarieYou Take Me Away1975Producer
Casey KellyAnd I'm Home1973Producer
Casey KellyBayou Country1973Producer
Casey KellyJus' Enjoy All You Can Stand1973Producer
Casey KellyReach Out For Me1973Producer
Dan FogelbergAlong The Road1979Producer
Dan FogelbergAnyway I Love You1972Producer
Dan FogelbergBe On Your Way1972Producer
Dan FogelbergBeggar's Game1979Producer
Dan FogelbergDancing Shoes1977Producer
Dan FogelbergEmpty Cages1981Music/Lyrics
Dan FogelbergFace The Fire1979Producer
Dan FogelbergFalse Faces1977Producer
Dan FogelbergGive Me Some Time1977Producer
Dan FogelbergGypsy Wind1979Producer
Dan FogelbergHeart Hotels1979Producer
Dan FogelbergHickory Grove1972Producer
Dan FogelbergLessons Learned1977Producer
Dan FogelbergLong Way Home (Live In The Country)1972Producer
Dan FogelbergLonger1979Producer
Dan FogelbergLooking For A Lady1972Producer
Dan FogelbergLoose Ends1977Producer
Dan FogelbergLove Gone By1977Producer
Dan FogelbergMore Than Ever1972Producer
Dan FogelbergNether Lands1977Producer
Dan FogelbergOnce Upon A Time1977Producer
Dan FogelbergPhoenix1979Producer
Dan FogelbergPromises Made1977Producer
Dan FogelbergScarecrow's Dream1977Producer
Dan FogelbergSketches1977Producer
Dan FogelbergStars1972Producer
Dan FogelbergThe Last To Know1979Producer
Dan FogelbergThe River1972Producer
Dan FogelbergTimes Like These1980Producer
Dan FogelbergTo The Morning1972Producer
Dan FogelbergTullamore Dew1979Producer
Dan FogelbergWishing On The Moon1979Producer
Dan FogelbergWysteria1972Producer
DonovanHow Silly1974Producer
DonovanLove Of My Life1974Producer
DonovanMoon Rok1974Producer
DonovanRide A Mile1974Producer
DonovanRock And Roll Souljer1974Producer
DonovanSalvation Stomp1974Producer
DonovanThe Great Song Of The Sky1974Producer
DonovanThe Ordinary Family1974Producer
DonovanThe Quest1974Producer
DonovanThe Voice Of Protest1974Producer
DonovanYour Broken Heart1974Producer
Elvis PresleyHow The Web Was Woven1970Producer
Eric AndersenBlue River1972Producer
Eric AndersenFaithful1972Producer
Eric AndersenFlorentine1972Producer
Eric AndersenIs It Really Love At All1972Producer
Eric AndersenMore Often Than Not1972Producer
Eric AndersenPearl's Goodtime Blues1972Producer
Eric AndersenRound The Bend1972Producer
Eric AndersenSheila1972Producer
Eric AndersenWind And Sand1972Producer
Florence WarnerFor No Good Reason1973Producer
Flying Burrito BrothersBuilding Fires1975Producer
Flying Burrito BrothersHot Burrito #31975Producer
Ian MatthewsA Fool Like You1976Producer
Ian MatthewsBrown Eyed Girl1976Producer
Ian MatthewsDarkness Darkness1976Producer
Ian MatthewsGroovin'1976Producer
Ian MatthewsI'll Be Gone1976Producer
Ian MatthewsJust One Look1976Producer
Ian MatthewsLonely Hunter1976Producer
Ian MatthewsRhythm Of The West1976Producer
Ian MatthewsSteamboat1976Producer
Ian MatthewsWhen The Morning Comes1976Producer
Jesse WinchesterA Showman's Life1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterA Touch On The Rainy Side1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterCandida1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterHigh Ball1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterHolly1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterI'm Looking For A Miracle1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterJust Now It Feels So Right1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterLittle Glass Of Wine1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterSassy1978Producer
Jesse WinchesterWintry Feeling1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettAfrican Friend1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettBanana Republics1977Producer
Jimmy BuffettBiloxi1977Producer
Jimmy BuffettBoat Drinks1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettChanges In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes1977Producer
Jimmy BuffettChanson pour les petits enfants1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettCheeseburger In Paradise1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettCoast Of Marseille1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettCowboy In The Jungle1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettDixie Diner1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettDreamsicle1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettFins1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettFool Button1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettI Heard I Was In Town1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettIf I Could Just Get It On Paper1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettIn The Shelter1972Producer
Jimmy BuffettIt's Midnight And I'm Not Famous Yet1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettLady I Can't Explain1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettLandfall1977Producer
Jimmy BuffettLip Service1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettLivingston Saturday Night1975Producer
Jimmy BuffettLovely Cruise1977Producer
Jimmy BuffettMañana1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettMargaritaville1977Producer
Jimmy BuffettMiss You So Badly1977Producer
Jimmy BuffettMorris' Nightmare1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettOn A Slow Boat To China1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettSending The Old Man Home1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettSomewhere Over China1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettSon Of A Son Of A Sailor1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettSteamer1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettStranded On A Sandbar1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettSurvive1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettTampico Trauma1977Producer
Jimmy BuffettThe Last Line1978Producer
Jimmy BuffettTreat Her Like A Lady1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettVolcano1979Producer
Jimmy BuffettWhen Salome Plays The Drum1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettWhere's The Party1981Producer
Jimmy BuffettWonder Why We Ever Go Home1975Producer
Joan BaezA Young Gypsy1973Producer
Joan BaezBest Of Friends1973Producer
Joan BaezBlessed Are...1971Producer
Joan BaezHeaven Help Us All1971Producer
Joan BaezHelp Me Make It Through The Night1971Producer
Joan BaezIn The Quiet Morning (For Janis Joplin)1972Producer
Joan BaezLess Than The Song1973Producer
Joan BaezLet It Be1971Producer
Joan BaezMary Call1973Producer
Joan BaezOnly Heaven Knows (Ah, The Sad Wind Blows)1973Producer
Joan BaezRider, Pass By1973Producer
Joan BaezThe Brand New Tennessee Waltz1971Producer
Joan BaezThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down1971Producer
Joan BaezWarm And Tender Love2005Producer
Joan BaezWindrose1973Producer
John HiattI Got A Gun1985Producer
John HiattI'm A Real Man1985Producer
John HiattLiving A Little, Laughing A Little1985Producer
John HiattNumber One Honest Game1985Producer
John HiattShe Said The Same Things To Me1985Producer
John HiattThe Crush1985Producer
John HiattThe Usual1985Producer
John HiattWarming Up To The Ice Age1985Producer
John HiattWhen We Ran1985Producer
John HiattZero House1985Producer
Kris KristoffersonBlessing In Disguise1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonDaddy's Song1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonDevil To Pay1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonI'll Take Any Chance I Can With You1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonMagdalene1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonMaybe You Heard1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonNobody Loves Anybody Anymore1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonSnakebit1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonStar Crossed1981Producer
Kris KristoffersonThe Last Time1981Producer
Larry KnechtelAmanda1989Producer
Larry KnechtelGlacier Blue1989Producer
Larry KnechtelHeather Meadows1989Producer
Larry KnechtelI Would Climb1989Producer
Larry KnechtelIcicle Waltz1989Producer
Larry KnechtelJamie1989Producer
Larry KnechtelLazy Day1989Producer
Larry KnechtelMountain Morning1989Producer
Larry KnechtelNortheast Wind1989Producer
Larry KnechtelOwed To Scott1989Producer
Larry KnechtelSierra Madre1989Producer
Pousette-Dart BandAll Your Lonely Hours1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandAmnesia1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandCounty Line1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandDancer1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandFall On Me1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandFreezing Hot1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandHalo1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandHarder1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandI Don't Know Why1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandI Think I Know1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandListen To The Spirit1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandMay You Dance1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandSmile On Me1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandThere's Been A Mistake1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandWhat Can I Say1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandWhat You Need1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandWho's That Knockin'1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandWinterness1977Producer
Pousette-Dart BandWoman In My Dreams1976Producer
Pousette-Dart BandYaicha1977Producer
Richard KerrBest For Last1976Producer
Richard KerrCalifornia Skies1976Producer
Richard KerrI Do Love You1976Producer
Richard KerrIn The End1976Producer
Richard KerrIs It So Wrong1976Producer
Richard KerrMaking The Best Of A Bad Situation1976Producer
Richard KerrMandy1976Producer
Richard KerrMore Than That1974Producer
Richard KerrSomewhere In The Night1976Producer
Richard KerrStar Sailor1976Producer
Richard KerrStarlight1976Producer
Splinter [UK]Baby Love1977Producer
Splinter [UK]Black Friday1977Producer
Splinter [UK]I Apologize1977Producer
Splinter [UK]I Need Your Love1977Producer
Splinter [UK]I'll Bend For You1977Producer
Splinter [UK]Little Girl1977Producer
Splinter [UK]Love Is Not Enough1977Producer
Splinter [UK]Motions Of Love1977Producer
Splinter [UK]New York City (Who Am I)1977Producer
Splinter [UK]Round And Round1977Producer
Splinter [UK]Silver1977Producer
Steve GoodmanCity Of New Orleans1971Producer
Steve GoodmanDonald And Lydia1971Producer
Steve GoodmanEight Ball Blues1970Producer
Steve GoodmanJazzman1970Producer
Steve GoodmanMind Your Own Business1971Producer
Steve GoodmanRainbow Road1971Producer
Steve GoodmanSo Fine1971Producer
Steve GoodmanThe I Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I'm Goin' Nowhere In A Hurry Blues1971Producer
Steve GoodmanTurnpike Tom1971Producer
Steve GoodmanWould You Like To Learn To Dance1971Producer
Steve GoodmanYellow Coat1971Producer
Steve GoodmanYou Never Even Call Me By My Name1971Producer
The Addrisi BrothersI Can Feel You1972Producer
The Addrisi BrothersLove Is On The Line1972Producer
The Addrisi BrothersNever My Love1972Producer
The Addrisi BrothersOne Last Time1972Producer
The Addrisi BrothersShe's Just Laughing At Me1972Producer
The Addrisi BrothersTwogether1972Producer
The Addrisi BrothersWe've Got To Get It On Again1971Producer
The Addrisi BrothersWindy Wakefield1972Producer
The Addrisi BrothersWords And Music1972Producer
The Addrisi BrothersYou Make It All Worthwhile1971Producer
The Dirt BandDance Little Jean1983Producer
The Dirt BandDon't Get Sand In It1983Producer
The Dirt BandGoodbye Eyes1983Producer
The Dirt BandHeartaches In Heartaches1983Producer
The Dirt BandLet's Go1983Producer
The Dirt BandMaryann1983Producer
The Dirt BandNever Together (But Close Sometimes)1983Producer
The Dirt BandShot Full Of Love1983Producer
The Dirt BandSpecial Look1983Producer
The Dirt BandToo Many Heartaches In Paradise1983Producer
The Flying Burrito BrothersBon soir Blues1975Producer
The Flying Burrito BrothersDim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)1970Producer
The Flying Burrito BrothersEasy To Get On1975Producer
The Flying Burrito BrothersRiver Roads1975Producer
The Flying Burrito BrothersSweet Desert Childhood1975Producer
The Flying Burrito BrothersWhy, Baby, Why1975Producer
The Flying Burrito BrothersWind And Rain1975Producer
The Flying Burrito BrothersYou Left The Water Running1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageCement, Clay And Glass1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageImportant Exportin' Man1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageIt's Alright With Me1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageKick In The Head1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageL.A. Lady1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageLonesome L.A. Cowboy1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageOne Too Many Stories1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SagePanama Red1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageTeardrops In My Eyes1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageThank The Day1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageYou Should Have Seen Me Runnin'1973Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysAfter Calvary1972Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysI Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me1972Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysI Should Have Been Crucified1972Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysIt Won't Be Long1969Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysIt's Jesus That They Need1972Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysJesus Is The Man (For The Hour)1972Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysMama's Last Amen1972Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysThe Flowers Kissed The Shoes (Jesus Wore)1972Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysThese Hands Of Mine1972Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysThrough It All1972Producer
Toby BeauAlright Now1979Producer
Toby BeauBoogie Woogie Melody1979Producer
Toby BeauDream Girl1979Producer
Toby BeauHigh Roller1979Producer
Toby BeauI Just Wanna Love You1979Producer
Toby BeauIt Must Have Been The Moonlight1979Producer
Toby BeauLook For The Light1979Producer
Toby BeauShe Used To Be Mine1979Producer
Toby BeauThen You Can Tell Me Goodbye1979Producer
Toby BeauYou And I Should Be Forever1979Producer
To The Morning (Dan Fogelberg)65
He's An Indian Cowboy In The Rodeo (Buffy Sainte-Marie)55
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Joan Baez)754.95
Panama Red (The New Riders Of The Purple Sage)74.86
City Of New Orleans (Steve Goodman)224.82
Living A Little, Laughing A Little (John Hiatt)54.8
Now That The Buffalo's Gone (Buffy Sainte-Marie)54.8
In The Quiet Morning (For Janis Joplin) (Joan Baez)134.77
She Said The Same Things To Me (John Hiatt)64.67
Never My Love (The Addrisi Brothers)64.67
We've Got To Get It On Again (The Addrisi Brothers)104.6
Livingston Saturday Night (Jimmy Buffett)64.5
Longer (Dan Fogelberg)434.47
Volcano (Jimmy Buffett)94.44
Blessed Are... (Joan Baez)94.44
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (Joan Baez)54.4
Nether Lands (Dan Fogelberg)94.33
How The Web Was Woven (Elvis Presley)64.33
Heart Hotels (Dan Fogelberg)74.29
Let It Be (Joan Baez)114.27
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Joan Baez)754.95
Longer (Dan Fogelberg)434.47
Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett)374.16
City Of New Orleans (Steve Goodman)224.82
In The Quiet Morning (For Janis Joplin) (Joan Baez)134.77
Let It Be (Joan Baez)114.27
We've Got To Get It On Again (The Addrisi Brothers)104.6
Slow Dancin' Don't Turn Me On (Addrisi Brothers)104.1
Salvation Stomp (Donovan)103.2
Volcano (Jimmy Buffett)94.44
Blessed Are... (Joan Baez)94.44
Nether Lands (Dan Fogelberg)94.33
I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again (Buffy Sainte-Marie)94.11
Panama Red (The New Riders Of The Purple Sage)74.86
Heart Hotels (Dan Fogelberg)74.29
Cheeseburger In Paradise (Jimmy Buffett)74.14
To The Morning (Dan Fogelberg)65
She Said The Same Things To Me (John Hiatt)64.67
Never My Love (The Addrisi Brothers)64.67
Livingston Saturday Night (Jimmy Buffett)64.5

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