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ABCAlphabet Soup1981Producer
ABCTears Are Not Enough1981Producer
Alison MoyetLove Letters1987Producer
Alternative TVAlternatives To NATO / You Bastard1977Producer
Alternative TVHow Much Longer1977Producer
Alternative TVLife1977Producer
Alternative TVLove Lies Limp1977Producer
Alternative TVMemphis1977Producer
Alternative TVMy Hand Was Still Wet1977Producer
Alternative TVSleep In Bed1977Producer
Alternative TVTotal Switch Off1977Producer
Alternative TVWhy Don't You Do Me Right1977Producer
Andy And The Odd SocksSave All The Animals2020Music/Lyrics
AutopopBootboy Remembers1995Producer
AutopopStill Hanging Around1995Producer
Balaam & The AngelI Love The Things You Do To Me1987Producer
Balaam & The AngelI'll Show You Something Special1987Producer
Blue RondoAre You Satisfied1984Producer
Blue RondoHot Corner1984Producer
Blue RondoManifesto1984Producer
Blue RondoMasked Moods1984Producer
Blue RondoSlipping Into Daylight1984Producer
Bobby TenchStill In Love With You1986Producer
Boom Crash OperaGreat Wall1986Producer
Boom Crash OperaHands Up In The Air1986Producer
Boys Next DoorI Will Follow You1987Producer
Boys Next DoorJenny [English]1987Producer
Boys Next DoorLady Of The Night1987Producer
Boys Next DoorStop Watch Killer1988Producer
Boys Next DoorTry This For Size1988Producer
CoastDo It Now1996Producer
CoastHeadlines In The Sun1996Producer
CoastIt's Not Too Late1996Producer
Elton JohnAll Across The Havens1968Producer
Elton JohnEmpty Sky1969Producer
Elton JohnGulliver / It's Hay Chewed / Reprise1969Producer
Elton JohnHymn 20001969Producer
Elton JohnIt's Me That You Need1969Producer
Elton JohnJust Like Strange Rain1969Producer
Elton JohnLady Samantha1968Producer
Elton JohnLady What's Tomorrow1969Producer
Elton JohnSails1969Producer
Elton JohnThe Scaffold1969Producer
Elton JohnVal-Hala1969Producer
Elton JohnWestern Ford Gateway1969Producer
H+NFlic Flac in die Nacht1986Producer
Haysi FantayzeeChizoola1983Producer
Haysi FantayzeeJimmy Jive Jive1983Producer
Haysi FantayzeeMake Me A Sinner1983Producer
Haysi FantayzeeMore Money1983Producer
Haysi FantayzeeShoofly Love1983Producer
Haysi FantayzeeThe Sabres Of Paradise1982Producer
Kiki DeeDon't Cry1987Producer
King KurtBanana Banana1984Producer
King KurtBo Diddley Goes East1984Producer
King KurtMack The Knife1984Producer
King KurtWreckaparty Rock1984Producer
Manic Street Preachers4st. 7lb.1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersA Vision Of Dead Desire1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersAin't Going Down1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersAnother Invented Disease1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersArchives Of Pain1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersAre Mothers Saints?1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersBored Out Of Mind1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersBorn To End1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersCharles Windsor1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersComfort Comes1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersCondemned To Rock 'N' Roll1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersCrucifix Kiss1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersDamn Dog1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersDead Yankee Drawl1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersDemocracy Coma1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersDie In The Summertime1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersFaster1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersIf White America Told The Truth For One Day It's World Would Fall Apart1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersLife Becoming A Landslide1993Producer
Manic Street PreachersLittle Baby Nothing1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersLove Torn Us Under1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersLove's Sweet Exile1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersMausoleum1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersMethadone Pretty1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersMotorcycle Emptiness1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersMotown Junk1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersNat West - Barclays - Midlands - Lloyds1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersNever Want Again1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersOf Walking Abortion1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersP.C.P.1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersR.P. McMurphy1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersRepeat (Stars And Stripes)1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersRepeat (UK)1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersRevol1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersSculpture Of Man1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersShe Is Suffering1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersSlash 'N' Burn1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersSo Dead1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersSorrow 161991Producer
Manic Street PreachersSoul Contamination1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersSpectators Of Suicide1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersStay Beautiful1991Producer
Manic Street PreachersSuicide Alley1988Producer
Manic Street PreachersTennessee1988Producer
Manic Street PreachersThe Intense Humming Of Evil1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersThis Is Yesterday1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersToo Cold Here1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersUnder My Wheels1992Producer
Manic Street PreachersWe Her Majesty's Prisoners1990Producer
Manic Street PreachersYes1994Producer
Manic Street PreachersYou Love Us1991Producer
Noemi [IT]Passenger2014Producer
Noemi [IT]Se tu fossi qui2014Producer
Noemi [IT]Un fiore in una scatola2014Producer
Noemi [IT]Un uomo è un albero2014Producer
Randy EdelmanA Thanksgiving Prayer1982Producer
Randy EdelmanDinner For Two At Su Sing Wu1982Producer
Randy EdelmanHalf Heaven - Half Heartache1982Producer
Randy EdelmanKatie Go1982Producer
Randy EdelmanNobody Made Me1982Producer
Randy EdelmanPlease Don't Stop Remembering1982Producer
Randy EdelmanPretty Girls1982Producer
Randy EdelmanRound Fourteen1982Producer
Randy EdelmanTried And True1982Producer
Randy EdelmanTurn Around1982Producer
Randy EdelmanWings1982Producer
Rentagroup(It's Gonna Be) A Merry Xmas Day1975Music/Lyrics
RunrigProtect And Survive1987Producer
Screen 3Come Into My Jungle1983Producer
Space MonkeyCan't Stop Running....1983Producer
The AngelsAll Night For You1986Producer
The AngelsCan't Take Any More1986Producer
The AngelsDid You Hurt Somebody?1986Music/Lyrics
The AngelsDon't Waste My Time1986Producer
The AngelsHide Your Face1986Producer
The AngelsI Just Wanna Be With You1986Producer
The AngelsMan There1986Producer
The AngelsNature Of The Beast1986Producer
The AngelsStonewall1986Producer
The AngelsWe Gotta Get Out Of This Place1986Producer
The AngelsWhen The Time Comes1986Producer
The CultBig Neon Glitter1985Producer
The CultBlack Angel1985Producer
The CultBrother Wolf, Sister Moon1985Producer
The CultHollow Man1985Producer
The CultLittle Face1985Producer
The CultLove1985Producer
The CultNirvana1985Producer
The CultRain1985Producer
The CultRevolution1985Producer
The CultSanctuary MCMXCIII1993Producer
The CultShe Sells Sanctuary1985Producer
The CultThe Phoenix1985Producer
The PoguesAmadie1995Producer
The PoguesAnniversary1995Producer
The PoguesBright Lights1995Producer
The PoguesCall My Name1995Producer
The PoguesEyes Of An Angel1995Producer
The PoguesFour O'Clock In The Morning1995Producer
The PoguesHow Come1995Producer
The PoguesLiving In A World Without Her1995Producer
The PoguesLove You Till The End2004Producer
The PoguesLove You 'Till The End1995Producer
The PoguesOretown1995Producer
The PoguesPont Mirabeau1995Producer
The PoguesThe Sun And The Moon1995Producer
The PoguesTosspoint1995Producer
The PoguesWhen The Ship Comes In1995Producer
The PoguesWhere That Love's Been Gone1995Producer
Wham!A Ray Of Sunshine1983Producer
Wham!Bad Boys1983Producer
Wham!Club Fantastic Megamix1983Producer
Wham!Club Tropicana1983Producer
Wham!Come On!1983Producer
Wham!Going For It!1982Producer
Wham!Love Machine1983Producer
Wham!Nothing Looks The Same In The Light1983Producer
Wham!Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)1982Producer
Wham!Young Guns (Go For It)1982Producer
XXXTentacionVice City2022Music/Lyrics
Protect And Survive (Runrig)85.25
Condemned To Rock 'N' Roll (Manic Street Preachers)95.22
Nat West - Barclays - Midlands - Lloyds (Manic Street Preachers)95.11
Life Becoming A Landslide (Manic Street Preachers)245.04
Motorcycle Emptiness (Manic Street Preachers)585
Love's Sweet Exile (Manic Street Preachers)135
The Intense Humming Of Evil (Manic Street Preachers)115
Born To End (Manic Street Preachers)95
So Dead (Manic Street Preachers)85
Slash 'N' Burn (Manic Street Preachers)134.92
Methadone Pretty (Manic Street Preachers)84.88
Flic Flac in die Nacht (H+N)264.85
Of Walking Abortion (Manic Street Preachers)124.83
Bored Out Of Mind (Manic Street Preachers)54.8
Spectators Of Suicide (Manic Street Preachers)94.78
4st. 7lb. (Manic Street Preachers)154.73
She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult)574.72
Mausoleum (Manic Street Preachers)104.7
This Is Yesterday (Manic Street Preachers)104.7
Stay Beautiful (Manic Street Preachers)134.69
Club Tropicana (Wham!)1404.21
Bad Boys (Wham!)1113.84
Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) (Wham!)844.01
Young Guns (Go For It) (Wham!)843.98
Motorcycle Emptiness (Manic Street Preachers)585
She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult)574.72
Love Letters (Alison Moyet)554.13
Tears Are Not Enough (ABC)503.84
Lady Of The Night (Boys Next Door)294.55
Flic Flac in die Nacht (H+N)264.85
Life Becoming A Landslide (Manic Street Preachers)245.04
Little Baby Nothing (Manic Street Preachers)244.54
A Ray Of Sunshine (Wham!)244.33
Empty Sky (Elton John)234.61
I Will Follow You (Boys Next Door)234.39
She Is Suffering (Manic Street Preachers)224.59
Club Fantastic Megamix (Wham!)223.41
Lady Samantha (Elton John)214.62
Rain (The Cult)214.48
Faster (Manic Street Preachers)204.55

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